Gathbandhan 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu

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Gathbandhan 18th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rgahu is taking Mahindra in car. Dhanak notes car number and calls Mahindra. Raghu asks who is Dhanak? Mahindra says she is my daughter, please leave me, I dont even know you people.

Savitri checks address and sees that Mahindra who took Raghu’s name to police lives in Mumbai and Raghu went to wrong Mahindra. Raghu’s friend says I knew it. Bai is angry.

Mahindra says to Raghu that I work in a bank, I dont know your or any Mai.

Savitri Mai tells him that Raghu went to Gujrat’s Mahindra Parekh instead of Mahindra from Mumbai, I gave wrong address, punish me. Maya calls Raghu and asks where are you. Mahindra takes Raghu’s photo and send it to Dhanak. Raghu stops him and says why did you take my photo? Maya says he is not our Mahindra Parekh. Raghu says I am checked from Mai. Maya says Mai gave you wrong address, real Mahindra is from Mumbai. Aslam is stunned. Mahindra says look infront. They see a truck coming towards them. Their car strikes with a truck. Dhank screams papa and runs towards car. Car falls from cliff and blasts. Dhanak faints seeing it. Some people gather there and wakes her up.
In bushes, Raghu, Mahindra and Aslam wakes up. They see car burning. Mahindra is stunned to see car burning and recalls how he got Mercedes on rent and already has his house on debt. He cries and thinks how will I pay 70 lacs? He holds heart and faints. Raghu and Aslam rush to him. Aslam says he must have got heart attack.
Police comes at accident site. Dhanak wakes up and says papa. People stop her. Dhanak says my papa was in car. Inspector says we didnt find any deadbody. Dhanak says how can you say that? I am IPS trainee, I will go with you people.
Raghu says to Aslam that lets take him to hospital. Aslam says leave him, we have police behind us. Raghu says no its Mai’s mistake so I have to rectify it. They take Mahindra and leave.

Raghu brings Mahindra to hospital. He grabs doctor and says there is an emergency. Doctor says talk with respect. Raghu points gun at him and says if he dies then you will not be saved. Doctor rushes Mahindra to OT.

Inspector tells Dhanak that we will tell you if we find something.

Raghu calls Dhanak from Mahindra’s phone. Dhanak asks where are you? He asks her to come to Surrindar Nagar hospital. Aslam ends call and says we have to leave before his family comes there. Raghu deletes his photo. Aslam says he sent this photo to Dhanak’s phone. Raghu is tensed.

Aslam says doctor asked for 35K rupees. Raghu says pay for it. Aslam says we earned it in dhol ceremony. Aslam goes to bring money. Mahindra’s phone rings, Udi Udi jay plays. Raghu recalls Dhanak dancing and prays that God just make me meet her again.

Dhanak comes to hospital. Nurse says he is in ICU. Dhanak runs to ICU. She sees him getting treated from window. Dhanak cries.

Scene 2
Raghu brings cash for Mahindra. Nurse gives him receipt and asks him to go upstairs.

Aslam sees police in hospital and hides.

Nurse asks Dhanak to go upstairs and sign some forms, your father is getting treated.

Aslam tells Raghu about police. Raghu says I am just going to submit money.

Dhanak calls family and tells about papa. She gets message from Mahindra’s phone. Its Raghu’s photo, she is trying to download but has network issue. She mistakenly strikes with Raghu and her phone falls. Raghu doesnt see her and collects money. Dhanak tries to restart her phone again and doesnt see him. She leaves.

Raghu gets Savitri’s call and says I am coming from Gujrat. She says we have to do arrangement for my birthday as its day after tomorrow. Raghu says you are getting younger, she laughs. Raghu says dont worry about Mahindra. She ends call.

Dhanak comes near lift and says my screen is broken. Lift opens. Raghu is inside. He doesnt see her. A girl sees cockroach. All girls scream. Dhanak runs and grabs Raghu’s arm. He doesnt see her face and laughs. Girl sees cockroach on Raghu’s hand. Dhanak moves back but her earring gets stuck in his shirt. Raghu takes cockroach out of lift and starts leaving. He thinks it was same voice and same spark, he turns but Dhanak is gone. Raghu says I have gone mad.

Raghu comes to reception. Receptionist says 2k is less. Raghu goes to a man, steals money from a person’s pocket. He pays Mahindra’s bill.

Dhanak comes to pay for Mahindra but receptionist says the one who admitted Mahindra paid for him. Dhanak is thankful. Nurse says your father is out of danger, the person who brought him here saved his life. Nurse points to Raghu. She sees Raghu going to lift. She starts running towards him.

PRECAP- Doctor tells Dhanak that we cant do your father’s treatment here, take him to Mumbai.
Maya sees earring in Raghu’s hand asks if he brought them for her? where is other one? Raghu recalls how he saw it in Dhanak’s ears and says other one is with a girl from Gujrat.
Raghu sees Dhanak on airport.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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