Gangaa 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammmaji’s residence and hospital
ammaji assures niru that ganga was right and that he shouldnt blame himself. asking him to rest, they both leave ordering him not to bother himself unnecessarily thinking about wrong stuff. Madhavi is extremely tensed that nothing should happen to him, while ammaji says that nothing shall. she says that she cant stay without him. ammaji consoles her.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
Ganga waits impatient, for the doctor who finally arrives. when he comes, she anxiously asks him whats the matter, asking if niru is okay and nothing happened to him. he says that he wished to talk to her, before talking to the rest of the family. she is incredibly tensed. the doctor hands ganga the reports. he shows them to ganga and says that niru has blood cancer. ganga is aghast to hear this, and then eyes the reports in utter disbelief. she is aghast and refuses to believe and asks him to check yet again, as niru cant be suffering from this. he asks her to relax, as the results wont change as this is the truth. she collapses in the chair, and the doctor asks her to be calm as she has to take care of his family. he says that he also has something else to say. she is apalled as the doctor says that he has very less time, at the most six months. ganga gets distraught. he says that he shouldnt say, but still they should try and keep him as happy as possible, and not give him any stress, shock or tension. he says that he knows niru for years, and he would keep brooding over it, and hence its best that he doesnt know about it, and best is its for her to decide when he should get the news, if he should. he talks about his daily diet and medical prescriptions, and asks her to go over it, and talk to him in case of doubts. ganga takes it all and then walks out in a daze. the doctor is tensed too. As she steps out of the room, ganga is still unable to believe, and walks groggily, but then composes herself and starts walking yet again. she remembers her initial meetings with niru and their entire journey so far.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road and ammaji’s residence
Ganga listlessly walks on the road, and then sits by the side. she wonders why is this happening, and if she has such ill fate that after her father, she too would be bereft of him. she says that he taught her to fight and brave all odds, as she remembers her instances with niru, who identified this survival instinct in her. she thinks that she doesnt have the strength to bear this pain, and if she cant manage herself, then how shall she break it to him. she wonders what to do, as death has no control, but she isnt ready to lose him just yet. she cries inconsolably. ganga gets a call, and she thinks that she cant tell madhavi at all about this. she cancels the call, but madhavi gets increasingly tensed and continues to call. finally ganga picks up. Madhavi asks ganga, on the phone, as to where is she, and why did she go to the doctor, and not wait for her. she then asks about the reports too. she asks why she went alone, and then asks about the reports. ganga fights back her tears, and lies that everything is normal. Madhavi says thats okay but if she asked the doctor why did he faint then. ganga is speechless, but then distracts her and says that there is nothing to worry about, and she shall come home and detail, as the network is bad here and her battery is low too. madhavi complies and asks her to come fast. ganga cancels the call, wondering how shall she tell them all.

Scene 4:
Location: Temple
Ganga comes to the temple, and complains about how she has always stayed beside her, and understood whatever fate she landed her, then why this today. the priest comes and asks her not to think like that, as god always has a motive behind doing what he does. she however retorts back saying that she never listens to the devotees, and how she always torments those who pray for her day and night. she vents out her entire frustration at the idol, and wonders how shall she tell them all about this.

Scene 5:
Location: Ammaji’s residence
Ammaji attends to niru, while they talk about how for a parent, children are the utmost priority. krishna comes and asks if he is okay. he banters amusedly. she says that ganga was very tensed, and niru says thats because she loves him. krishna says that she always listens to him, and asks her to agree to stay with sagar. he says that he shall not want her to forcibly say something or do something, that she wont like, but comply out of respect. krishna says that ganga loves sagar a lot they get tensed. juhi comes and asks if she can have an apple. he complies and offers to krishna too. but she walks out denying. he asks ammaji what to say and how to explain it to krishna. she asks him not to bother, as all shall be okay soon.

Ammaji gets the list ready for a puja, warning madhavi that this fast is very rigorous, but madhavi is sure that she shall do it. they are about to go shopping, when they wonder why hasnt ganga come back yet. As she arrives back home, ganga is crowded by madhavi and ammaji, who impatiently ask her what did the reports and the doctor say. Madhavi asks ganga how is he, and she tells them all that she had told that everything is okay. ammaji believes, but she sees ganga’s tenzsion behind the pretentious smile. madhavi demands to see the reports. ganga is shocked, but lies that its with the doctor, who shall give them all together, ammaji starts rejoicing, while madhavi is still tensed. she rushes to the market nevertheless, telling ganga about the fast, that grives ganga all the more, as she remembers what the doctor said. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Sagar talks on video chatting, asking niru about his health. niru says that nothing happend. sagar says that madhavi didnt say anything, but he wishes to know everything. niru gets down the bed. he starts walking and jumping, also just to prove that he is absolutely fine, and they are exaggerating it unnecessarily and that he is hale and hearty. he adds that he has to live many more years. ganga comes and finds him like this, and is reminded of the limited time that he has. she is apalled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. i like niru and gangaa’s bonding…….really good.but the show was losing its charm day by day and without sagar it felt like boring episode.however gangaa’s character was but her acting was too gud her emotional expressions was awesome.Both aditi and vishal acting was nailed the show.

  2. waiting for precap………….

  3. ganga , though she wrote in the letter that she will come back..she totally reversed the scene when sagar approach her. I think this scene may have reversed because krishna might have said to ganga that y she and juhi had fight… So ganga might have realized that their reunion may bring up new problems in pulkit-supriya relation.. So i think she might have hidden her feeling and taken back her words about reunion with sagar which she wrote in letter….. So i think now due to less time for niranjan to remain alive…for his happiness she may decide to stay with sagar,….and may be in this period of time yash’s re-entry may bring back new prolems ….., which sagar and ganga may fight together and again finally may fall in love with each other….. and may be niranjan’s health problem become the bridge for Saga’s reunion….Actually this is my story…hope if something like this may occur….and may all negative shades slowly disappear…..If anyone have idea about the upcoming track they may reply me…

  4. The patient doctor confidentiality is it of the window. Who is Gangaa to Niru, is it not wrong for the doctor to discuss patients condition to him and his close family like the Wife and children. Why was Pulkit not informed. Who is Gangaa to make decisions as to when to inform the family.
    What’s next Gangaa taking and making decisions for the Chadruvedi family.
    Was Gangaa not leaving the family causing all the pain and heart breaks in the house hold.
    Under stance the bond between Neeruand Gangaa, but she is no different between Sagar and pulkit.

    1. U don’t think that doctor could be liying so that ganga stays instead of leaving? Plus it’s India no such thing as patient doctor confidentiality.

      1. Hey Alisha no offence.. Doctors follow rules dear! Even in India.. I am a doc and all the doc friends i know follow the rules!
        Its the fault of writers for twisting and spoiling the beautiful concept of serial just for Trps!
        I stopped wasting My time in watching the serial.. just reading update And waiting to see how much more illogical the writers can be! I know most people will stop watching the serial once saga reunite and the writers know this well! So they try to stretch this too long to the point where they turn the main lead to antagonist! Why dont they make finite serials like pow! Huh!

  5. I think niru does not have blood cancer , probably he wanted Ganga to stay in his house and unite with sagar

  6. bhavaniasapu

    Now Ruhana is going to be absent from the show for few episodes.. Exams time…. In this show nothing happens as if v imagine… It just goes away in its way… Little krishna pleading niranjan to say to ganga to forgive sagar… Made me feel a bit emotional… And niranjan clearly says that he can’t make ganga do this as he doesn’t want to make her do what she doesn’t want to do…. Atleast he should have told that he would try…. Doctor calling Ganga and informing her about niranjan health.. Is it correct way… Then what is the role of pulkit as a son…. She was clear that she doesn’t want to be a member of their family… Well…. Good performance by Aditi in yesterday’s episode…

    1. Hi Bhavani and Everyone, I thought the same too. Why would doctor call Ganga and not next of kin? Surely it will be his wife if not his eldest son Pulkit? Generally doctors are not allowed to disclose paitents details unless with family member? But then this is fiction.

      p.s I must remember to watch this Saturday episode.

  7. mahima singh

    Now a days this serial is getting bored

  8. Hi All,
    I wont be able to watch mahasangram episde on saturday, can any one please record and send the link please ?
    if krishna will be out for few episodes then no charm 🙁 and same for niru :-(, i hope he does not have blood cancer and he is lying to reunite SaGa …..

  9. I don’t think Niru is lying to unite Saga. He will not stoop that low and put his family through all the pains….

  10. I agree Pooja! Niru cant stoop so low! And as far as informing gangaa is concerned, I don’t see any problem in that! Ya pulkit is his son but madhvi herself told him to leave and the doc didn’t see him in the hospital! He saw gangaa and thought her to be a sensible strong girl who, in his view, could handle the situation well! I loved the moments that gangaa reminiscences of her bond with niru! 😀 Those were actually some of the best moments of this serial 🙂 I really wouldn’t want Niru to exit the show..he has a charm of his own!

  11. Sensible. Or not Gangaa is not the next of kin. It’s only right that the doctor inform the family so they will be prepared and being in law Neeru might want to legalised matters concerning his family. Mad havi has the right to be informed. There might be and will be unsettled things between Husband and Wife.
    Then again the doctor knows the family for very Long. So he joining hands with Neeru might have planned these to make his family understand each other better, family unity, excepting, forgiving and forgetting the past by bringing them together.

  12. Hi Shylee , I agree with you. In India also majority of doctors follow rules. Exceptions r there in every profession. you are doing good thing by not wasting your time. I am a pediatrician and I am closing my clinic early to watch the serial. I am feeling bad but unable to resist my self.

    1. Hi Sujhata..
      Good to hear from u.. ?
      I know that urge lol!
      I Feel that its high time now that saga unite!!
      If they want trps they can show good Nok Jhok between saga after ” marraige” and try getting a good case where they fight against each other!! Ha ha
      That would be fun to see!!
      We are really sick and tired of this current kashish pulkit track and Egoistic Ganga..
      I have now started watching Netflix and YouTube rather than wasting time in such hindi serials..! ?

  13. Hi Deeksha , as you said Madhavi and Ganga admitted Niru in the hospital. There is nothing wrong with the doctor intimating Ganga about Niru’s condition. He asked her to intimate the rest of the family at the appropriate time.

    1. Exactly! Totally agree with u Sujatha! And with the precap of yesterday’s ep, I am eagerly waiting to watch today’s episode!

  14. Yes Shylee, Saga fighting for a case would be more interesting. Present track is totally depressing.

  15. well, yash and prapha mami are goin to bk in serial soon and might zoya too later, do not know what’s going to happen in chaturvedi sadan then.

    i think full family should go to london and settle there and end episode at good end rather showing same prabha and yash drama baji in serial :-(.

    i do not want to see prabha mami and yash any more 🙁

  16. bhavaniasapu

    Yeah… Again prabha and yash… Once again Madhavi, ammaji believes them and not ganga…. Again they say that they believed them situational… One thing is confirmed… Writers doesn’t want to show lighter moments in chatur family anymore… Repeatedly fooled, cheated, fighting, full of tension and etc…at least they die in peace…

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