Gathbandhan 21st November 2019 Written Episode Update: Maya plans to get Raghu’s wealth

Gathbandhan 21st November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Maya tells Raghu that this is my husband’s house so you can’t throw me out. Mai says this is my son’s house. Saku tries to take her out but Maya faints. Mai rushes to her.

Dhanak tells Mai that the doctor asked Maya to keep resting, we have to wait for her to wake up. Mai says let her stay here, I am sorry Raghu. Raghu says it’s okay, you worry for her. She leaves.

Mai comes to Maya. Mai says you are alive? You can leave once you are fine. Maya holds her hand and says sit with me. Maya says I never said no to you, I left when you asked me to leave. You were my mother, you asked me to leave so I left, my life was changed, I was married and had a good life but it was short lived.

Dhanak tells Raghu that I don’t understand why Maya is alleging you.

Maya tells Mai that I was in an accident, my husband was killed so I thought Raghu did it for money. Mai says I am sure Raghu didn’t kill your husband. Maya says will you help me in finding the killer? Mai looks on.

Saku asks Raghu to not help Maya. Maya comes there and says I am fine. Maya says to Raghu that we were friends, I am sorry for alleging you. Mai says I talked to her and we will find her husband’s killer, she is our own. Maya says when I left the chawl, I was lost but then I found my husband and he left me too. Raghu says don’t worry, you are a family. Dhanak says I promise, we will find your husband’s killer. Maya thanks them and goes to rest. Dhanak says I will ask Maya if she needs these medicines only.

Maya comes to her room and says my time has come. I will throw them out of this house and get Raghu’s money, I will not spare that Mai. My plan is ready. Raghu will go to jail, I worked for this when I killed my husband. Dhanak hears all that. Maya says I will trap Raghu in this murder.

PRECAP- Dhanak tells Raghu that Maya is lying, she killed her husband and wants to trap Raghu in this case. Someone is helping her in this plan. Saku says what we will do? Raghu says I have an idea. Raghu becomes like an old goon.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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