Gathbandhan 1st July 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak kills Lakshmi

Gathbandhan 1st July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Police officer starts beating Mai. Dhanak pleads commissioner, he says this is our duty. Raghu shouts for them to stop it. Dhanak runs from there crying. Raghu says I wont spare you people. Mahindra and Sejal comes to Dhanak. Dhanak says I cant see all this, my heart says that they cant do it, proofs are against them, what if Lakshmi is lying? Mahindra says I know you will do justice with relations and laws. Dhanak comes to commissioner and says I plead you to stop it, they are my family, he says I cant do anything. He leaves. Raghu is about to beat an officer but Dhanak stops him. Raghu says nobody could shout at my Mai and now she is getting beaten? He beats his hand because her name is written on it. Dhanak stops him and hugs. Mai says move away from my Raghu, move away, dont touch him. Dhanak cries and leaves. Raghu faints. Mai shouts for water.

At night, Raghu and Mai are sadly sitting in jail. Naina plays. Dhanak is sitting outside jail too and cries recalling her moments with Raghu. Raghu recalls Mai getting beaten. He goes to Mai and says it must be hurting? Mai says I am hurting for you, I couldnt stop them, they beat you infront of me.. Raghu says I am useless, my mom was beaten and I couldnt do anything. Mai says dont cry, I cant see you like this, you are my lion, they can do anything but when you take power, nobody will be able to stop you. Raghu says I cant see you like this, you are my life. Mai says you know I saw this scene when you told me that you fell in love with a police woman, I told you to not trust a uniform, this had to happen, our family is suffering because of that girl, this is the punishment, dont worry I will solve everything, I will make you sleep. Raghu lies on floor. Mai sings lullaby for him. He goes to sleep. Mai thinks that my one lie changed complete game, I won this case, my wounds would heal but wound that Raghu has gotten because of Dhanak wont heal. Lakshmi comes there and says you thought I would go down alone? I have proofs against you. Mai says I already have plan, I am just waiting for time and will leave with my family. Lakshmi looks on. Mai thinks now Lakshmi would be jittery and will do as per my plan.

Scene 2
In morning, Mai’s family is being taken to jail. Mai hides some board pins and leave. Dhanak sadly goes with them. Lakshmi is there too. They all sit in truck. Mai silently throws pins near truck tyres. Dhanak sits with them. Truck starts driving. Raghu glares at Dhanak. Dhanak takes first aid and tries to clean his wounds but he looks away. Dhanak goes to Mai but Mai says I dont need your favors when you take them away from other hand.

Truck tyres burst because of pins. Truck stops. Dhanak asks what happened? Officer opens door. Mai nods at Lakshmi to run. Officer starts changing tyres. Lakshmi jumps from truck and starts running. Nandu is running behind her but she is running away. Dhanak points gun at her and says stop.. I will shoot you. Mai sees Dhanak pointing at Lakshmi’s feet, she moves Dhanak’s hand with jerk so Dhanak’s bullet hits Lakshmi’s back. All are shocked to see Lakshmi dead on floor. Mai thinks now there wont be any proof against me.

Commissioner asks Dhanak why she shot Lakshmi? Dhanak says I was about to shoot her foot but dont know how this happened. Commissioner says only she had proofs against your family, all are thinking that you did it deliberately. Dhanak says what you think? Commissioner says we will have an inquiry. Dhanak nods and leaves.

Dhanak is crying. She looks at file.

Dhanak comes to Raghu’s cell and says I know you are miffed with me, all proofs are against our family, we dont have proofs without Lakshmi, I have got bail papers ready so bring you all out of jail. Raghu says you could have stopped them from beating my Mai, I would murder them, this is your love? He takes papers and says what are these? Raghu tears papers off and says I will come out of jail with my Mai on my own. I dont need your favor.

PRECAP- Raghu comes back to chawl with Mai. He points gun at Dhanak and says you have seen my love till now but now you will see my hatred. He breaks his stall and starts fire. He takes pheras in otherside and says our love relation ends today and hatred starts from now on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. One of the most disgusting episodes ever, makes me so angry. Why in programmes the day after they make all these promises love turns into hatred. Until now mai was funny, but a mother sacrifices herself for her child, this mum sacrificed everyone for her own selfishness. She is guilty, she duped her family into delivering drugs, she killed the witness and got away with everything and the others will suffer. Dhanak should never have married Raghu knowing she will have to arrest him. He switches sides so often that you can’t rely on him. He knows Dhanak and he knows his mum yet he easily believed his mum. Raghu doesn’t deserve Dhanak but now they show Dhanak in love with him they will show her getting tortured by him. Typical drama get together only to split up and will have a long period of misunderstandings

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