Gathbandhan 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu fights for Dhanak

Gathbandhan 21st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mai is happy to see Dhanak crying. Raghu asks Dhanak why she is crying? what happened? did I do something? Dhanak says everything is finished, I cant become an IPS officer now. She tells him everything. Raghu leaves from there.

Maya sees Dhanak coming in house. She starts dancing with Mai. Mai asks Dhanak to dance too. Dhanak stops music. Mai says you cant become an officer due to me, you shouldnt have messed with me, I told you that I wont bring a police officer in my house. Dhanak says I thought you are a strong woman but you are a coward to stab me in back, this wont break me, I will fight back, she starts music and ask them to dance.

Raghu comes to police station and pleads to let him talk to inspector. Officer throws him out and says he is not here. Raghu falls down and says how will I prove Dhanak’s innocence?

Dhanak comes to her room and starts crying, she looks at her family photo and says I am sorry.

Raghu waits outside station and says I wont let this happen to my Dhanak. In morning, he runs to inspector and tells that Dhanak is innocent. HE says you are a goon and proving someone’s innocence? Raghu says she is very good and innocent, he sits on knees and says she will die, dont take this from her. They try to throw him out but TRaghu takes gun and points at inspector, all are shocked. He says you have to listen to me, I will shoot myself, inspector takes gun and slaps him hard. Raghu pleads him to listen. Officers take him out and throw him away. Raghu says sorry Dhanak, I couldnt save your dream.

Bablu’s wife beats a man. Bablu says he cheated me and will die goon. Another goon tells Bablu that Savitri gave his tip to police and made his photo publish in newspaper. Bablu says she showed her standard and now I want her blood, bring her here. His wife asks goon to call all goons of city, we want them to see what happens when someone mess with us.

Scene 2
Dhanak comes in holi function and says my family and Raghu are not with me, where are they?
Raghu thinks how will I tell her that I couldnt save her dream. Mahindra comes to function and puts hand on Dhanak’s shoulder, she cries seeing him. Dhanak says dont cry today, she wipes his glasses. Mahindra says I dont like to see anything since you left, my life has become colorless. Dhanak applies color to him. He wishes her holi. Mahindra says Raghu should be credited for this. Dhanak looks on.

PRECAP- Mikka sings in holi function. Raghu and Dhanak dances but then Dhanak goes missing.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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