Gathbandhan 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya accepts her crime

Gathbandhan 26th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu is in Maya’s room but Dhanak comes there. Maya says I was just showing him the way. She leaves.
Maya comes to her room and says God has given me a lot now.

Raghu tells Dhanak that I couldn’t find much about the other person with Maya. Dhanak says I have an idea.

In the morning, Mai is massaging Dhanak’s head. Raghu says Dhanak can’t compete with Maya, he asks her to massage his head. Maya starts it and thinks I feel good seeing Dhanak insulted. Raghu says now I will massage your head. He sits behind Maya and takes her phone. He sends a message from her phone. Maya turns and asks why he has her phone? Raghu says to take a selfie. Raghu takes the information from Maya’s phone.

Dhanak puts the letter in Maya’s room to meet him in the den. Maya leaves. Raghu goes behind her. Dhanak says we are in this together, she leaves too.

Scene 2
Maya comes to meet her accomplice but Raghu and Dhanak come there. Dhanak falls down. Maya and the man run away. Dhanak finds the card there and sees it’s Akshay’s card. They are shocked.

Raghu calls the inspector and gets to know that Akshay is missing. Maya brings the halwa and force-feeds Raghu. Raghu asks what she is doing? Maya says you betrayed me this time too, I want to kill you. Dhanak says you are wrong, we know that you killed your husband to get this money. Maya says you have always been the one to take Raghu from me, I will throw you both out of here, I won’t spare anyone now. Dhanak thinks that we have to do something.

Dhanak shows the noose to Maya. Maya laughs and says you can’t do anything about me. Dhanak says you will accept that you murdered your husband. Maya tells Dhanak that I accept that I killed my husband and married him for money only but you don’t have proof. I have planned everything. Dhanak says you thought you were covered but you have accepted your crime. She shows her Raghu and others recording her video. The police come there too.

PRECAP- Akshay comes to Maya and says we completed our plan. Maya tells him that they failed and the police is there.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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