Gathbandhan 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak enters Raghu’s chawl

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Gathbandhan 22nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak hires cab and sits in with her family. She says we have to live with nani, we cant afford hotel. Mahindra says I dont get along with her. Dhanak says we dont have money to get hotel, once you are treated then we will go back to Gujrat. She stops Sejal from telling him about their house’s auction. Raghu follows their taxi on Aslam’s bike. Aslam sees police near and stops. Dhanak asks inspector about address. He says there are too many people in taxi, come with us, we will drop you. Dhanak leaves with police and her family. Traffic police stops Aslam so Raghu cant go behind her.

Savitri is fighting with a woman. Woman says you cant put poster infront of my house. Savitri says this is my chawl so I will do what I want. Maya sees police coming there and stops Mai. They start singing and cleaning chawl. She says to inspector that we are cleaning chawl as its my birthday, do you want something? he says no. Dhanak is outside chawl and calls Parag and asks to bring taxi to chawl. Raghu comes there and sees her. Raghu says she got out address? she is smart. Aslam says we should leave. Raghu smirks and approached Dhanak but Aslam pulls him back as inspector comes out. Raghu says I am hurt that she brought police for me. Dhanak thanks inspector, he leaves. Savitri says I wont spare the woman. Dhanak sees cab coming there. Mai is throwing veggies on a woman. Family comes in chawl and sees mess. they are stunned and disgusted. Dhanak comes inside and gets hit by a tomato from Mai. Dhanak glares at her. Savitri and Bai laughs. Maya says look at her face. Savitri asks her to get away, you came in middle and wasted my tomato. Savitri says she is glaring at me. She throws tomatoes at woman and laughs. Dhanak is angry. Woman says sorry to Mai. Mai says dont forget that this is my chawl, woman wishes happy birthday to her and bows to her. Dhanak is angry. Mai asks woman to put her poster on her house, she nods and leaves. Mai says to Dhanak that you shouldnt have come inbetween my fight with her, she asks Maya to bring water for her. Dhanak says tomatoes look nice in dishes, say sorry to me and as well as veggie seller. Savitri Mai says you came inbetween so you say sorry. Dhanak says why me? Maya says you are here for first time? this is Mai’s chawl, she asked to say sorry so say it. Dhanak says I wont apologize. Mai says you dont know me, I can throw you out of chawl easily but you are a guest, whose guest are you? Parag says our Nani Manorama live here. Savitri says she is my friend, you are from Gujrat? you are saved from my anger, you are forgiven, she leaves.

Aslam says to Raghu that police left without catching us?

Scene 2
Family prays in mandir in chawl.

PRECAP- Dhanak’s dupatta gets stuck in Raghu’s shirt, she looks at him. Mahindra says he is same person who kidnapped me. Dhanak gets angry and slaps him. Raghu angrily points gun at her.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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