Gangaa 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone was excited as Dai Maa brings Ganga. People gossip they took their first daughter in law in arms. Savitri strictly warns them not to be late again. Ganga comes to sit beside Shiv, her foot touches with Shiv’s who reacts at once. Savitri announces to begin the Pooja. There was Gath Bandhan, Thumpki whispers something in Radhika’s ears. The couple stand up. Savitri notices Shiv was upset, and tells him to unveil the bride as per ritual. He thinks about Parvati. Savitri again takes his attention, as he removes the veil off Ganga’s face. Ria was happy and notices Kushaal staring towards Ganga. Thumki was left open eyes, Aashi thinks Ganga is really pretty. Shiv removes her earring off his pants, and returns it to her. He says these are his family jewellry, she must take care of them. Shiv hurries them for Grahpravesh. Ria does their aarti and tells Ganga to push the kalash before entering. Thumki places the color pot for finger prints, she points towards Parvati’s foot prints saying no one can take Parvati’s place. Ganga looks towards Dai Maa for a while, then makes another mark, and replies Thumki she isn’t here to take someone’s place. She is Ganga and can find her own way. Ria and Aashi were impressed, Dai Maa happy while Savitri and Thumki were shocked. Ganga walks inside into her room. Kushaal was happy they will have good confrontations. Savitri sends Dai Maa to show Ganga her room. In the corridor, Dai Maa tells Ganga she shows Pavitri her room just like Ganga. Ganga says Dai Maa called her a daughter, she need not call her out of respect. Dai maa gets teary. Ganga notices someone stalking her, then goes ahead with Dai maa. The room was vast. Dai Maa says this is her room. Ganag looks towards Parvati’s picture and calls her pretty, Dai Maa agrees she was really beautiful and goes to get something for her to eat. Ganga looks around towards the intricate decoration and pottery and was about to touch them when Shiv enters. He forbids her and says its good she wants to make her place in the house, but she need not touch Parvati’s belongings. Everything must be as Parvati left, even him. Ganga agrees, and calls Parvati as pretty. Shiv says he sleeps outside, she can live comfortably in this room. He can’t sleep well in this room since Parvati has left. Ganga sits on the bed, blankly. She watches Radhika’s dress, as she stood outside and comes behind her. Radhika turns her face angrily, Ganga forwards her hand towards her and says a hello, introducing herself as Ganga. Radhika doesn’t reply and leaves. Ganga was worried.
At night, Savitri watches Aashi and says she knows well she couldn’t come over her father’s cremation. Thumki informs about Ganga’s arrival, Savitri says each daughter in law must reach before dinner. Dai Maa takes the blame over herself, and assures she would tell her about all the rules. Savitri insists she must abide by the rules if to stay in the house. Everyone leaves the table. Thumki says now after everyone had her meal, she will eat. Dai Maa apologizes Ganga for not informing. Ganga asks her about Shiv, as no one waited for her. Dai Maa qualifies Shiv returns a little late, as he is busy. Shiv enters the house then. Dai Maa says she would serve the food, he agrees. Dai Maa sends her behind Shiv to help him get fresh. Ganga comes towards Shiv. The pot of water drops off his hands towards Ganga, she bends before him and fill it with water in spite of his resistance. She pours water for him, then brings towel. He takes it after a little resistance and nods at her. Ganga wonders where life has taken her, if yes then why everyone feels strange.

PRECAP: Thumki tells Ganga to wait for Shiv and eat in his left over plate. Ganga says she won’t ever eat in anyone’s left over plate. Shiv assures Savitri he would never be able to give Ganga his wife’s status in life.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. we want sagar…
    we want sagar..
    we want sagar..
    that’s it..
    we can’t see all this crap with out sagar..

  2. Please end this shit ,,and get back our sagar please ,m not watching this serial on TV now just reading updates hoping sagar will be back..please don’t dissapoint viewers… Dear writers and producers of gangaa please get sagar and chaturs back ASAP

  3. I’m liking this episodes so far. Hope it will continue as per same.
    Like watching Gangaa marking her place and yes the woman’s right as a Wife and individual.
    Sorry to have had Sagar and the clang gone but this turn in the series is family orientated and how a woman should stand up for her self.
    Good for you Gangaa.

  4. Not all the viewers are totally disappointed with the new track.

  5. Ganga ka ex fan

    To the producers and director and those dumbass story writers of Ganga …get your blo*dy acts in order lot have made Ganga tv serial a laufing stock… I hope you can understand our English…the show s pathetic n crap in other words it’s shit! Yes bring back sagar n his family ..

  6. Tell me the date ,when Sagar arrives . I will see from then onwards .. stop all this nonsense

  7. Yes Deeksha all viewers r not disappoint we sagar and I think shiv may also fall in love with ganga and same time he new that she is not her married wife & same time the Sagar has entered and but Shiv had turn negative and try to separate saga for ganga and the relationship between radikha and ganga may also developed so shiv would be turn negative I think so….

  8. Gangaa and Sagar are soul mates. Gangaa’ memory lose should not affect her gut feelings and intutions. The writers and makers of the serial must ensure that Gangaa remains indifferent to Shiv. She should not fall for him. It would be unethical. She can set right the problems of the house and establish a good rapport with Shiv’s daughter but certainly should not fall for Shiv. Sagar must come to claim his wife soon. Maharaj ji Sagar Niru and Krishna must play a vital in regaining her memory. Sagar and Gangaa must unite.The story deserves a happy ending.I am sure the creators respect our emotions and not cheat us.

  9. We nly want sagar back otherwise ban the shodw frm AND Tv

  10. Are they showing tender feelings development between the two main leads….bakwaas ko dikhaana chodo….if there are problems in that family. What is the reason for ganga to solve problems…. Can’t the eldest son solve them…. It looks like they revamped the show for the period ruhana to attend school and exams and come back…. Don’t know what actually happened so that they decided to revamp

  11. Hi Friends,

    I watched last night episode. Took some adjusting, but I think that Gangaa is there to solve the family issues and expose Shiv’s step mother insincere nature and true motives. Once her task has been achieved, I think it will be time for Ganga to move on. This is when I believe the original cast would make an appearence, but I feel that Shiv will eventually have developed feelings for Gangaa. Especially when Ganga helped shiv wash hands, he was resistant at first but then relented. I think there will be moments of romantic scene to come with Shiv and Ganga will have flash back of her and Sagar, leaving her feeling confused once again. Lost of identity but a sense of distant and strangers to her new surroundings and beings. Like Revathy has mentioned, once Ganga has developed a positive rapport with Radikha and she has warmed to her, Ganga will regain her memory and prepares to leave. Shiv could turn negative to stop her from leaving, especially after Shiv’s daughter have finally accepted Gangaa and has a relationship with her. Or another sceanrio could be, that Ganga will help Shiv find young Gangaa and reunite them together? This would allow Ganga to move forward and for the story to resume with Gangaa and Sagar, but not for long! As writers will throw in another surprise to separate them both again.

  12. Utter bollocks and a total shambles! Get a grip script writers – you have all lost the plot and are clutching at straw and making a real pickle of the whole series. Like Donald Trump… guys are a Joke!!!!!

  13. Hi Summer…. Nice to read ur post….. In that episode when the incident happened… Some people carried away the body of young ganga… It seems that she was dead… And coming to this shiv family… all are looking like uneducated… Maybe Savitri trying to steal the property and power from shiv…. It seems that shiv is not her son… Here also two wives… As Ganga was well educated… She would help shiv to learn about the true colours of savitri and pratap, etc….

    1. Hi Bhavani,
      Thanks, how are you? I haven’t been watching as much lately, just reading. Yes, Shiv’s family tend to squabble and scheme over petty things. Its does seem that Shiv’s step mother is scheming with her son Pratap to hold deeds of property and status. But you are right, Gangaa is a lawyer and she will use her knowledge to help Shiv. I felt the transition was quite abrupt. Sagar kneeling crying and howling Ganga’s name, in distraught. Quite distressing to watch, then Ganga looking blank at Sagar on hearing her name, but having no recollection.
      Her new surroundings were the main focus of the storyline and no more Chaduvetri family. No explaination or insight regarding the after effects of the storm, they were just omitted from the storyline. I found this difficult to adjust as you can’t help, but wonder, do they continue looking for Ganga? Or have they given up hope, thinking her body was washed away in the waters? I understand that Ruhana is studying for exams, perhaps when exams are over she will resume her character and Chaduvetri family will be gradually re-introduced into the storyline?

  14. Now I understand what means quality is better than quantity !! If the writers and producers don’t have any more ideas of how to develop this once nice pleasant serial, therefore better end it in a happy way with gangaa and all chaturvedi family reunited and loving. Instead of making money on producing such crap episodes and deceiving. I don’t watch it anymore and will watch it again when the chaturvedi wil be back and sagar back with gangaa. .

  15. Yes The real bride of Shiv is dead. Maharaj ji and Shiv’s father who is now dead are the two people Who can identify. I am sure Gangaa would expose Shiv’s stepmother and save Shiv’s property. My concern is about the relationship between Gangaa and Shiv. Gangaa is expecting Shiv’s attention.This is what I disapprove of. Gangaa has been projected as a strong and intuitive lady. If Gangaa lost her memory, her intuitions should guide her to deal with people and situations. She is yet to remember Krishna.let us and see when Sagar enter to claim his wife.

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