Gangaa 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 24th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga leaves Aasha with Shiv as Radhika calls for her tie. Aasha tells Shiv it doesn’t seem right to her to stay here, Radhika calls her a mother and her face must remind him of Parvati repeatedly. Shiv tells her not to go anywhere, her face doesn’t him of Parvati at all. One only miss the one who has been forgotten, Parvati is always in his heart. Aasha asks if he loves his wife. Radhika comes running as Ganga comes to braid her hair, she wasn’t ready to get her hair braided. Shiv says Aasha is right, he loves his wife dearly. Ganga was moved.
In the kitchen, Jhumki leaves the work. Ganga was preparing breakfast. Shiv and Kushal come there asking for breakfast. Riya makes them sit in the kitchen to serve breakfast. Aasha comes asking for some work. Everyone was shocked to see her dressed like Parvati.
In the room, Ganga asks Riya why she must be jealous. Riya says Aasha is trying to interfere between her and Shiv, but Shiv replied her well. Riya asks Ganga to look into her eyes and tell her truly when she watched Aasha for the first time, didn’t she fear what if Parvati comes between them. Ganga asks why would she care. She finds an unposted letter in the wardrobe and goes to post it. Shiv watches her leave home with letter and hurries behind her. He hides from her all across the way. Ganga puts the letter in letter box, the letter goes halfway and fells down. Shiv was watching her. Ganga leaves the post office. Shiv comes to take the letter. Halfway, Ganga thinks about asking the post man once if the letter would reach her wellwisher. Shiv reads the letter in which Ganga thanked him for helping her. He smiles as he reads it. Ganga comes across a lady as she was about to enter the post office. Shiv turns to watch her busy with a lady and hides himself behind a nearby wall. Ganga wonders whom she must ask and goes towards the door. His watch fell near the door. A post man passes by and recorgnizes Shiv, Shiv says he isn’t here and hides behind the wall. Ganga confirms the post man if her letter would reach its place. She then watches Shiv’s watch fallen near the door and leaves.
Riya and Kushal distributes the filth behind the house veranda. Savitri comes there and curtly calls everyone names. Riya and Kushal watch Ganga enter the house. Kushal comes out and takes the broom to clean the veranda. Ganga comes there, Kushal tells Ganga to send some of her students for cleaning. Ganga was enraged, she says this house is her responsibility. Everyone girl is responsible for cleaning of their own house only. Kushal offers to clean the veranda, but Ganga was angry with him and says she didn’t expect this from him at all. Savitri taunts Kushal about Ganga being angry at him. Kushal tells Savitri he didn’t recognize her earlier, he suggests Savitri to take an action and send Ganga away. When Parvati was here, Shiv always listened to Savitri but now he doesnt listen to anyone at all. He says Ganga doesn’t value any of them. He was ready to help Savitri with this.
Inside, Ganga was making arrangements for Radhika’s birthday. Shiv watches her excited as she was deciding to arrange a theme party. Aasha comes there, she says she wanted to give 12 gifts to Radhika on 12th birthday. Ganga says she was going to buy a gift for Radhika. Aasha asks to come along and suggests she, Ganga and Shiv must go together. Gagna was worried as Aasha goes to ask Shiv instantly.

PRECAP: In the market, a girl hits Shiv then accuses him. Ganga comes to his defence and says SHiv isn’t any goon, he is her husband.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Sick serial….. alll gangaa fans r also sickkkkkk coz they watch this sick serial…. i think gangaa is making asha jealous by saying shiv is my husband pls directors show some common sense.. oh! i remember director doesn’t have common sense then how could he show commmon sense in serial….. sickkkkkkk pls end this show nowwwwww &tvvvv plssssssssssss this show is making me angry im not seeing this shitty serial butttttttttttt?????????????????go to helll all directors nd actors…. shiv shud kill himself nd then go to hell so bad actingggg grandpa shiv nd that shitty blo*dy gangaa maahan lady gangaa shud kill all directors then also go to hell nd shud again kill thier……???????????

    1. Hi Navya,

      Expressing your frustration regarding the serial is understandable. We are all frustrated with the direction the serial has taken, whether we are Ganga fans or Sagar fans. However, I would like to remind you as your vent your frustration, please bear in mind to be respectful to Gangaa fans and not insult them calling them ‘sick’. It is easy to start insulting Ganga fans/Sagar fans when venting our frustration… if we all did that, this will eaisly become a unfriendly forum of abuse rather than a forum for fans to share perspectives. Views are shared which we may not all necessarily agree, but indeed it is views of other fans and it would be nice if we could try and respect other fans. Thank-you. 🙂

    2. Well said Summer.

  2. Hey guys may i ask you question why all india show is same store dont mind me but long time i was waching these shows but nothin is diffent all same same

  3. Finally.. after almost 2 months of rubbish we are getting decent episodes. It was nice seeing Gangaa show emotions of jealousy and fear of losing her new family, even though she won’t admit it yet she does love him and doesn’t like the idea of someone else taking her place as his wife or Rahdika’s mother. This is what I’ve been waiting for, to see them fall in love. It’s also bittersweet we Shigga ( if that’s what this ship is called) fans are finally getting these scenes only for the show to end next week. The blame lies with the writers they went too far with aggressive Shiv. What I really don’t get is the anger and resentment some people have towards the show. If I hated a show so much and was disappointed on how characters were being presented I would simply stop watching. I just don’t get why some have to get so angry and abusive. Plus I’m suprised some comments get posted and am left wondering where are the mods.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      How are you? 🙂

      Yes, when i watched this episode i thought it was funny how Shiv was following Ganga to get hold of the letter. It was nice to see some light-hearted scenes for a change.

      When Aasha try to come between Ganga and Shiv, it was nice to see Shiv taking a stand subtly and marking clearly Aasha place.
      I like Kushal and Riya, they make a nice couple, like how they cooked up a plan to bring Ganga and Shiv united.
      The precap looks good, nice to see Ganga finally accepting Shiv as her husband. Sadly it will come to an end soon, i’m hoping it will be a positive ending. 🙂

      I t

    2. Hey Summer, I’m good hope you are too. I have to admit I was a bit wary when the sister first arrived thinking are they going to make Shiv fall in love with her, then thought maybe this is Parvati and she was hiding all this time because she knew her life was in danger (this is an Indian TV serial LOL). But this last episode put all those fears to rest. What they’ve made clear is that Shiv has moved on and loves Gangaa; even if a woman who looks like his wife turns up it makes no difference. I also love Riyal and Kushal they’re are on Team Shigga, Dadi was also a part of the fan club, I miss her and Dai Ma lovely characters unfortunately they weren’t fully utilised. I know someone posted that Aditi has hinted/said that there wont be a happy ending, but I’m optimistic that there will be. I’ve seen an interview of Aditi during the fake rape scene where she said Gangaa will tell everyone that her marriage has been consummated when in actual fact it was Shiv who said it. So I wouldn’t trust what she says or maybe she meant the fans of SaGa wont be happy, who only want to see Gangaa die or go back to living a life of a widow.

  4. Honestly I do not understand what is Ganga story is about . I am bit curious that how come director and producer of Ganga serial are so laid back and they are running this show with clue less story line and gradually losing all Ganga serial fans . Why ??? I understand that Ganga serial is going to end soon but they could have done with better story and end this serial with some sensible ending but it seems that director of this show has taken an oath that all Ganga serial fans regret that why at first place they watched this show ???

  5. completely agree wid u Hannah……

    1. Thank you Anushka

  6. Now i understand i listen to song attnetion today nd that song is based on gangaa…. gangaa just want attention from shiv she doesn’t want shiv to be wid someone thats all there nothing love gangaa is confused if shiv comes closer to her she hates that if he goes to another women she hates that too..wht gangaa wants from shiv??? she herself said that wht shiv did this time cannot be heal (about krishna truth)…. Wht happen to her now… all she wants is attention from shiv…..shiv shud understand all this as soon as possible………

  7. I personally feel that I liked the chemistry between Shiv and gangaa more . Shiv is a matured personand has shown various emotions in a short span of time. Shakti Anand facial expressions are great. Iam sad it is coming to an end. In real life we do not see things happening our way. Gangaa is similar to a person life where things happen without our control. I liked it a lot and appreciate the cast and crew.
    I have seen people spreading negative comments on gangaa. If you do not like it do not watch it. There are many silent viewers like me who still watch it and like shiv and gangaa pair.

  8. ChandaMaya

    All serials are corrupt and if is based on something higher like the Puranas, then the uneducated candidate unenlightened writers use corrupt, cheap deviations, taking total license like the corrupt Bollywood, that import foreign born, South Asians . . .brain washing the masses with deviant storylines . . .which smells a lot like the Bollywood worshipers of Hollywood. Television programs nowadays worldwide is all violent and deviant storylines. I am not impressed with where the entertainment industry . . .a lot of garbage tody, tether all cannot seem to resist it.

  9. I toatlly agree wid u Julia gangaa just wants shivs attention nothing else there is no word like love btw gangaa nd shiv useless show nd wastage of time by seeing this crapp…….

  10. I feel everybody has the right to move on in life boz personally I feel a person’s identity is not due to their relatives but person itself……… gangaa also has got this right and moreover Indian society problem is seen in comments by people…….ask yourselves one thing if a man gets married again after his previous wife’s death NO one has got any problem…..but if a women does so people suddenly develop feelongs of hatred for her………….how disgusting is it………….I have also seen this serial since beginning and I’m well aware of sage’s love relationship………….but shiv is also good husband and moreover everybody in this serial did mistakes be it Sagar or gangaa or shiv so if you all are genuinely interested in this serial then accept everything.
    Why should Gangaa die if Sagar is dead ……see your thinking is such that SATI system should be followed if husband does then wife should also die……………..This serial rightly shows that widows have got rights to live as per their wish and also have got full freedom to be happy and move on in their life.
    I’m not personally happy that gangaa is soon going to end but if yes only one thing I expect from writers and that is a happy ending…… of course it should be and justice should be done with Sager by punishing all culprits……………

  11. I agree wid u pooja but the serial always concentrated on saga lovestory nd gangaas dialogue was if sagar died gangaa also died directors cant ingnore that….. that means directors forget wht they show in past 2 months nd move on wid another crap story forgetting the past dialogues nd story the love of saga…. see after knowing that vishal himself quit the show we cannot demand that sagar shud come back but directors shud show such type of story which interests the audience ….there must be any reason why gangaa is going off air its boz of trp obviously directors tried thier best to increase the trp nd improve the storyline but it got worsed… so we cannot help ..aditi herself told that the serial is not going to have happy ending… lets see happens next…..

  12. Sorry its priya*

  13. Hi all I have stopped watching this show but I just thought of getting update so I just came here to check.this serial is seriously becoming shitty day by day I mean now it Shud seriously end packed up with happy ending atleast it will get some respect #no hate?

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