Gathbandhan 15th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Raghu scolds Maya for lying

Gathbandhan 15th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak is cooking in kitchen. Maya comes there and puts red spice infront of fan. Spices go in Dhanak’s eyes, she screams in pain. Mai says you should be careful Maya, she gives water to Dhanak. Dhanak goes to wash it. Mai tells an idea to Maya. Maya says you are great and starts cooking.

Maya is trying to cook and says I cant. She calls her man but he says I cant come. Maya says I promised Raghu, he is not bringing food, what will I do? She sees Raghu coming there.

Dhanak comes in kitchen and sees it messed up. She tries to cook but has itching in eyes. She keeps working and recalls how Raghu promised her that they will cook together. Dhanak thinks that we might not be together but relation is same. Maya comes in kitchen and sees Dhanak cooking. Raghu comes there and asks if food is ready? Maya shows Dhanak’s food and says yes food is made. Raghu says great, bring it.

Raghu and Maya distribute food in kids. Raghu doesnt know Dhanak made food. Dhanak hides and smile. Raghu says my would be wife made food. Maya hugs him. Dhanak looks on. Man comes there and says parcel is here, it was ordered. Maya asks him to get lost. Man says who is Maya here? Maya says its me, I didnt order any food. Raghu sees slip. Man says you ordered it. Raghu gets angry and looks at food. He sees Dhanak standing there and thinks Dhanak made it? He asks man to leave it and asks Maya if she made this food? Maya says no, I didnt make food, I tried a lot but couldnt. Raghu shouts why did you lie? Maya says I am sorry. Raghu says you wanted to repent but you stole and now you are lying, if Dhanak was in your place, she would say clearly that she cant make it and not lie like you. Dhanak hears it and says lets go inside and talk. Raghu leaves angrily. Maya asks Dhanak now you are happy that he insulted me? Dhanak leaves. Mai throws slipper at Maya and says you are useless. Maya says beat me, she hugs her and says I cant do this, I cant become an innocent girl and cook food. Mai asks her to listen, party just started, we have other plans.

Scene 2
Mai brings gift and says to Bai that new show is starting on colors.

Dhanak is sadly sitting and recalls Raghu praising her. She sees a man beating his wife. Dhanak tries to stop him, man pushes her away. Raghu comes there and beats him, he says how dare you raise hand on my wife? Dhanak tries to calm him. Man says control your wife. Dhanak asks him to stay silent or else he will be in jail. Man leaves. Raghu says to Dhanak that there is no right or wrong for me now. Dhanak says I am still your Dhanak. Raghu says no you are just ACP Dhanak, I dont care if you make food or not, he leaves. Mai and Maya sees it. Dhanak sadly leaves. Maya says she doesnt leave him. Mai asks her to calm down and says we have to get one good trick. Mai says to Maya that you have to get kidnapped tomorrow. Maya says what? you stay in market, my men will kidnap you and you will call me, I will ask Raghu to save you like a hero and then you hug him and thank him. 2 hours will change your life. Once you are married to Raghu then he will not look at any other woman, you just have to get commitment out of him.

PRECAP- Maya calls Mai and says I am in market. Mai says you are wearing red dupatta right? Maya says yes. Dhanak is in market and wearing red dupatta too. Mai’s goons kidnap her instead of Maya.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. thanks script writer for the change in plot however would love to c mai gets exposed.

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