Gangaa 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ammmaji’s residence
Madhavi is super excited, along with ammaji. they find sagar standing at the doorstep. they rush to him. sagar comes back disheartened, and narrates to ammaji,

oblivious that ganga and klrishna are right behind. they excitedly get to welcoming her, assured that she shall stay with them, but ganga clears their confusion, that

she has come to leave them forever, and they are going their separate wayss. sagar is shocked to hear this. ammaji and madhavi are aghast, and asks what nonsense is

this. ammaji asks why she came inside then. ganga says that she didnt want to, but some things are here only, and she wishes to take them. madhavi lashes at her as to

how they took this decision on their own, and asks if they even didnt feel the need to discuss with them too. he asks her to let ganga do what she wishes to, as he

wanted something else. but they rush and start packing stuff, as sagar leaves for his room. ammaji, madhavi and maharaj are distraught. they rush to sagar who says

that he knows this is wrong, but he wouldnt and couldnt do anything more, as ganga cant get over the mistake he made years back. he says that he cant stretch it any

further. he says that he wishes to go far off. madhavi says that she wont allow. ammaji asks him to take her too. madhavi too sides with her, and asks him to take her

too. he is distraught saying that he cant do that, as he has already separated her once but wont again. he says that he shall return after some days. he turns to

ammaji and asks her to allow him to leave. she starts crying. he leaves for his room.

MEanwhile, kashish calls up pulkit, and after much fight over how its ended, she declarees that she is pregnant with his child. he is aghast and as he repeats it in

despair, saying that it isnt possible, he is stunned and apalled as he finds suproya in the doorway, having heard it all.

Sagar packs his bags and is ready to leave, while madhavi and ammaji beg him to stay back. sagar begs and tells madhavi that he cant stay here anymore, as its too

painful, since he cant bear the loss again, and till now he had a purpose to stay back, ganga and her hatred but now thats gone too. he says that he cant bear the

pain, while ammaji begs him to stay, as she shall talk to ganga. he is adamant that she wont agree, as she wishes to move on, and if this gives her happines, then so

be it. madhavi asks him not to accept defeat. he begs them to stay aloof in this matter. he says that he cant bear the loss. madhavi rushes to get the stuff pakced,

while he says that is not possible, as she has to stay back with niru. he begs them. they continue to try and coax him, but he leaves to talk to krishna for the last

time. they decide to talk to niru. madhavi narrates everything to niru, who says that he shall explain everything and asks her to calm down.

MEanwhile, sagar comes to ganga, who is packing, and says that he is going, and asks her if she wont ask where is he going, and if she doesnt feel at all. she responds

in a no. he says that he understands her ego, and asks her to atleast try and ask why he came, and he didnt come to stop her. he gives her anklets, and then reminds

her of the childhood story behind it, and then helps her wear it, while she flinches at the touch of him against her bare skin. he notices this. he then turns to go,

while saying that she might think he and his existence doesnt matter to her, but her anklets would tell him, that it does, and begs to meet krishna for one last time.

she complkies and says that krishna is outside. he leaves. she wonders where and why is he leaving.

MEanwhile sagar meets krishna on the rooftop and tells her that he is going go london. she is apalled. he asks if she is angry, and she denies, and says that she has

some questions. he asks her to go on. she asks why cant they be like a normal family. he is stunned at her answers. but replies saying that they too are, as her

parents love each other, the max. she asks why they dont stay together then, and fight always. she continues asking him questions, while he asks her not to overthink

as she would understand in due course of time. she hugs him and begs him to stay back, while he is apalled at her trauma and pain. he asks her not to worry as he shall

fulfill her wish soon, but right now he has to go. she is apalled. he leaves. krishna omes back and reprimands ganga for being so childish and immature, and not listen

to anyone, as he shall go to london, and begs her to stop him. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: krishna tries and explains to ganga that he is going back to london forever. ganga hears this and rushes out animatedly. but hides behind a pillar, when he

looks up. he comments how people who do love, never express. they try hard to stop him but he leaves. ganga is apalled. niru comes and hears about this and gets a

heart attack. they rush to his care. he is rushed to the hospital in an ambulance.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Ganga is abs

  2. Complicated story ?

  3. At last the most awaited scene I’m looking for is in today’s episode…. Wearing anklet to Ganga by sagar….. He says that he will return soon and correct everything…. Very soon means how many years my dear Sagar Chaturvedi…. Ha ha… Good decision for now….. Let every one burn in the flames of your absence… What he said is right… No one can inject love into others heart… It should be born natural…. Until then v have to bear the Pulka pregnancy drama…

  4. As Ganga already said that she has no feelings for Sagar… Guys don’t even expect that she runs to stop him…. Infact she has so much home work…. Firstly first she has to teach krishna how to live with self respect which the brand name of only their own…. And how to live with a dictionary having no word like forgiveness and forgetting… Now she got one more spice to fight with chaturs…. Pregnancy of kashish… If in this case pulkit denies the paternity will she get DNA test done to kashish…. LOL….well its a relief that Sagar never had dams or bridges…. Its for Ganga so many dams and bridges namely self respect, ego, dumb, hearing only Zoya words, always suspecting sagar deeds, pushing sagar out of the house, bluffing as no feelings for sagar, and so on…… Now that house also sold out hearing to zoya…. Where she is going to be…… Sagar ran away to London.. So she can peacefully land in CS….

  5. Sagar will come back.pulka drama I must these people are going to be disgusting kashish is ? Knows very well that he has already had wife and a daughter….but she didn’t listen.. gangaa has already warn it’s a high time… gangaa realisation is for sure . Gangaa needs to come back…. pulkish love story ka the end? …

  6. Hi Ayushi, can we expect saga reunion in the next week.

  7. Don’t know but it will soon.

  8. By god, it seems the writers have decided ki chaturvediyo ka naam badnaam kar dena hai, lol !
    If niru suffered heart attack on knowing that sagar left the house, how will he react to pulka pregnancy ! Poor fellow, seems hel b getting double heart attack.
    N now these name sake Saga moments are look.sooo dull n boring, post leap they have lost that charm that essence that innocence n its being clearly reflected in madam gangas behaviour.
    sagar usko payal pehna raha hai, wo allmost faasi ka fanda pehna chuki hai usko. Now hes getting sooo emotionally weak that hes not able to bear the pain. N poor family members too.
    N 100% madam ganga will support kashish her room mate 😀 n this will create more differences n distance between her n.chaturvedis. But who cares !
    Anyway i was way bored of ganga so is good for sometime they should sideline her.
    Ganga se panga bahot mehenga padaa sagar ko. Pata chala budda hoke swarag sidhar gaya but madam is still not able to forgive, lol 😀 !
    n with this pulka pregnancy twist there are chances that their differences n distance may increase because is ganga is supporting kashish sagar supporting his bro pulkit bhaiyya !
    screenplay is poor.
    Childhood love ki story kaha se kaha chali gayi 😀

  9. My mom used to scold me for watching this serial gangaa. But i used support it saying its different n.unique from other serials. Over here as well they portraying excess of melo drama. I feel.mummy was right n me wrong.
    They have crossed even ekta kapoor Serials ka limits in showing or bringing in illogical stupid twists !
    How can anyone commit same mistakes consistently. I mean its bizarre. The writers are crazy. The mistake which niru committed. Eventually both his sons committed same mistakes. This is ridiculous. Koi itna consistent kaisa ho sakta hai. N now gangaa will have one more taunt for the chaturvedis especially for men ! Iss ghar k saare mard ek jaise hai n all !
    Anyway whosoever is writing the screenplay, what an imagination you have boss 😀 !!
    ab gangaa aaye na aaye sagar ko koi farak nai padna chahiye, he too should learn to move on ! Baar baar madam ganga ke haatho se insult hote huye dekhna, we feel bad 🙁 !

  10. After listening to sagar krishnas conversation, felt like crying. Sucha subtle amazing way of expressing. Hatss off to both of them marvellous acting. Specially that innocent dialogue of krishna ‘if i give away all my toys to u will u then wait papa” amazing acting by both ruhana khanna n vishal vashisth (y) !

  11. Krishnaa

    i doubt kashish is lying just to get pulkit’s attention…
    as for ganga, she will always support the one who is against chathurvedi family.

  12. Hi Everyone,

    If you recall one of the episodes, Kashish was standing by a chest of draws in a bedroom, she was holding a sleeve of tablets ( contraceptive pills), that was untouched, just looking at it. I guess its her way of getting Pulkit.

  13. Sagar is young and not waste time over Gangaa. Yes Sagar, you don’t need Gangaa who continues to destroy your family, yourself and Krishna. Secure your custody of Kirshna.
    Bet Gangaa will crawl back to you.

  14. Maha episode of Gangaa and Badho bahu… This Saturday… 3rd December….. Guys hope SaGa union….

    1. Hi Bhavani, Thanks for the heads up, I will set reminder so that I don’t miss episode. Still haven’t caught with the 12th Nov that i missed.

  15. Guys the promo is all about that niru is suffering from blood cancer and how gangaa will tell everyone about this.!
    Let’s hope for the best…..I feel now sagar will return….but at the same time I feel niru character may end…..

  16. Oh… Then the maha episode is going to be sad one….. Really sad….

  17. Really sad about Niru. I like his character. Already chatur family is having so many problems. Saga yet to unite, kashish pregnancy, and now Niru’s health. In addition to this what Yash will do. I am so disappointed with the writers attitude.

  18. Hi All,

    So sad to hear of Niru suffering from blood cancer. The writers could be slowly writing off characters in preparation for the revamp? Like you Sujatha, i too like Niru character. He is the only one in the family who seems to be able to see reason from both sides – Sagar and Gangaa.
    This could bring Sagar back and hopefully this opportunity will reunite them. I don’t how long they can drag it out.

  19. Krishnaa

    if niru’s character is ending its maybe because hiten is playing a role in the new star plus serial meenu mausi. but i dont want his character to end 🙁 they are dragging ganga serial track with unnecessary scenes rather than showing some good story.
    another mahaepisode? then they will take time to upload on ozee or not upload at all like the last mahaepisode.
    @summer, thanks for wishing me last time 🙂 watched all the episodes in one go like u said

    1. Hi Krishnaa,

      No worries. 🙂 Now you can keep yourself busy watching upcoming episodes of Gangaa whilst waiting for results. Hope all goes well. 🙂

  20. Guys there is possibility that the nirajan character may be there… let’s hope for the best because now there is chances that gangaa will accept sagar….

  21. When all the members of the chatur family are in a depressive mood, I think it is not a correct time for Saga reunion. who can enjoy that happiness, neither saga nor the chatur family. We would have enjoyed it much better if it was happened at the time of bus accident. They should have shown us a very happy reunion and a grand saga marriage before going to the tragedy track.

  22. Are why are they making niru all sick ? Anyway most of the time he has all guest appearance types of scenes. Whenever anything happens at home ,hes out of town then suddenly he comes n sets things right by his maturity. Kindly dont give him any disease or end his character because it will unbearable to see madhavi as a widow. I find madhvai more stylish n preety then ganga 😀 !
    Yaar these people could have given a better direction. They are really disappointing us 🙁 !please dont end nirus character. End if u want gangas character, one headache will b less !

    1. Krishnaa

      madhvi has always been like the adarsh wali bahu type. she looks very pretty. dont want to see her as a widow. hope niru gets cured. i dont want this character to exit.

  23. LOL….Gangas character ends means end of the sick and head ache story… V have to bear this irritating drama as long as the director and writer decide to unite Sa..Ga…more dirty tricks of yash are still to be watched in Tuesday episode doctor reveals to ganga about blood cancer to niru….as the disease is hereditary???? More drama… More crying… Hope no other character gets this hereditary disease…. LOL…..HOLE IN THE HEART…. And now blood cancer…. Sups can’t become pregnant any more…. Ganga becomes pregnant with in a day… I didn’t remember that kashish holding a strip of tablets scene… Being a well educated and a doctor and over all she witnessed the cases of Rahat and Ganga and how come she blindly jump into illegitimate relationship with Pulkit….all r behaving brainless…last time niru suffered from heart pain and begged Ganga to return his Sagar…. Now will he beg her one more time to marry Sagar as his last wish…

  24. Madhvi i thought has already dressed beautifully, her saris are colourful and her hair is stylishly dressed. It would be a shame to see you become a widow. I think she would be lost without Niru. Kashish being a doctor should know better, but i think she so desperately want Pulkit that she is willing to go to any lengths. I feel for Supriya. Before 7 year leap, she was a pleasant character, now it is to be seen which way she turns. I’m not going to speculate what happens, writers keeps throwing in surprises and i’m just waiting to see what happens revamp takes place. If the show does not improve, I am going to stop being a couch potato. Its bad enough the show is getting depressing.

  25. Hello Summer…. All episodes r on ozee… How come you haven’t seen 12 th November maha episode… Vishal is still on vacation…. Are v going to see this week episodes without sagar….

    1. HI Bhavani, I clicked on the 12 nov episode but it was not a complete episode. It gave a little bit of the beginning, then middle and finish, almost like a preview. I will check it out again..thanks.

  26. Hi Bhavsnisapu
    I think this week will be all about Niru and mostly at the hospital. I have a feeling that when there will be a misunderstanding when G call S to tell him to come back. He will think that G had forgiven and rush back.

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