Gangaa 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga is repeating the rhyme after the recording. Maid comes there looking for her. What are you doing with Sagar’s stuff? Ganga tells her that Sagar himself has give this to her. Maid is not able to believe it. you must have stolen it. Ganga denies. sagar said that he can do anything for me. he has given this to me on his own. They both go downstairs next.

Amma ji thinks that no one except her knows that the Master is coming an hour early today. Ganga comes there. Amma ji notices the recorder in her hand. It belongs to Sagar. She too listens to the recording. You wont get anything by learning all this. Ganga too doesn’t want to invest her time in studies if nothing will come out of it. Amma ji gives her the task of memorising 20 shlokas from the Bhagwad Gita. You will gain knowledge with it. Amma ji starts saying the shlokas with Ganga repeating after her. Ganga finds it tough. Amma ji reminds her of her promise. You can learn this shloka too if you can learn those rhymes from that machine. Ganga asks her who will recite shlokas for her then. Amma ji brings her outside where a Gita paath is going on (at her neighbour’s house). She leaves Ganga there. Ganga is worried what if Master ji comes. Amma ji says Master ji will come by 4 pm. She hints at a man wearing green kurta. Sit here till 3:55. Ganga sits down with the rest of the people. Amma ji goes back inside the house.

Madhvi asks Amma ji where she had been to. Amma ji lies that a vegetable seller had come outside. Maid finds no veggies with her. Amma ji lies again and then shifts the topic to Maharaj ji. Master ji enters just then. Madhvi is surprised to see him home early. He talks about the call. Amma ji pretends about not knowing where Ganga is. They all call out for her but in vain. They find her nowhere in the house. Everyone is concerned except Amma ji.

Ganga is listening to the Gita paath.

Everyone is concerned about Ganga. Amma ji complains to Madhvi that her love has spoiled her. Master is at home while she is missing. Madhvi asks her if Ganga knows that Master ji is coming home early today. Amma ji nods. I only told her. She confirms with the Maid that she had asked her to call Ganga after receiving that call. Maid nods. Amma ji feels Ganga might be at some shop outside. Madhvi takes Ganga’s side. She is a responsible girl. Sagar overhears their convo as he comes there. He finds out that Ganga is not at home. Amma ji says let Niranjan come. He will see her now. Sagar knows that her father will get upset with Ganga if she is not back at home asap. He leaves to find Ganga.

Ganga notices the watch of the person sitting next to her. it is still 15 minutes to turn 4. At home, Master ji is getting late. He decides to wait for a little more time. Amma ji shows a doubt saying no one knows whether Ganga will come home or not.

Sagar finds out about Ganga’s location from his friends. Master ji looks at his watch as he is getting late. Master ji complains about the situation to Madhvi. You were ready to fire me from my job as I was unwell since last two days. my student is missing now. Whom should I teach? Ganga gets up to go home as it is 3:55 pm in that guy’s watch. Sagar reaches there just then. He tells her that everyone is looking for her since an hour. Master ji is waiting for you. if he complains to Papa then he will scold you a lot.

Master ji gets up to go as it is 4 pm. Niranjan comes home with Raghav just then. They both greet each other. Niranjan asks about Ganga’s studies. He tells him that maybe Ganga doesn’t like to study. I thought she will understand the importance of studies in life sooner or later but that is not happening. She is very naughty and doesn’t want to study. She never completes her homework. She never learns anything if I tell her to. Today she is not at home. I have been waiting here since an hour’s time. You can ask anyone. wonder what she will do tomorrow. He leaves.

Niranjan questions his mother and Madhvi about the same. Amma ji says that girl does what she wants to. No one knows where she went to and when. She has troubled everyone. Sagar and Ganga reach outside Chaturvedi House. They notice that Master ji’s scooter is missing. He might have left. They go inside. Niranjan calls out for Ganga as soon as she is home. He asks her where she has been to. Where are you coming from? Ganga stands there quietly. He wants to know why she was not at home at the time of class. Master ji comes to teach you then why are you outside the house at this hour? She tells him that she was sitting in the pandal. He wants to know why she was there. Ganga looks at Amma ji but she signals her to keep quiet over the matter.

Precap: Ganga tells Amma ji that Master ji had told her to memorise the lesson but she has not done it. He will get angry again. what if he starts beating me? She agrees to talk to him about it. Ganga is tensed thinking what if Master ji refuses to listen to Amma ji!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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