Gathbandhan 30th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak takes Raghu’s side

Gathbandhan 30th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Injured Tawre comes to chawl and shows Raghu’s watch to Dhanak, he asks her if its not Raghu’s watch? Dhanak asks Raghu if he did all that? Tawre says I have proof, he beat me, I will not spare him. Mai says dont you dare touch my son. Tawre says your son will rot in jail and your number will come too but remain silent right now. Mai says silent.. silent.. Raghu says silent.. Mai laughs at Tawre. Dhanak is confused. Mai says see you look like a fool. Raghu says you are talking about watch? He shows his watch on his wrist. Tawre matches with his watch and sees its same. Raghu says whole chawl wear this watch, everyone wears it here as its cheap. He shows Batli and Aslam wearing same watch. Tawre says you wore that watch. Raghu says yes, when you were extorting money, I kidnapped you and took you away and it made me so happy, how will you prove that I beat you? Tawre says everyone here listened you accept you beat me. Nobody takes Tawre’s side. Tawre says you all heard him confess. He says to Dhanak that he accepted his crime, arrest him, I am ordering you. Dhanak looks on. She comes to Raghu. Tawre smirks. Dhanak looks on and turns to Tawre. She says no I cant arrest Raghu, there is no proof so no criminal and no arrest can happen, my hands are tied, sorry. Raghu is surprised. All clap for Dhanak including Mai. Tawre screams and leaves from there. All chant for Raghu. Raghu thinks that Dhanak took my side leaving right thing, what is going on in her mind?

At night, Dhanak says to Raghu that I will bring food. He asks why are you doing this? Dhanak says if you think you are doing right then do it. Raghu says I made a scene and you didnt do anything. Dhanak says I do everything infront of people. Raghu says thats why you hid truth about Tawre and broke my trust. Dhanak says no, I hid it because I was helpless but you? you had choice and chose to break our promises, I kept pleading you but you didnt listen. Raghu says you forced me, Tawre could do anything and I would never leave your side but you broke me, I loved you, trusted you but you broke it and you are responsible for outcomes. Dhanak says you are questioning love that made you marry me forcefully? Raghu says dont question my love, it can never change but I cant trust you anymore, our paths are different from now on. Dhanak says our paths cant separate, he says they are now, he leaves. Dhanak says I wont let this relation break, I will bring him back, she cries. Mai hears it and thinks now it will be fun.

Dhanak is crying. Sejal comes to her. Dhanak says Raghu is going back on wrong path, this is first time I took side of wrong because I didnt want Raghu to go away from me. Sejal says relations have ups and downs but they dont break like this, you both will come out victorious, you cant lose. She hugs her.

Scene 2
In morning, whole chawl have no electricity and water. All people ask Mai what is happening? you didnt pay bill? Tawre comes there with commissioners. Mai says he is back, she asks what happened? Commissioner tells Mai that your chawl’s tax is pending so we have cut electricity and water supply. Raghu says you have to send notice first as its a system. tawre says you can do anything but there will be no electricity and water here. Raghu tries to attack him but Dhanak comes there and says sir this is wrong, I am giving you last warning. Tawre says I am here prepared, there will be no water here. Raghu says no one will die without water here. Raghu smirks and goes in house. Dhanak says to Tawre that Raghu does everything brilliantly. Raghu brings wire. He puts wire in Tawre’s car and starts it. Water motors start and water start coming. Mai smirks. Dhanak smiles and stands with Raghu and family. Tawre glares at them. Dhanak says you chose wrong chawl, this is Savitri Mai’s chawl so dont mess with it. Whole chawl stand with Mai and Dhanak. Commissioner leaves. Tware tries to leave but is tensed. Dhanak and Mai gives him way. He leaves from there. All laugh and chant for Raghu. Dhanak thinks Raghu can call himself goon but he is a good person from heart.

Mai says to Dhanak that I didnt expect you to take our side in your uniform, you are on our side so lets end our fight. Dhanak says our fight didnt end, I didnt change my destination, I just changed my way, I will not let Raghu go on bad path. Mai says he left your path and will soon leave this relation. Dhanak says dont curse like that as he is your son, when he comes on right path then everything will become fine. Mai says you wont change, she leaves. Dhanak says I can go to any extent to bring Raghu on right path.

Raghu is exercising, he jokes with Batli. He says Dhanak is behaving weirdly, she is taking my side in wrong things and doesnt say anything, whats the matter? Batli says dont know.

Dhanak is in station. She looks at tea and recalls Raghu making tea for her. She sadly drinks it and thinks I am sorry, you brought me at this place but I couldnt bring justice to you, we know who is criminal but I am helpless. Tawre comes there and scares her. Dhanak salutes him. Tawre says you are missing your husband? She glares at him. Tawre says to Dhanak that I will bring your husband to you but behind those bars. SP comes there and calls Tawre. Dhanak sees message on Tawre’s phone which says to come to happy singh dhaba, we have to leave 5 crocodiles in river. Dhanak thinks I will bring his truth out by going there.

PRECAP- Dhanak comes to dhaba in sikh avatar. She sees Tawre there with a bag and thinks he is doing something very wrong. Tawre catches her. She is tensed.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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