Gangaa 22nd May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 22nd May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pulkit notices Ganga tensed. She turns to go when Sagar calls out for her. Is no one really talking to you? Is this why you are feeling like crying? She signals both the answers. He allows her to let her sit beside him quietly. Hold my hand and you wont feel alone. Pulkit smiles seeing their bonding. Ganga holds Sagar’s hands while he studies. Pulkit too continues to study. Ganga falls asleep while holding Sagar’s hand.

Babli’s father sits angrily in his room. Babli comes to talk to him. She is scared of his anger. Forgive me for hurting you but honestly, I wasn’t wrong. He (Varun) was talking to Pulkit and Sagar. I wasn’t even talking to him. I wasn’t wrong. He holds her hand angrily. You know your mistake? Your birth! This mistake was actually done by your mother. My fate is to be blamed as I married your mother. She never gave me happiness and even gave birth to a girl. Till when I will bear you! You are just like your mother, shameless! You have all her bad habits. You have made my life hell. He changes his demeanour when he hears Madhvi calling out for Drishti. Madhvi comes to tell her that she will be sleeping in Dadi’s room tonight. She is surprised to see Drishti thus. Her dad acts all calm. He even caresses her head lovingly. There is nothing to cry. One should not mingle with such boys too much. They are very cunning. They make use of every opportunity. I am only scared for that reason. Now calm down. Madhvi offers to talk to Drishti. He says I will be really grateful to you. She is a motherless child. You only can handle her. Drishti leaves with Madhvi.

Madhvi talks to Drishti. Your father has also apologized now so calm down. A father’s responsibility increases when his wife is no more. I am also like your mother. Can a mother see her daughter crying? Drishti shakes her head. Drishti comes to Amma ji’s room. They both lie down to sleep. Amma ji pats on Drishti’s back lovingly. Drishti thinks of her father’s harsh words while Amma ji thinks of Niranjan’s words.

Ganga and Sagar have fallen asleep in the courtyard only, holding hands.

Niranjan paces worriedly in his study room. Madhvi notices him thus.

Next morning, Ganga wakes up hearing the milkman’s voice. She realises that she might get late for the snan. She carefully keeps Sagar’s hand back in its place. Amma ji is not in her room. Ganga feels that she got late. She picks up her clothes but Amma ji comes there just then. Amma ji refuses to let her accompany to the ghaat. You will later complaint to my son that I torture you. I don’t want to be scolded by my son in this old age again.

Madhvi tells Maharaj ji not to wake up Niranjan as he did not sleep for the entire night. Drishti is waiting for the newspaper. Her father leaves to meet someone. Madhvi goes to call her kids downstairs for breakfast as they have to leave for school. Ganga has set Sagar’s bag. Pulkit is scared of results but Madhvi has full faith in both her sons. Eat breakfast and then I will feed you sweetened curd. Ganga is curious about the curd so they explain its significance to her.

Amma ji returns from her snan. She blesses her grandkids and gives them Prasad. Drishti greets them excitedly. She has topped in 12th class UP Board exams. Everyone congratulates her. She goes to share the news with Niranjan. Sagar and Pulkit sit down to eat breakfast. Amma ji notices Ganga hiding behind the stairs and then walks towards her room.

Drishti touches Niranjan’s feet. You motivated me to do this. He is very proud of her and her result. Amma ji brings sweets for him but he looks away. he eats it when Drishti offers it to him. Madhvi asks Drishti about her future plans. Babli’s father returns just then. Niranjan feeds him sweets. Babli’s father wonders about the good news that niranjan has and is celebrating. Niranjan asks him about his good news. Babli’s father replies that a prospective groom and his family will come over in the evening to see Babli. The wedding will happen in a month’s time if they like Babli. Chaturvedi family is taken aback. Babli’s father says Babli is already 18 years old. She is in her 19th year now. Niranjan reasons that a father has lot many other responsibilities too other than marriage. You can think about her further studies. She is still young. Babli’s father sticks to his point. We both think differently. It will be better if you keep that outlook restricted to yourself.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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