Gathbandhan 24th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu makes a fool of himself

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Gathbandhan 24th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak glares at Raghu pointing gun at her. Suddenly mandir bell rings and Raghu come out of his dream. Dhanak is still on call and didnt see him. Raghu starts leaving. Dhanak says excuse me. Nani calls her. Raghu runs from there and hides.
He sees police sitting in his house and hides.
Nani says to Dhanak that sugar has ended, she throws utensil at her.

Inspector talks to Aslam and arranges Mai’s birthday with him. Raghu hides and calls out to Aslam.

Nani asks Dhanak to go to Mai and ask for sugar, I have good relation with her, she took oil yesterday so I will take sugar today. Dhanak says okay I am going.

Raghu comes in house and sings to Aslam. He gives him hint that Dhanak that is in chawl. Aslam asks where is girl? Inspector asks what song is that? Raghu asks his friend to take inspector for food, he leaves. Raghu tells Aslam that Dhanak has come to live here. Aslam sees Dhanak coming in house. Raghu looks away. Dhanak asks if she can come inside? Raghu is tensed. Aslam hides on cupboard. Dhanak says Manorama is my nani, can you give sugar? its insulting that you are not answering. Raghu applies shaving cream on his whole face and looks at her. Dhanak laughs at him and asks for sugar. Raghu says I will bring anything, he goes to get it. Raghu tries to find sugar in kitchen and throws things down. Dhanak comes there and asks what he is doing? He brings out sugar bowl and gives it to her. Dhanak says this is flour. Raghu mistakenly throws flour on floor and slips but Dhanak catches him, he smiles at her. Aslam sees it and prays for him. Dhanak asks if he is fine? She finds sugar and takes it out. She takes it in her bowl, thanks him and leaves. Raghu falls down on floor still mesmerized. Aslam comes there and sees him drenched in shaving foam and flour and smiling to himself. Aslam shakes him.

Scene 2
Dhanak brings sugar to Nani. Dhanak sees forms on Laptop and says I will get tuition started for IPS. Mahindra says we are not going to stay here for long. Dhanak looks away and says I dont want to waste time.

Savitri comes in middle of chawl and sees it getting decorated. She says to Raghu’s friend Batli that play some music, all should start dancing. He starts playing music loudly.
Mahindra gets stressed. Dhanak asks if he is fine? She gives him water. Nani says Mai does what she wants, its her birthday. Dhanak says she cant destroy someone’s health. I have to stop this music.

Raghu is getting ready. Aslam says we should disguise ourselves. Raghu says I will tell truth and tell her that It was not her father that we wanted to kidnap. Aslam says we can go to jail again. Raghu says nothing will happen. He leaves. Aslam says he is blind in love.

Dhanak says I will stop music. Nani says Mai is don of this chawl, dont go. Dhanak says no, I will stop it.
Dhanak comes in middle of chawl and sees Savitri dancing with others. Savitri pulls her and asks her to dance too. Dhanak tries to tell her to lower music, Savitri doesnt listen. Dhanak goes and takes speaker’s switch out, music stops. Mai glares at her. All are stunned.

PRECAP- Savitri says to Dhanak that dont fight with me. Dhanak says my father is ill and he cant bear loud music so lower volume. Mai says I wont. Raghu comes there and sees Dhanak stopping Mai. Dhanak calls inspector and says there is a Mai in my chawl that is raising noise. Raghu says why she keeps calling police for everything?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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