Gathbandhan 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mai accepts Dhanak

Gathbandhan 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak says she should clean this glass. Maya runs from there. Raghu runs to Dhanak and sees her feet bleeding, he says we have to go back. Dhanak says no we have to do this pooja. Raghu says fine then I will do it with you. He lifts her in arms and bring her to mandir. Dhanak rings bell and prays for Mai’s blessings. Dhanak takes sindoor but gets dizzy and faints. Raghu holds her and asks what happened?

Raghu brings Dhanak to house. Dhanak offers sindoor to Mai and says I fulfilled my promise, now its your turn. Mai takes sindoor from her. She asks Raghu to put her down. Raghu says she is hurt. Mai holds Dhanak and makes her sit down. She asks her to lift her foot and put it in her lap. She checks her wound and asks for medicine from Maya and Bai. Maya is angry but leaves. Mai says to Dhanak that I am a goon but I am a mother and knows pain of my kid. She cleans Dhanak’s wound. Maya thinks that Mai is now washing her feet? Mai says to Dhanak that I didnt trust you when you said that you see me as your mother but what you did today made me believe that you really take me as your mother so I will do what I never did.. forgive me, I did wrong with you so I am sorry, I insulted you, made you cry, tried to separate you from Raghu, forgive me. Dhanak holds her hands and says dont do this, I just need your blessings. Mai puts hand on her head and wipes her tears. Mai says you sacrificed so much, got hurt but still brought this sindoor, this sindoor is so blissful, she says to Raghu that happiness will come in our lives when you marry Dhanak. She says to Dhanak that I will do wedding as you want, we will dance and enjoy. Raghu hugs her. Mai hugs Dhanak and says happy now? All are happy. Mai thinks that her uniform made me do all this. Flashback shows how Mai met Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells Mai that Nashik police transferred case to Mumbai police and your daughter in law is incharge of this case as she ACP here. Mai is shocked and says she had to get that case? She is too honest to leave me, God did the trick. Flashback ends. Mai thinks that I will keep Dhanak involved in marriage so much that she will not be able to solve her case.

Scene 2
In morning, Mai thinks that I have to stop Dhanak from going to police station as then she will not get case file and it will be dismissed.

Mai calls commissioner and says I need to talk, I want Raghu and Dhanak to get married with rituals and everything but Dhanak wont ask for holidays so can you give holidays to her? Commissioner says dont worry, she is a good police officer, I will grant her 7 days off. Mai thanks him and ends call. Mai says I will handle any other police officer who will take this case. She smirks.

Dhanak cleans house and dances to itni si hansi. Raghu comes there and sees her dancing and smiles at her. She blushes. Raghu teases her and pulls her closer. Dhanak says I was working. Raghu says its a happy day for you, when will my day come? Dhanak hugs him from behind. He is stunned and teases her if his day is here? Dhanak laughs and leaves.

Mai is playing cricket when she hears police siren. She is stunned. Geeta officer says to Mai that we have to meet Dhanak. Mai says she is on off. Geeta says police officers have some special work, commissioner asked to give this case file to Dhanak. Mai thinks what if its drugs case? She says I will give this file to her. Officer says this is confidential file. They go to Dhanak.

Dhanak meets Geeta. Geeta tells her that Mai requested for her holidays. Mai sees officers giving file to Dhanak and says commissioner asked for you to study this case. Dhanak says we dont need offs, we have to serve country whole year. Geeta congratulates her and leave. Dhanak checks file. Mai thinks that I have to read this file first.

Raghu gets ready. Dhanak comes there and smiles seeing him try different glasses. Mai tries to look inside their room. Dhanak and Raghu start to leave. File falls from Dhanak’s hands. She puts it in room and goes with Raghu. Mai thinks I have to check file.

PRECAP- Mai searches Dhanak’s room for file. Dhanak comes there and asks if she is searching for something? She shows her Lakshmi’s file.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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