Gathbandhan 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak handles her siblings

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Gathbandhan 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sapna starts leaving with Chetan but Mahindra stops her and folds his hands infront of her and begs her to not leave. Dhanak says dont do it. Mahindra says gold was fake. Sapna says you people are doing drama infront of me? Mahindra says she doesnt know, I didnt have money and you demanded them so priest asked me to give jewelry and give gold necklaces later on, he shows her order receipt. Sapna sees it and says necklaces will come after 10 days then we will start this marriage after 10 days as your nature is to betray. Dhanak says you cant taunt my father like that. Sapna says he gave us fake jewelry. Dhanak says he told you that he didnt have time to arrange money. Sapna says wow, you are covering up for him? Mahindra stops her and says its Sejal’s wedding so punish me and not her. Sapna starts leaving but Mahindra sits in her feet and puts her turban in her feet, he says I have put all my respect infront of you. Sapna says keep it, she is about to step on his turban but Dhanak stops her. She says to Mahindra that we can solve this, you did everything right. She asks Sapna to sit and talk, we can give 10 necklaces instead of 6. Sapna stops. Mahindra says how? Dhanak says we can sell house. Dhanak makes Sapna sit. She brings weighing machine and coins. She asks her to sister Preeti to put coins for Chetan and Sejal. She asks Chetan how much did he study? He says I did BCA. Dhanak says what more? Chetan says then I started job. Dhanak says Sejal did MBA so two coins for her. Sapna says what is all this? Dhanak says we are giving 10 chains so let me ask some questions. She asks Chetan how much he earns? He says 25K, Dhanak says Sejal earns 15K so she is ahead in that case too. Sapna says you are taunting us? Dhanak says we have to keep balance, if we are giving 10 chains then you give us atleast 6 chains. Sapna says groom’s family takes dowry not girl’s family, this is ritual, we take dowry to keep girls happy in our house. Dhanak records her voice and plays it, she says you will be jailed for asking for dowry. Sapna gets angry and says you people are a cheat. Dhanak says enough, my father arranged everything for his daughter, he arranged cars, food and everything for you, you are a cheat, you just think about money, my father is not a cheat, you have no right to break this relation, we break it, get out now. Sapna leaves with chetan. All guests leave. Sejal is tensed. Dhanak hugs Mahindra and cries. Sejal leaves from there.

Police is searching for Raghu. Raghu and Aslam hides in tree. They throw stone in one direction, police runs there. Raghu and Aslam sits in police car and runs away. They laugh.

Raghu sees police checkpoint coming near. He stops car and comes out. Police points guns at him. He takes call and says yes I am inspector Yadav. All policemen put guns down. Aslam brings police car there. Police on checkpoint salutes them. Raghu says criminals might come in police uniforms so catch them. They leave from there.

Scene 2
Mahindra looks at decorated house and imagines Sejal taking pheras. She sits on floor and cries. Dhanak comes there and sits with him. She says I am sorry, this all happened because of me. Mahindra says no, they were wrong people. Sejal comes there and acts like Dhanak. She says to Mahindra that you said Dhanak is perfect but she wasted everything, she is not perfect, she stopped my wedding. She cries and says to Dhanak that my marriage was happening, I love Chetan, I just wanted to marry him but why Dhanak did it? Dhanak says his mother insulted you but he was silent, Chetan didnt stand with you, what kind of love is that? it was a hoax, he would never stand with you in love, he didnt love you. Sejal says I loved him. Dhanak says I am happy that you didnt go to that greedy house. She hugs her brother Parag and her sisters. She consoles them.

Aslam says to Raghu that police can catch us, lets go back. Raghu says I will kidnap Mahindra.

Mahindra gets call from bank and asks him to pay loan. Mahindra comes out of house and thinks if I dont pay then our house will be auctioned tomorrow. Raghu points gun at him. He and Aslam puts him in car and leaves. Dhanak and siblings see it. Sejal says where did he go? he is depressed. Dhank takes her bike and leaves behind him.

Raghu says to Mahindra that I will take revenge now.

PRECAP- Raghu takes selfie with Mahindra in car. Their car gets in accident. Dhanak screams for father.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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