Gathbandhan 25th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu tries to seduce Maya

Gathbandhan 25th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu comes to Maya in his old style. Maya is surprised and asks if he is fine? Raghu says I did a mistake, that Dhanak is so bitter, she took colors away from my life, I remember we used to have so much fun and I used to give roses to you. Maya says yes, it was a good time. Raghu offers a rose. Dhanak watches it and is jealous. Mai asks her to remain calm, this is your plan. Raghu asks Maya if she will become his sweet dish? Maya tries to control herself and leaves.

Maya comes to her room and smiles. Her alter image says that if you love Raghu then you won’t get his property. Maya says no, I remember my mission and I won’t let it fail.

Dhanak runs behind Raghu and says you were flirting with her. Raghu grabs her and says you planned all this. Dhanak says you called me bitter, how could you? Raghu says you are my Son Papri (sweet dish) and will remain for life. Dhanak laughs and says you did well, she hugs him.

Scene 2
Maya gets a call and says everything is going as per plan. She hears Raghu knocking. She opens the door, Raghu acts drunk and says I thought this is Dhanak’s room, I am tired of her chik chik. She doesn’t even open the door for me. Maya takes him to her room. Mai tells Dhanak that Raghu is my son but he shouldn’t be in a room with Maya alone. Dhanak says I trust Raghu completely.
Raghu lies on Maya’s bed and says I remember your words, you used to love me so much, you wanted to marry me too but I did a mistake by rejecting you. She smiles and goes to bring lemonade for him. Raghu rushes and takes her phone. He calls on the number that Maya called before. Maya is coming back. Dhanak thinks she can find Raghu so she makes a noise to let Raghu that she is coming back. Raghu puts the phone down and lies back on the bed. Maya comes there and locks her door. She says I wanted him alone for me. He takes lemonade for him but she deliberately throws it on him and says you should take it off. She plays a romantic song too. Dhanak thinks this is going too far.

PRECAP- Raghu tells Dhanak that you can’t massage my head like Maya. I will give her a massage now. He stands behind her and reads her message to meet in a godown. Maya asks Raghu what is her phone doing with him? Raghu looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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