Gathbandhan 11th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mai asks Dhanak to leave her job

Gathbandhan 11th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raghu thanks Mai, she says it was my duty. Raghu says thank you for accepting Dhanak. Mai says I did everything for you, my deal with Dhanak ended when you got justice, we are enemies again. Dhanak says I thought everything became fine between us? Mai says we had a deal and it ended. Dhanak says I see mother in you, lets forget everything and start a new relation. Mai says you will leave your job? I wont leave my grey business then what? She says to Raghu that uniform can never be trusted, its my enemy and will remain so, police and thief cant become friends. Raghu is hurt.

Dhanak is in mandir and cries. She recalls her happy moments with Mai. Raghu comes there and says Mai says bitter words. Dhanak says she will change, I understood her goodness when I spent time with you, I saw my mother in her, we had good memories in last 3 days. Raghu says forget it. Dhanak says no, I am her daughter in law and she has to accept it someday. Raghu says dont cry. Dhanak says I cant hide my tears from you. He says smile. She says no. Raghu says what if I say I am back to fulfill your promises? I will start going to work from tomorrow. Dhanak thinks that I will confess my love tomorrow morning.

In morning, Dhanak thinks to confess her love to Raghu but tell Mai first. She brings Mahrashtri food for Mai. Mai says Maya made it? its good. Dhanak says I made it. Mai says its not good. Dhanak makes her eat from her hands. Mai glares at her but eats. Dhanak says I want to talk to you. Mai says you are here to talk again? Dhanak says I.. Raghu.. Mai says let me watch match. Dhanak says its about your son and me. Mai says its not my issue. She dances for match. Dhanak smiles and dances with her. Dhanak leaves. Mai sees food plate and starts eating.

Dhanak comes to her room and hears Raghu singing I am in love in bathroom. Dhanak blushes and shakes her head. Raghu comes out of bathroom. Dhanak shies and turns away but he holds her dress dori and pull her closer. Raghu comes near Dhanak from behind, yeh moh moh ke dhaage plays. He ties her dori. Dhanak smiles and runs from there. Raghu says she was blushing.. it means yes.

Mai gets stomach pain and says Dhanak must have mixed something in food. Bai says I ate too. Mai comes to washroom. Maya is inside. Dhanak comes there and asks what happened? Mai says your food gave me stomach pain. Maya comes out of washroom. Mai goes in. Dhanak brings medicine for her. Mai says you are making fun of me? She takes medicine. Raghu calls Dhanak.
Raghu gives phone to Dhanak. Dhanak gets commissioner’s call. Commissioner asks her to bring her husband to police station. She says why? He says just bring him.

PRECAP- Dhanak tells Raghu that commissioner called us both. Raghu says we didnd do anything wrong so dont worry. Dhanak thinks what if we are in trouble again? Commissioner tells Dhanak that she doesnt know what is doing half the time. A girl enters chawl in veil.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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