Gathbandhan 23rd May 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak dances with Raghu

Gathbandhan 23rd May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak sits with Raghu at pav bhaji stall. Raghu sits with her and says I want to thank you for taking my side. Dhanak says you have done a lot for me too. Raghu says I will be late today, I am going to my friend’s wedding party today. Dhanak says I will go with you. Raghu says all goons will be there, I am not taking you, please. Dhanak says okay. Raghu leaves.

Bai and Maya are dancing to songs. Mai stops them and says you people are not working? we didnt get much money from extortion this month. Bai says Dhanak has become policeman so we have to be careful. Mai says I am not scared of police, if she is clever than we are more clever, we will do work when she goes on duty, we will hide money before she comes back home.

Raghu comes to party, goons are dancing around

girls. Raghu hugs his friends and start dancing. Dhanak arrives there in police uniform and see Raghu dancing with girls. Raghu sees her and says why are you here? Dhanak says to Raghu that I will not create a scene, we will just enjoy. Raghu introduces Dhanak to everyone. Dhanak wishes Raghu’s friend for his wedding. They all start dancing. Dhanak takes off her cap and start dancing too. Raghu strikes with her. They share eyelock. Raghu holds her hand. They romantically start dancing together. Dhanak says I want to say something.. I.. you.. Raghu’s friend calls him for cake. He takes him away. Dhanak says its okay, my heart has love so I will get a chance to say it again.

Aslam is working out. Sejal comes there so he starts mediating. She calls him out and says thank you. Aslam says what did I do? Sejal says you got me in touch with contractor, they liked my pickle and gave me order. She gives him pickle jar as gift. Aslam says so we are friends now? She says yes. She smiles and leaves. Aslam thinks everything is going as Mai said but why I got happy seeing Sejal happy?

Scene 2
Dhanak is in police station. She tells Geeta that she will put Tawre behind bars. Tawre brings file and ask her to check. Dhanak sees that its Savitri’s file. Tawre says she is old but didnt stop working. He shows her Bai and Maya’s file and tells her about their work. He shows her Aslam and Batli’s file and then Raghu’s file. Tawre says I can file case on them easily, you did a mistake by insulting me, I will make them all die.

Mai’s people are working in market to extort money.

Tawre tells Dhanak that he will put his whole family behind bars and she cant stop him. She leaves. Dhanak thinks she has to talk to Mai by going early to home.

Dhanak comes in chawl and recalls Mai’s good moments. She thinks that if Mai does any mistake then Tawre will put her in jail.
Mai sees money that Aslam, Bai, Maya and Batli brought by extorting people. Mai says our work has started again behind Dhanak’s back. They start dancing. Dhanak hides and sees that. Mai hears knock on door. Maya sees its Dhanak. Mai asks everyone to hide money and stuff. Dhanak asks Maya to open door. Maya says why are you early? I am changing clothes. Dhanak says open it. She pushes it open. Mai hides money and calls her inside. Mai says you are early today? Dhanak says my duty got finished today. She says I want to drink juice. I will make it for everyone. All look on. She leaves. Aslam says I hid watch in kitchen. They come in kitchen and see Dhanak have thrown a jar on ground. Dhanak goes to bring cloth. Bai says she is clever. She shows Mai that Dhanak have washed all notes and destroyed them. Mai says she did deliberately? Dhanak comes there and says yes. She shows how she had crushed notes in juicer as well. Mai says you did it? Dhanak says yes, I will do this everytime you bring black money, I am not sending you jail. Mai says you are my daughter in law otherwise I would have beaten you. Dhanak says Tawre is behind you. Mai says we cant die hungry, I will do my grey business and I am not scared of you or Tawre. She leaves from there. Dhanak thinks how to tell Mai that Tawre is behind us, I have to stop him.

PRECAP- Maya sees Raghu’s shirt button broken and says I will bring needle and thread. Dhanak comes there and says I will tuck it. Maya says Raghu you tell who will tuck your button? Raghu lovingly looks at Dhanak and thinks just see what I do now.
Mai says to Tawre that if we are both doing grey business then we have to follow rules, if you want to extort money then be a goon openly. Tawre says I am not a goon. Mai says you are just wearing a uniform. Tawre raises hand on her but she points gun at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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