Gangaa 25th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 25th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga brings tea for Niranjan. He is surprised to see her doing that. She says I am going today. How could I have gone without meeting you? Niranjan and Madhvi feel sad. Niranjan tells Ganga that he is not sending her far. You can come over to meet us whenever you feel like. Plus I will always be with you. Ganga shares how her Bappa too used to say the same thing yet he left her. Madhvi is in tears but Niranjan signals her not to cry. Niranjan hugs Ganga. He too is very emotional. Prabha comes upstairs to take Ganga with her so they can pack all the stuff. Gupta’s will be coming. Ganga looks at Niranjan once again. He caresses her head lovingly / sadly. Ganga holds his hand for a moment. Prabha intervenes and takes Ganga with her. Ganga continues looking at Niranjan all the while. Madhvi cannot hold back her tears any longer.

Sagar returns from school sadly. His colony boys remind him of the kite competition tomorrow. Be ready to face defeat. Sagar replies that he wont lose but they mock him. We will cut your kite and then show it in the entire colony. Go and call your Dadi now, cry in front of her. They joke at him as they leave.

Madhvi gives all the necessary things to Ganga that she might need. Amma ji tells Madhvi to keep all the stuff in Sagar’s old bag. Take out everything before giving the bag to Ganga. She notices Sagar and goes all calm and sweet. Buy a new bag for Ganga. Madhvi nods and leaves with Ganga. Sagar watches them go upstairs. Prabha notices Sagar and realizes the whole thing. Amma ji decides to distract Sagar somehow. Sagar tells his Dadi to stop Ganga. Amma ji reminds him of his words yesterday. Please stop her for 2 days atleast. Amma ji finally agrees to stop her but will Ganga stop. She is getting new parents, new house. What if her new parents refuse to take her with them in two days time? The girl will think about herself right? Sagar falls for her words. Prabha too calls everyone selfish. Not everyone is like you. You did so much for Ganga but she is so excited about her packing today. She would have refused to leave if she cared about you. You will get many more kids to play with you. My son is there too. Maharaj ji informs them about Mrs. & Mr. Gupta reaching just then.

Madhvi has packed Ganga’s bag. Prabha informs her about the arrival of Gupta’s. Ganga wants to meet Pulkit bhaiya and Sagar once. She gets to know that Pulkit will return in the evening only while Sagar will be in his room. Madhvi goes out to attend the guests. Ganga takes out the chocolates from her bag. She is heading to Sagar’s room when she notices his sitting outside the room only.

Ganga brings chocolates for Sagar but he refuses to take them. They have given it to you. She can see it that he is angry. Wont you talk to me? I am leaving the house. I too am very sad that I am leaving you all. But I have found a new Bappa and Maiyya. I couldn’t say no when Babu explained it all to me. Sagar continues to look downstairs at the other boys of his colony with their kites in their hand. Ganga continues talking to him. I will have to go. Sagar disagrees. You wont go anywhere. She asks him if he doesn’t want her to have new Bappa or Maiyya. He stays put and she too cannot step back from his decision now. He gives up irritated. You are selfish. You challenged those boys for kite flying competition and now you are running away! Go to your new Mom and Dad. Dadi is right. You are selfish. Ganga tries to explain to him that she cares about him but cannot say no to Babu. He calls her a liar. Go, I am mad that I fell for your words. Don’t talk to me ever again. We are not friends anymore. Ganga keeps the box of chocolates there, wipes her tears and leaves sadly.

Niranjan tells Gupta’s to take care of Ganga. She has lost her Bappa recently in an accident. She is still not over it yet. You would know how much such kids yearn for someone’s love. If she gets love from your family then her life will become beautiful. Prabha assures him that he should not worry. They don’t have any child of their own so they will definitely take good care of Ganga. Rashmi nods. Madhvi too assures her husband that Ganga is a lovely girl. We all started loving her in a few days time so I am sure they also will start loving her very soon. She can make anyone her own. Rashmi nods. Ganga is anyways going to her own house only as our daughter. Prabha wonders where Ganga is but Amma ji tells them that Maid has gone to call Ganga.

Madhvi notices Ganga upstairs and they all follow her gaze. Maharaj ji too is feeling a little sad. Niranjan walks up to Ganga. He offers his hand to her and she puts her hand in his without any second thoughts. Ganga comes in front of Amma ji. Amma ji stands there tensed. Rashmi holds Ganga’s hand asking her to come to her house but Ganga pulls her hand back. Niranjan holds Ganga’s hand and they both walk toward the main door together. Title track plays as Ganga looks emotionally at the house. Everyone follows them. Outside, Mr. Gupta points out their car to Ganga. Sagar watches them from upstairs.

Madhvi gives homemade laddoos to Ganga. Ganga tells Amma ji that she will miss her. Amma ji fumbles as she replies. take care of everyone in your house. Help your Maiyya in household chores. Don’t jump around the house like you have been doing in this house. The sooner you understand things the better. Only remember this that you have to live your life on your own for life. Amma ji lies to everyone that they all will miss her. Prabha points out that this move will be actually good for her life only. Amma ji agrees. Niranjan drops Ganga till the car. She notices Sagar upstairs in the balcony.

Precap: Ganga leaves with Rashmi and her husband. Sagar doesn’t even come downstairs to bid adieu to her. Ganga looks back at him sadly from inside the car as it drives off. Mahdvi comes to Sagar’s room while he is tearing the kite angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice done.
    Pooja g.

    Its a good series, soon I got addicted to watch it.

    But now I m not at my home. So love to read updats

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