Gathbandhan 13th August 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak meets Raghu’s father

Gathbandhan 13th August 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak is trying to leave but Raghu stops her. Dhanak says go to sleep, I am coming, he leaves. Dhanak asks Preeti to go and sleep in her place, Mai is sleeping so no worries, she leaves.

Dhanak comes to school and sees Bharat teaching kids and enjoying with them. He makes kids say jai hind. Class ends. Bharat asks Dhanak if she came to meet him? She says yes, he says I am Jagdish. Dhanak says your real name is Bharat. He says you are wrong. Dhanak shows his photo and NIC to him, she says I am Mai’s daughter in law Dhanak. He says my daughter in law? I left my life. Dhanak says why did you leave your wife and son? He says that house was Savitri’s house, she couldnt bear a normal person there, I tried a lot but she didnt want to work out with me. I miss my son a lot, make me meet him please, he cries. Dhanak says your son miss you a lot, he is a good man and works hard, he makes pav bhaji and earns good money, please come to chawl tomorrow, I will make you meet him.

Preeti is sleeping in Dhanak’s place and puts cover on head. Raghu comes to check on her and says she might be sleeping, he whispers to wake up. Preeti tries to ignore him. Raghu goes to sleep.

Dhanak comes home and whispers Preeti to wake up. She asks her to come out. Preeti comes out of house but mai is behind her. Dhanak is stunned. Mai glares at Dhanak and says to Preeti I wont ask you anything, she tells Dhanak that you are fooling your husband? When he knows you are lying then space will come between you both, you can tell him truth. Dhanak says its not like that. Mai says I wont tell him but I wont let you forget this incident. Dhanak thinks that before Mai tells Raghu, I have to tell him truth.

Scene 2
In morning, Mai asks Dhanak if she talked to Raghu? Dhanak gets commissioner’s call and talks about a criminal case. Mai thinks she might have gone out last night for case. Dhanak thinks that today Raghu will meet his father and new life will start.

Raghu sits with breakfast. He tells Dhanak that he has work. Dhanak says you can go later, I have to go with you. Raghu says i cant come with you, I am going with someone to get a chance to earn more, I am not doing anything wrong. Dhanak says I have to talk to you, please come with me. Raghu says okay I will go later. Mai looks on.

Dhanak and Raghu are in market. Dhanak is waiting for Bharat.
Mai calls Madan and asks him to keep calling Raghu till he leaves that stall. She ends call and says now Raghu will leave Dhanak.

Raghu is getting Madan’s call. He tells Dhanak that he has to leave, I have to earn more to keep you happy and you are keeping me here. Dhanak says just wait a little. A man gives a letter to Dhanak which says I am sorry I cant face my son right now. Ragh comes to her and asks what happened? Dhanak says nothing, you can leave for your work. Raghu says why did you stop me if you didnt have any work? Dont lie to me, you know I dont like it. Dhanak says I am sorry. Raghu leaves. Dhanak call Geeta and says I am going to meet Jagdesh.

PRECAP- Raghu gives money to Mai and says I am starting a new work and we will have money soon. Dhanak comes there. Mai says she is here as well. Dhanak moves away to show Bharat standing behind her. Mai is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. What will happen now? I thought Raghu’s dad was dead, because wasn’t there a garland of flowers on his photo that last time I saw his photo in their house. This is so confusing.

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