Gathbandhan 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak takes liking to Raghu

Gathbandhan 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak thanks Raghu for saving her father, she asks his name? He says Raghu. Dhanak shakes his hand. Raghu thinks she doesnt know my truth, he coughs. Raghu asks how is your father? Dhanak says he is a little weak. Raghu says he will be fine here. Dhanak says I am happy to meet you, I saw you in hospital. Raghu says I will see you around Dhanak. Dhanak says how you know my name? Raghu says your father was taking your name in hospital. Dhanak says come and meet father, we will stay here till he gets treatment. Raghu says I will come later. Dhanak looks Savitri and says there are bad people here too like that woman, she doesnt have manners to talk, she doesnt have humanity, you are so nice and she is bad. Raghu says she is nice from heart. Dhanak says she doesnt see anyone else infront of her but I know how to deal with people like her, she shakes his hand and leaves. Raghu is mesmerized and dances around.

Savitri is dancing with Aslam. Raghu comes there and dances. Raghu takes Aslam from there. Raghu tells Aslam that she takes me as hero. Aslam says she didnt see your photo? Raghu says talk nicely. Aslam says you told her about your career? Raghu says let me enjoy.

Maya gets ready. Savitri says you made Raghu fall in love like this. Savitri says I stole your saree from mandir, remind me I will take off evil eye from you, Raghu is going to be crazy seeing you.

Dhanak brings mattresses and says I will put them in windows so you are not disturbed by music.

Minister comes in chawl and gives gift to Mai. Raghu is dancing with Maya. Dhanak sees him from balcony. He smiles at dances. Dhanak shakes her head and closes window. Raghu notices it. She comes out. Raghu funnily dances infront of her, ishq kameena plays. Dhanak hints that he is good. He laughs. Nani asks Dhanak to come with her to give gift, Dhanak says you go. Mahindra says I am worried about music and you are going to give gift? Nani leaves. Dhanak tells Mahindra that the guy who saved you lives in this chawl, he is dancing down there. Dhanak goes to bring more mattresses. All family members try to see Raghu’s face but he has turned away. Aslam sees Mahindra looking at them. Preeti asks who is he? Dhanak says he has red handkerchief in his hand. Sejal sees Bataya with red handkerchief and says he is like goon. Dhanak says he has a nice heart. Preeti says he is like a cartoon. Aslam has hidden Raghu from Mahindra. Raghu says I want to dance with Dhanak. Aslam says look at Maya that Mai chose for you. Raghu says my heart doesnt listen, I will dance with her.

Dhanak brings tea for Mahindra, he thanks her. Dhanak comes in balcony and sees Raghu dancing. Dhanak says he lives with bad people but is still nice, he is a good person. She hints that she is coming down. Raghu runs to her.

Scene 2
Raghu comes to Dhanak and blushes. Dhanak says I cant thank you enough but I have to tell you something, you can take my earrings for bill you paid, its one earring. His inner Raghu says take it and give her back both the earrings, you already have one earring with you. Dhanak says its my mother’s.

PRECAP- Raghu imagines dancing with Dhanak.
Dhanak and Raghu are in train. Raghu protects her from others. Raghu pick pocket’s someone’s purse. Dhanak grabs his hand and says you were stealing?

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