Gathbandhan 24th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi’s fake death

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Gathbandhan 24th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Geeta asks Lakshmi to show her face. Dhanak comes there and asks what happened? Geeta says this woman was hiding her face. Dhanak says Vimla kaki come here. Lakshmi shows her burned face and covers it. Geeta says she is Mai’s friend. Lakshmi leaves. Mai hides and hears it. Dhanak says its good you are working on case. Geeta shows her Lakshmi’s photo and says she was seen near this area, we will find her soon. Mai thinks Lakshmi has to die.

Raghu is trying to wear gujrati dress. He cant tie dhoti. Dhanak comes there and sees him in underwear, she looks away and laughs. Dhoti keeps falling. Raghu says I dont know what to do. She makes Raghu hold dupatta and ties dhoti for him. Raghu moves closer to her. Dhanak blushes and punches him. She says not before marriage. Raghu says its fit now. Dhanak says you are more work for me? I am your bride, do something on your own too.

Mai is trying to figure out Gujrati ghagra. Maya laughs at her. Mai says I am not wearing this. Maya promotes new show.

At night, Gujrati function starts. Mai comes there in ghagra. All clap for her. Mahindra says you are looking nice. Nani says you are Savitri Ben today. Raghu and Dhanak comes there. All clap for them. Raghu says to Mai that you look Gujrati, Mai laughs and says my son will dance with Dhanak.

Dhanak and Raghu are playing dhandiya in party. Lahu moun lag gaya. Lakshmi comes in function and eyes Mai. Mai goes to her. Lakshmi asks what she is upto? Mai says I am investing time here to save you. She takes off her makeup and brings her to road. She asks her to wait and starts leaving. Mai sees truck approaching Lakshmi and moves away. Truck hits Lakshmi and crushes her. Ma sees it and leaves.

Police comes in function. Mai smirks. Geeta tells Dhanak about death of Lakshmi in a road accident. dhanak is shocked and starts leaving. Raghu stops her and says what about our function? Dhanak says I have to go. Mai says you cant leave with sacred thread on your head. Dhanak says culprit in drug case is dead, I have to understand this case. Mai says this is about your life. Geeta says we will handle everything, you dont need to come, she leaves. Mai says God punished her, this case is solved so you can start new life. Mahindra says God helped you in a way, dont leave your function. Mai says enjoy your life. They leave. Raghu says to Dhanak that this is about our life so please think, you can call if you want. He goes inside. Dhanak calls commissioner and says I want to discuss something. Mai hears it and thinks nothing will happen now.

Scene 2
At night, dhanak thinks about case. Raghu is looking at gifts. Someone has gifted him toy gun. He sees Dhanak lost and says have you seen something? its important for me. Dhanak says tell me what is it? I will find it. Raghu says your smile. Dhanak smiles. Raghu says your smile is my battery. Dhanak laughs. Raghu says keep connected with me, your work will keep you tensed for life but we wont get these wedding moments again. Dhanak says you are right, I will focus on our wedding. Raghu says I am lucky today. They joke and laugh together.

Mai looks at newspaper and sees death news of Lakshmi. She says that girl is dead and case is closed.

Lakshmi’s body is in morgue. Suddenly she wakes up. Nurse is shocked. Lakshmi cuts her throat and smirks. She takes Nurse’s clothes and makes her lie as Lakshmi’s body.

Mai laughs and says I closed Dhanak’s case. She gets Lakshmi’s call and says you are out of there? Lakshmi says yes. Mai says wow, nobody knows who died. Dhanak thinks that Lakshmi died but truth is that it was fake accident and case is closed. Lakshmi says you are crazy, nobody saw me from going out of morgue, I will from Mumbai. Mai says our relation ends here, we dont know each other from now, dont do any mistake now. Dhanak comes there and asks what mistake? Who is leaving Mumbai? Mai is shocked to see her.

PRECAP- Dhanak meets officer Nandu. Nandu says Lakshmi is alive, she ranaway from morgue after killing a nurse. We found her bangles. Dhanak looks at bangles and says Vimla had these bangles. She looks at Lakshmi’s photo and says Mai introduced her as Vimla.. She tells Sejal and says I pray Mai is not involved in this case. She cries thinking about it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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