Gathbandhan 16th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu kidnaps Dhanak’s father

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Gathbandhan 16th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak ties turban on Mahindra’s head and says this is your blessing for us, its like our mother is with you when you are with us. Mahindra says I want your dream to become true, become IPS officer. Dhanak says I will fulfill our dreams, all your duties are mine from now on.

Raghu and Aslam comes there. Raghu and Aslam comes to Mahindra’s house. Raghu says we will extort our traveling cost too, there is some function going around, you go from back, I will go from front. Aslam leaves. Raghu takes balloons from street and raises them in air. Dhanak catches it from balcony and says these are yours? take them. Raghu says yes and climbs up to take them. Balloons move and he sees her for first time, he is mesmerized.. darya ko sahil mila plays. Dhanak ties balloons thread on his finger, he cant look away. Bhirne lage naina plays. Dhanak says thanks for saying thank you and you are welcome. She gets call and leaves. Raghu keeps looking at her. He gets down from balcony and hides. Dhanak stands on balcony. Raghu gets Mai’s call, she asks if he reached there? he says yes and I am going to take care of Mahidra Parekh, check address and see if I am correct. He tells address. Otherside Dhanak calls her Nani who is in same street as Mai. Nani says your father didnt invite me so I am not coming to wedding. Dhanak says I am like your daughter so please come. Savitri Mai strikes with Nani. Their phones drop, they both take other’s phone. Nani says to Raghu that your father is my son in law so I wont scold him. She sees phone switches and gives Savitri her phone back.

Raghu says to Aslam that how will we recognize Mahindra Parekh? We dont have his photo. Aslam says no. Raghu says he must be tensed as he is bride’s father, we will go in house when time is right.

Sangeet function starts. Chetan smiles at Sejal. Dhanak does his aarti and makes him and Sapna eat sweets. Sapna says Mahindra you said that it will a lot of noise but its silent here, dhol people would come with us if you couldnt arrange them. Suddenly dhol band comes there and starts playing. Its Raghu and Aslam in dhol players avatar. Flashback shows how they captured real dhol people and took their clothes. Raghu sees Mahindra dancing and thinks he is my target.
Dhanak asks Sapna if she is happy now wit arrangements? She says a lot. Dhanak sees dhol person standing alone and says you were given money to play dhol on groom’s entry not exit, I will give you watch instead of money, she laughs and leaves, Raghu cant look away.

In function, Dhanak dances with Udi Udi jaya. Raghu keeps staring at her. He imagines dancing with her. Dhanak lovingly dances around but suddenly Aslam nudges Raghu and brings him out of dream. He sees Dhanak ending dance. Aslam asks where was your attention? Raghu says that girl keeps coming infront of me. Aslam says leave it, focus, our target is Mahindra. Raghu says what am I doing? Mahindra can enjoy but soon he wont able to even walk, he kept me from Mai for one year so I will take him away from his family.

Sapna says to Mahindra that you followed your promise, you have done such nice decorations and welcomed us so well. Mahindra says its all Dhanak’s work. Sapna says she takes all duties of yours thats why you are marrying Sejal who is younger, why did you bring mercedes? Mahindra says its for sending Sejal to your house, I want to gift her best for her wedding, I just want you people and Sejal happy. Sapna says you did prepare our jewelry? Mahindra says its difficult to arrange so many jewelry so soon, give us some time. Sapna says you can arrange mercedes so you can arrange jewelry too, its a ritual so you have to understand if you want time or your daughter’s happiness? She leaves. Mahindra is worried. Dhanak comes and asks if everything is fine? he nods, she leaves. Mahindra calls Mehta jeweler.

Raghu sees Mercedes and says he sent me to jail and was enjoying in this car? I will take revenge fully.

Mahindra meets jeweler and books some necklaces. He shows them to guests. Dhanak thinks when did he bring 6 necklaces? they were not in list.

Raghu says to Aslam that I will go and ask for pay and then I will make him unconscious.

Mahindra asks Dhanak to make Sapna wear necklaces. Dhanak makes her wear all jewelry. Dhanak asks him to talk to her. Sapna says complete the ritual Dhanak, make your sister some necklaces. Dhanak makes her wear them and keeps looking at Mahindra. She says come with me. She takes him aside and says I know you were ignoring me, it was just one set and now there are 6 sets? Mahindra says I am doing all this with some thought, he leaves. Dhanak looks on.

Scene 2
Raghu sees Mahindra coming out of house. He takes chloroform but someone strikes with him and it falls down. Raghu searches for it and Mahindra is gone. Raghu is about to follow him but sees Dhanak there and gets lost again. Suddenly electricity goes out. Dhanak sends a girl to check it. She turns and falls in Raghu’s arms, they cant see each others’ faces. Dhanak’s earring gets stuck in his waist coat, he keeps staring at her and helps her out. He says I am sorry. She takes earring from him and says its okay. He leaves from there.

Dhanak starts her performance. She gracefully dances to he shubharam. Raghu smiles seeing her dance. Suddenly lamp falls down and fire breaks out on stage. Dhanak gets surrounded by fire. Raghu runs to her and pulls her out from fire. They share eyelock and cant look away. Real dhol people come there with police. Dhol person says that this person stole our dhol. Raghu sees inspector coming to him and starts running. His pistol falls down. Sapna sees it and is shocked. Raghu takes it and hides. Sapna sees her necklaces getting burned in fire. She asks someone to save them, they are my necklaces, do something. All are running away. When fire lessens, Sapna sees her necklace completely burned. Dhanak asks if she is fine? Sapna shows her burned necklace and says this is not gold, its fake. Dhanak says thats impossible. Sapna says gold doesnt get black in fire. Sapna pulls Sejal and takes off her jewelry, she throws them in fire too. She keeps snatching them from her neck, Sejal cries in pain. Sapna pulls them out from fire and sees them black too. She says to Mahindra that you cheated me? they are all fake, we cant keep a relation with people like you, this wedding is canceled. All are shocked. Mahindra is heart broken.

PRECAP- Dhanak says to Sapna that you are fake, you have no right to break relation, we break this relation with you.
Raghu points gun at Mahindra and puts him car. Dhanak sees him going and follows his car. She sees their car getting hit by truck and screams papa.
Dhanak and Raghu are in lift. Suddenly lift gets stopped. Dhanak screams and holds Raghu’s hand. Raghu smiles.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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