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Gangaa 22nd December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganga brings for Pulkit in his room. He refuses to eat anything. She agrees to go. Please eat something first. I know you are upset with me. I dint tell you before going to Saloni Didi’s house. Don’t take out my anger on food. I will feel bad. He says you could have atleast spoken to me. Saloni’s father said so much at house. Everyone anyways has so many problems with me. Ganga justifies her act. They atleast got to know you still love Saloni Didi. You don’t do anything yourself. You are scolding me for no reason! Think about her. She is scared. She is being forced to marry. Let us try one more time. Ask her yourself if she really wants to get married or not. She picks up the phone.

Niru finds Madhvi lost in thoughts. She tries to dismiss it saying she isn’t feeling sleepy.

He lies down to sleep. She thinks of Ganga’s words about uniting two lovers. She thinks of Ganga and Sagar’s proximity in childhood. She is disturbed. I sent him away 10 years ago so the growing friendship between Sagar and Ganga does not change in something else. Ganga is still with Sagar. It cannot be. I had to be away from my son as I wanted to keep Ganga away from him. She talks with so much right about Sagar and what he will do. I will have to do something before Sagar comes here.

Saloni receives the call. Ganga has put it on speaker. She asks her directly if she loves Pulkit. You are being forced to marry? A lady calls out for Saloni so she disconnects the call. Pulkit is almost in tears. Ganga repeats everyone has scared Saloni Didi. Her father is a devil. Saloni Didi isn’t happy by this alliance. She loves you a lot. He says I too love her a lot. Papa will never let it happen. Ma said this only. I cannot understand anything. You too got scolded because of me today. I am sorry. Ganga does not mind it. I can do anything for your love. Now you too will have to speak to Babu. Be calm, patient and strong about it. I think Babu will agree. A girl’s trust is on the fact that the guy will ask take a stand for them. Till when will she wait quietly if the guy wont do anything? You only have tomorrow. You should do something about it asap.

Amma ji paces in her room worriedly. She thinks of Ganga’s words. I wont let this happen. It’s all going wrong. I have to do something. Madhvi comes there. She gives a ticket to Amma ji. Ganga has to go to Ashram. You only say she should understand more about dharma. Amma ji understands that Sagar is coming. Madhvi nods. He comes home this month of the year always. Amma ji says you did right. Ganga enters just then. Madhvi quietly leaves. Amma ji gives her the ticket. You have to go to Chitrakoot Ashram. Ganga panics. Sagar comes home in this month only. I haven’t met him since so long.

In train, Sagar vows to meet Ganga from any corner of Banaras. Janvi says it is important that we meet her. Bhai is going to meet her only. Sagar thinks finally he will meet her.

Ganga questions Amma ji. Why do you always send me away when Sagar is about to come home? Amma ji asks her what’s important. Ganga replies meeting Sagar! Amma ji suggests calling her in Ashram as soon as Sagar is home. Ganga reasons there is no connectivity. Amma ji says her word is final. Pack your bags. You leave tomorrow morning. Ganga sadly looks at the ticket in her hand.

Sagar thinks he will be home at 9 am tomorrow morning. I will give them all a surprise.

Ganga goes out of the room. Amma ji watches her. Outside, Ganga ponders over the issue. Bahu ji sends me away to Ashram the time when Sagar is to come home. I have had enough. This time I will meet Sagar. Amma ji has given me the ticket! I must do something. She almost collides with Maharaj ji. She sends him to Amma ji’s room to give mishri. He leaves. He tells her to be careful. I have kept water to boil. Ganga looks at the boiling water. Only this can stop me from going to Ashram. There is anklet on her left feet. Sagar made me wear it with his own hands. Please take care of me Kanha ji. This is the only way to meet Sagar. I can do anything to meet you. She pours the hot water on her right feet. She screams in pain. Everyone comes to check on her.

Doc bandages Ganga’s feet. Maharaj ji asks her how it happened. I told you I kept water to boil. Madhvi too asks the same question. Ganga agrees. It never happened before but something can go wrong anytime. It is my mistake. The bowl fell by mistake. Amma ji is sure she must be lost in some thoughts. Doc advises her to rest for 2 days. Madhvi and Amma ji look at each other. Doc repeats Ganga cannot go out of house for 2 days. Ganga smiles. She changes her expressions a minute later. I will find another way after 2 days to stay back here. I wont go to Ashram though. Madhvi looks tensed. Ganga makes a sad face. Niru goes to drop doc till the door. Ganga asks Amma ji how she will go to Ashram now. Amma ji replies I was sending you to serve Guru ji. Now you will make us take care of you. The ladies leave from there. Pulkit questions Ganga. Tell me the truth. Don’t tell me the story you told everyone. You did it intentionally for Sagar, right? You burnt your hand that day and now this? What’s happening? She says I had no option. This has been happening since 10 years. Amma ji and Bahu ji always send me away on some pretext when Sagar is about to come over. This time I had made up my mind that I wont let it happen. He is amazed she can go to this extent for friendship. She does not share she loves Sagar. I have full right to meet him. Neither you, nor anyone else will understand it.

Precap: Amma ji brings a lep from Vaid ji for Ganga. it will soothe your pain now. Ganga walks. Madhvi makes her swear on her Bappa’s name. Tell me how you are feeling for real. Ganga is shocked.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Omg sagar’s mom is a villain she is not letting ganga and Sagar to met for so many years…. That’s why Sagar is not understanding her love……this time ganga made it…..and now their love story will began….?

  2. omg …this madhvi is villain…
    dekh nhi skti ganga ko khush ??

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