Gathbandan Ki Ek Ajeeb Kahani – ShreZain ArJen FF – Episode 5

5. Pooja is Targetted

Pooja slaps the lady constable. The Inspector takes Pooja and Kabir for custody.

30 minutes before,

Kabir and Pooja stopped walking as the police jeep is on their way. Few police and constables are on their duty. On the other side, there is a chariot of god accompanied by many people singing devotional songs.

Pooja – “What the hell is this! Now, this procession interrupted our way. Everything is because of you, buffoon!”

Kabir – “Hello, madam… You are not supposed to call me as a buffoon. Also, it is your mistake by pouring coffee on my face and then you run into this forest. You deserve all this. Now people would beat drums that would bleed our ears. Enjoy it. Why can’t you dance?”

Pooja – “You are a buffoon… I won’t change that. Its your mistake to call me as fool. You deserve the punishment.”

Kabir – “You are a mosquito, then.” (He clapped his hands loudly for smashing a mosquito to tease Pooja that fuelled her ego)

Pooja signs him to close his mouth in an arrogant manner that irked Kabir The deity procession is nearing them and many devotees are dancing for the religious songs. Kabir pushed Pooja into the dancing area and she bumped into one of the devotees (lady). The lady in saffron dress dragged Pooja’s hands for dance but remained reluctant and stares her. When she tries to get out of the dancing area, the lady didn’t allow her to move, “It’s a sin if you stop dancing on deity procession…” (she says and dances simultaneously)

Kabir gives a derisive smile to him. The lady too abandoned her way. Pooja pushed the lady fell down and she moves to Kabir. The lady was hurt and she gets up and confronts Pooja.

The lady – “Don’t you know basic manners? You are disrespecting god’s devotess by doing such ill things. You were the one who desire to dance with us and you are behaving rude.”

Pooja – “Oh, please stop it.”

The lady and Pooja gets indulged in a heated argument. As it is ladies argument, none of the males and even police interfere in this. The procession continues. Kabir is laughing at Pooja’s situation who is standing near her. The lady was misunderstood Kabir’s laugh and she scolds Kabir too, thus Kabir and Pooja joined against the lady.

Kabir – “Hello, is it a fish market? (to the lady) Why didn’t you go back to your pilgrimage in spite of arguing with the idiot?”

Pooja holds his collar to confront but is deviated again by the devotee and they three continued their argument in a flow. Two lady constables come there and tried to stop it but in vain. The argument goes ruthless when they both start to blame each other’s parents for upbringing. The lady slapped Pooja.

Pooja – “How dare you! Holy sh*t”

She raises her hand to slap the lady but ended up slapping the lady constable who defended the devotee from being slapped.

Lady Constable – “How dare you! You are raising your hand on a constable.”

Pooja –  “No mam, actually I was about to slap…”

Lady Constable – “It won’t work. (to the lady) Just get out of my sight. I am sparing you as you’re going to pilgrim.”

The lady goes staring at Pooja reluctantly.

Lady Constable looks at Pooja – “You and your boyfriend… Both get in the jeep and stay in station till morning. At least then, you get sense.”

Pooja – “Madam, this stupid pig is not my boyfriend. Don’t be overconfident as if you are my matchmaker. You won’t be the one who arrange dates for marriage and my nuptial night with my future husband.”

Kabir is about to laugh louder but gulped inside his throat sensing the situation.

Lady Constable – “How rude you are! There are many species like you in the station. Meet them, Come on.”

The constable hold both their hands and made them sit on the police jeep. The jeep starts to move. Kabir is staring at Pooja.

Kabir – “I am from a cultured family. None of my family members stepped inside the police station’s entrance. But because of you, I am sitting in this uncomfortable jeep.”

Pooja – “Then, Am I from a loose family? Nonsense! We are going to stay at the station for this night only! Have you planned for a permanent settlement at jail? If so, better pack your clothes tomorrow in a luggage and go to jail permanently. If you find this jeep uncomfortable, problem is in your sitting procedure. Better, I could live peacefully without your nuisance.”

Kabir actually mentioned the statement in a sarcastic sense as he thought it was the exact feeling of Pooja. Kabir didn’t care much about the jail stay after all it is 10 hours. The only thing which bothers him is his sister. Shivli don’t know about his whereabouts. Here on, to Kabir’s surprise, Pooja never cared about the jail stay and even she scolded him mercilessly.

Kabir thinks, “Is she exported from foreign lands? Such a nuisance she is! I have to worship  her ‘going to be’ husband as the god of creation. But definitely, he will run away after staying with this creature.”

9 pm

The jeeps lands at the Local Police Station. Pooja and Kabir enters the station as if they are going to party which made police feel weird on them. Then, they were asked to sit on a seater where four adults can sit.

[Usually, drunk and drive case victims and some small fight victims are asked to stay in police station for one night and they will be released the next morning. They won’t be locked at cell/lockup]

Pooja and Kabir are sitting there. Pooja’s phone beeps and it was Ishani. She cut the call as she doesn’t want her mobile to be seized by the police. Ishani rings her continuously. Kabir pity her situation.

Due to constant calls, Pooja attends after seeing none of the police were there. Pooja in a husky voice, “What Ishani?”

Ishani – “Where are you? Its time now and you are asking us ‘what Ishani’.”

Mahek grabs phone from Ishani and asks, “How is the date, dear?”

Pooja – “Hey, please. I’ll ring later.”

Mahek – “At least, say where are you?”

Pooja – “I’m in bathroom. Please cut the call.”

Mahek – “But what are you..”

Kabir grabs her phone, switch the speaker on and says, “She is saying that she is in bathroom right. Why are you cross-questioning her?”

Mahek – “What are you doing with her in the bathroom? Oops… did I disturb you both? Sorry Kabir..”

Kabir – “No, no, Mahek… Actually, we were in…”

Before he could complete, one of the constables grabbed the phone.
Police – “You are in custody not in mall. How could they forgot to confiscate your phones?”
Saying that, she seized Kabir’s phone also. Pooja rubs her forehead.

 Pooja rubs her forehead

Pooja stares at her. Kabir looks at her derisively.

Pooja – “Nonsense! You said this nonsense to that Mahek. She already imagine wild things when it comes to you and me. Now it goes to another level. Don’t know what story is she going to fabricate… (she punches Kabir’s shoulder) You said that you and me are in bathroom… Wait, who are you take my phone?”

Kabir (rubs his shoulder) – “Oh, come on! I tried to save you from your sisters. But you are punching me.”

Pooja – “Bullsh*t! Saving me… Now, phone is gone… My honour also gone…”

Kabir gives a naughty smile. Pooja keeps her hand on her head, “Whatever Mahek said is true, today.”

She is reminded of a morning incident where Pooja wakes up after Ishani and Mahek. While she wakes up, none is there in the room. She rubbed her eyes and a black cat passed through her bed. Pooja is scared as she saw it suddenly. Due to her noise, Shiva, Ritu, Ishani and Mahek come there and asked whether if she is fine. Pooja said about the black cat. Mahek said, “Oh my god! You saw a black cat. Your day is going to be worst. Pray god for good!” Pooja pinched Mahek’s ears and says, “Don’t believe in these omens at all. The cat is coming for food not to spoil my day.”

Pooja thinks, “Oh, this Mahek was right. This day is really bad for me due to that black cat. First that buffoon Kabir poured coffee, fall down through the slope, irritating devotee, staying at jail for one night, now this bathroom issue… My mouth is the cause of my destruction”

"Here is the new one," says the inspector who is holding the collar of another guy (Karan Khanna) and pushed him towards Kabir and Pooja's bench

“Here is the new one,” says the inspector who is holding the collar of another guy (Karan Khanna) and pushed him towards Kabir and Pooja’s bench. His words disrupted Pooja’s thoughts.

Inspector (to Kabir and Pooja) – “Daksh is your company for you both this night… Enjoy…”

Daksh sit near Pooja.

 Pooja is sitting between Kabir and Daksh

Pooja is sitting between Kabir and Daksh. Daksh is looking at Pooja who is staring at random direction. Daksh is partially inebriated and he is unaware that he was brought to Police Station.

Daksh – “Wow, a sweet Naiccccccce (nice) girl…”

Pooja – “Another headache is on the way. God!”

Kabir evidently suppress his laugh. Pooja looks at Daksh in a tired manner.

Daksh – “So, you were the girl who kidnapped me and brought me to the station. Now a days, girls are also kidnapping handsome boys like me.”

Kabir thinks, “Let me join with him and irritate Pooja, so that she never forget this night in her life time.”

When Kabir is about to speak, Daksh intervenes, “Who are you? You are looking a white washed donkey and you are sitting near this beautiful doll. (looks at Pooja now) Hey beauty! Is he your servant?”

Pooja thinks, “Let me join with him and torture Kabir, so that he never mess with me in his life time.”

When Pooja is about to reply, Daksh pulled Kabir’s legs, thus he fell down and he screams as he hurt his back. Daksh – “Keep this monkey below your leg not near your heart..”

Kabir is still below the bench screaming and cursing Daksh. Pooja laughs at Kabir.

Daksh – “What a smile! Say now, why did you kidnap me? Do you love me? Do you want to marry me? Do you want babies from me? Do you want grandchildren from our children?”

Daksh - "What a smile! Say now, why did you kidnap me? Do you love me? Do you want to marry me? Do you want babies from me? Do you want grandchildren from our children?"

Pooja – ‘Actually I…”

Daksh interrupts whereas Kabir folds his leg and watching Pooja and Daksh.

Daksh – “Say fast… I don’t like slow people… What quality of mine has attracted you? My bushy mustache… or my s*xy stubble… or my wide shoulders (broadens his shoulders)… my chiseled sixpack (pull off the shirt and shows his stomach) or my biceps (flexes) or my manly face…. the smell of my money (shows his bus ticket) Say Sweety say…”

Pooja – “Hey duffer!..”

Daksh holds her pace made her rub his face. Pooja feels irritated. Kabir is enjoying the situation sitting down.

 Kabir is enjoying the situation sitting down

Daksh – “Say sweetheart..”

Pooja – “See, don’t test my patience…”

Daksh – “I too repeat the same.. Book wedding hall… We can marry… We have baby… They too have baby … Why are you waiting?”

Pooja thinks, “Everything is because of that Shiva. Nonsense! If he couldn’t have asked me apologize Kabir, I would have escaped from all this. I’ll kill that Shiva tomorrow”

Daksh looks at Kabir who is looking at them as if he is seeing a sitcom

Daksh looks at Kabir who is looking at them as if he is seeing a sitcom.

Daksh kicked Kabir’s leg and holds his collar, “Hey buffalo! After all, you’re her servant and you are hearing our intimate conversation… Don’t you have manners? Shameless creatures…Baby, fire him immediately.”

He then pushed Kabir. Kabir thinks, “It’s my fate to hear this conversation.”

Pooja’s rubbing her forehead seeing this drama. Daksh comes back to Pooja.

Daksh looks at Pooja romantically – “Baby, you are looking so tired… I’ll arrange bed for you. Then, we can cuddle..”

Saying this, he sits on the floor, bending his hip and rubbing the floor to clean (as he is intoxicated, he assumed the floor to be bed)

Pooja stands up and kicks him, which shocks Kabir. Daksh’s rubbing his hip and stands up, “Baby ma… Why did you kick me? Didn’t you like the bed?”

Pooja – “Hey….. Nonsense… I was trying to use you to provoke against Kabir… But you are flirting with me about having babies…”

Pooja flex Daksh’s hand back and says, “Even I could forgive you for that… But how can I tolerate your so called romance which you were doing till now…”

She slaps Daksh but still he is inebriated, “Sweety… Don’t beat me…I will cry…”

Kabir holds Daksh's other hand, "You're so high now

Kabir holds Daksh’s other hand, “You’re so high now. So, better sleep or we will make you sleep. What say?”

Daksh still didn’t give up flirting her. Pooja takes a water bottle and shows it in front of Daksh.

Pooja – “This is gun… I’ll kill you… I don’t have any problem in killing you. I accept imprisonment proudly…”

Daksh gets scared seeing the water bottle (he thought it was gun) and runs to other side of the room and lies down. Pooja and Kabir stares at him. He closes his eyes tightly.

Kabir and Pooja look at each other. Kabir forwards his hands for sharing a Hi-fi. Without thinking, Pooja shares an Hifi with him.

Next day – 8.00 AM

Shivaandh comes to the Police Station where Pooja and Kabir had a stay as Shivaandh got a call from Police Station regarding the same half-an-hour before. Shivaandh signs the forms and released both Pooja and Kabir from the custody after the police completes advising Pooja not to indulge in these street fights and asked her further to reduce her speaking skills. The three comes outside of the station.

Shivaandh – “So, you both fought with a lady who created unnecessary problems.”

Kabir – “Yeah, bro. She slapped the lady inspector and she scolded her nicely. So, this situation. She didn’t let me speak in the situation too.”

Shivaandh – “Happy that both resolved your issues.”

Pooja pulls Shiva’s ears – “Everything is because of you, if I didn’t meet Kabir, I would be at home.”

Shiva – “What is this? You’re blaming me for your silly street fights. You are hating Kabir as if he is your Mother-in-law in your previous life.”

Kabir – “Bro is right, but now we resolved our issues. We have a good rapport now in these 8 hours.”

Pooja – “That is right. We are not so good friends but we can enjoy each other’s company in future.”

Shiva smiles. Kabir and Pooja bids each other. Pooja is about to hug Shiva, but he resists.

Shiva – “I am angry with you, Pooja. Yesterday, I managed to convince aunty that you were in hostel as your friend is ill. But you know how Ishani, Mahek and me were tensed. We didn’t sleep properly and waiting for you to come…..”

Pooja interrupts - "Okay, you three can sleep now

Pooja interrupts – “Okay, you three can sleep now. I am back right? I too feel sleepy.” (chuckles)

Shiva – “Don’t fuel my anger more. Why didn’t you inform Mahek that you’re here? You’re doing everything as per your wish.”

He takes his bike and sits on it.

Pooja – “Aww… Sorry Shivu, You know you are looking so hot when you are angry. This shirt is increasing your hotness buddy. Any girl would fall down if you….”

Shiva interrupts – “Just shut up and sit on the bike. Let us go, Pooja.”

Shiva stares at her

Shiva stares at her. Pooja makes puppy-face and sits back of him. She thinks, “I know how to convince you dear.” Shiva starts the bike and the bike moves.


Kabir opens the door and finds Shivli is not there in the house. Yesterday’s food was untouched so that he confirmed that Shivli has not returned home yesterday. Then, he looks at the message in his phone  that she won’t come home due to increased work-load. Kabir is relieved as his sister didn’t fear as he was missing and he relaxed at armchair.


After 2 hours – Igloo Studios,

Shivli is literally exhausted due to her workload in the night due to constant dubbing process for 3 hour special episodes of the serials. Shivli comes out of the studios and waits at bus stop for bus arrival which is in front of the Studio.

Shivaandh is speaking to his client regarding the fashion contract which is in front of the Studio building

Shivaandh is speaking to his client regarding the fashion contract which is in front of the Studio building. Shivaandh comples conversing and the client goes whereas Shiva is sight seeing randomly.

Shivli feels giddy. She rummaged her handbag for water bottle but finds no water there. Shivli is about to fall and holds the tree behind her for balance. Shivaandh looks at Shivli whose legs are stumbling  abnormally and goes near her. She leaves the holds and is about to fall, suddenly Shivaandh holds her.  Shivli goes unconscious. Shivandh holds her inside to the studios and sprinkled some water on Shivli.

Shivli gets the consciousness and looks at Shivaandh who is looking at her eyes. Shivli rubs her eyes. One of the technicians says, “She is Shivli, our dubbing artist. She should have some food before leaving up here. She was exhausted due to workload yesterday night.”

Shivaandh visit the studio for the first time today so he knew none except the manager of it.

Shivandh looks at Shivli – “Are you fine? Have something and leave…”

She is still rubbing her eyes to proper vision and says, “No yaar… I’ll eat at home. I just felt dizzy because…..”

Shivandh – “Don’t give any reasons. See you are so weak and your vision is unclear now. Either eat something or I’ll drop you home.”

Shivli gets a proper vision of the guy who is sitting in fornt of her. She gets surprisedly happy for him. She looks at his eyes intensely and it was actually HIM.

Shivli – “You didn’t change even a bit, Chocolate boy Shivu…”

Shiva looks at her confused and recognized her words after thinking.

Shivaandh – “Shivli ?”

Shivli nods with a smile.

Shivaandh hugs Shivli and both cries happily.

To be continued…

Author’s note:
I am very much grateful to the readers (Aafrin, Jasminerahul, Zingo, Radhakrishn) as I didn’t expect such support for this FF. Dedicating the chapter to Jasmine Rahul as the Daksh-Pooja scene is written upon her request. I hope I have brought the scene upto your expectations. 


  1. The Daksh Pooja scenes were really good. I was laughing while reading. If fact the whole episode make me laugh. Especially the street fight.

    1. Shesha485

      Thank you so much Aafrin 🥰. Glad to hear that you loved the episode ❤

  2. Jasminerahul

    Jabir fight was funny.lady n pooja fight n later kabir joining the fight was funny.lady constable scene was funny.
    This was funny-
    Pooja – “Madam, this stupid pig is not my boyfriend. Don’t be overconfident as if you are my matchmaker. You won’t be the one who arrange dates for marriage and my nuptial night with my future husband.”
    Have you planned for a permanent settlement at jail? If so, better pack your clothes tomorrow in a luggage and go to jail permanently.
    definitely, he will run away after staying with this creature.”
    Kabir doesn’t know that her future hus will be him.ha ha.
    This was very funny-
    Mahek – “What are you doing with her in the bathroom? Oops… did I disturb you both? Sorry Kabir..”
    Icould really relate to what pooja said about the black cat incident.bcz once my friends also said about the black cat.i ignored it n the whole day became messy.though it was only a coincidence like pooja I also talked like that after what I experienced.
    Foolish daksh thought that he was kidnapped by pooja bcz of his looks.ha ha.jabir thinking of joining daksh to irritate each other was funny.Daksh pulling down kabir was funny.
    This was funny-
    Daksh – “Keep this monkey below your leg not near your heart..”
    All cheesy dialogues of daksh to pooja n kabir were too funny.never expected daksh in vadivelu’s role.Can u tell me why u chose him in this funny role?
    Daksh imagining the floor as bed was funny.pooja slapping daksh n his kiddish reaction was so funny.
    This was so funny-
    You are hating Kabir as if he is your Mother-in-law in your previous life.”
    U showed the hard life of dubbing south dubbing artists dub 4 diff characters in diff serials n its so tiring.Nver expected shivli to faint n shivandh to catch her.never expected this kind of a meeting of shivli n Shivaandh.Shivaandh was so caring towards her.surprising that they already knew each other.recognizing each other was very cute.
    Perfect pics.
    I didn’t know that u were so good at comedy.i laughed a lot through out.
    Happy to see my name.I really enjoyed it.I hope daksh’s role didn’t end here n he will b there to make us laugh till the end.

    1. Shesha485

      Thank you so much for such a long comment and the compliments ❣ I really enjoyed and felt satisfied reading it🤗. Suchit and Utkarsh (N5) are the choices for that role but after reading your LI and Adhu’s FF, I felt Karan is suitable for the flirty character, also I thought he would have scenes with Shrenu in IB (but I couldn’t get pics together) Glad that cat was relatable to you also😂. I am not sure to continue Daksh character but let us see. Happy that you loved Shivli and Shiva scene. 💗Actually, you have to take credits for making me write this sequence as I didn’t think to include this 👏

    2. Jasminerahul

      you didn’t want to include this means?

    3. Shesha485

      As it is a movie remake, mostly writers skip comedy scenes and focus on romantic scenes and I too felt to skip that part but you made me write such a wonderful chapter. 🤗🤗🤗

  3. This episode was fabulous☺. Sorry I am reading it today because there was lots of work pending to me. Curious to know how do Shivli and Shivaand know each other!

    1. Shesha485

      Thank you so much Zingo.❣❣ Its ok and glad that you loved the episode.😍

  4. Nita D

    Hey Shesha….I didnt know you also write.
    I was just checking your profile to see if you have written any articles and I was pleasantly surprised…..
    I saw Shrenu in the poster and decided to read this story and I was hooked from the prologue itself….
    The back story of Kabir is very interesting….and the initial Pooja-Kabir meet and class incident was amazing….
    And I can really see Pooja’s antics like a film in my head….
    I am really loving it.

    1. Shesha485

      Thank you so much Nita🥰. Glad to know that you loved this story and Pooja’s antics🤗

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