Gathbandhan 12th July 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhanak jealous of Maya and Raghu

Gathbandhan 12th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dhanak tries to talk to Raghu but Maya comes there wearing a sexy saree. Raghu says what are you doing? Maya says how I am looking? Raghu says nice. Maya says you will buy me bangles. Raghu says you can go with your friend. Maya says if Dhanak asked for bangles then you would say that to her? Do you really want to marry me or just want to make Dhanak jealous? Will you give me Dhanak’s place? Raghu says no, I will give you place above than her, you are not like her, you are truthful, I will buy whole market of bangles. He leaves with Maya. Mai smirks. Dhanak cries. Mai says I should have stopped him but he is doing this himself. Mai asks her to massage her feet but we dont have cream so lets go to market.

Dhanak and Mai comes to market. Mai thinks I will show her film. She messages Maya to start her drama. Maya shows bangles to Raghu and asks him to make her wear these. Mai shows it to Dhanak. Dhanak is hurt seeing them together and says lets go, she leaves. Raghu pays and leaves. Maya steals a purse from woman and runs. Raghu comes to woman and makes her sit down. Woman cries.

Maya checks money in purse. Raghu comes to her and takes money. Maya says give it, what happened to you? we always stole like this. Raghu says you steal publicly now? Maya says see I am Maya and not Dhanak. Raghu says you cant be Dhanak, he leaves from there.

Raghu comes to woman. Dhanak is giving water to woman. Raghu brings her purse. Dhanak says he is my husband. Woman says you are a good couple. Raghu leaves from there. Mai asks Maya to go behind him.

Maya says sorry to Raghu and says I will do sit ups. Raghu says enough. Maya says I will need time to change and become good, I will repent my mistake. I will make food today.

Scene 2
Dhanak says to Mai that I will make food today, I am Raghu’s wife so I will make it for him.

Raghu laughs at Maya and says you cant cook. Maya says food will be ready before you come home.

Dhanak says to Mai that we wont tell Raghu that I made food then he will eat it. Mai says good idea, Dhanak goes to make food.

Maya says to Mai that I wont spare that Dhanak, I cant shy and innocent, I cant make food. Mai says what I want will happen.

Dhanak is making food. Maya brings red chilies and thinks I wont let her make food.

PRECAP- Dhanak is making food. Maya throws spices in her eyes. Dhanak cries in pain. Raghu comes there and sees it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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