Gangaa 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratab curtly says he didn’t get any news about Shiv or Ganga, he wish they die falling off the cliff. Savitri says she always wants him to become Matha Desh as soon as possible. Riya comes there concerned.
The jeep stops outside the house, Shiv drags Ganga inside. Riya was happy watching them. They were all shocked to see Ganga. Shiv was happy Radhika isn’t here, he must send her away for some time. He instructs Riya to pack Radhika’s bag, he is sending her to Mumbai. Savitri asks Ganga where she had been. Shiv drags Ganga inside. Ganga tells Savitri that Shiv has gone crazy, she saved them from panchait else he must have to leave the village. Shiv stuffs her mouth and forbids everyone to interfere between him and Ganga. They will all bear whatever he behaves with Ganga. He drags Ganga inside. Savitri says he is MathaDesh, this doesn’t suit him. Shiv tells them about the decision of Panch. Savitri thinks she must discover about the change in Shiv, it’s an alarm for them.
Shiv was crying in the room. Ganga shouts from inside at him to open the door, she would leave this house and can’t stay here, she got peaceful for a while but he is really a wild man. She hates him. She won’t stay here, Shiv opens the door and enters the room. Ganga backs up afraid, Shiv holds her by hair and challenges her that this time he would win over her. He comes out to find the family outside and tells them to go and sleep.
Shiv sat on the stairs thinking about his act. He was disturbed and bathes himself. There, Ganga breaks all the glasses in the room and destroys everything. She struggles to get the door opened. Shiv sat outside, water dripping off his head. Riya comes to Shiv and asks why he is doing this. Shiv reminds her to pack Radhika’s bag, he doesn’t want Radhika to see this. Riya goes silently.
In the room, Ganga cries thinking she would see how far he goes. Shiv says he is only doing this to fill her life with colors and happiness, this is difficult but he would win it. The next morning, Radhika leaves. Shiv comes downstairs, Ganga had fallen asleep by side board, in a messed up room. She knocks the door again. Dai Maa comes to Shiv and hands him tea as Ganga hasn’t eaten anything. Shiv unbolts the door and enters. He watches blood over Ganga’s hand and says he didn’t want to do this all, she is forcing him to do this. He pushes her towards the bed and brings the rope to tie her with the bed. He instructs Dai Maa she would now only eat and drink by his hand, she will stay hungry until she agrees to his terms.
Pratab comes to inform Shiv everyone has arrived at Math. Shiv tells Ganga to decide until his return if she wants to eat with his hands or not. Ganga was left crying. Shiv leaves. Dai Maa peeks through the window and tells Ganga that Shiv wasn’t this way, he was hurt for whatever she said. She should cease being stubborn.
At the Math, Shiv says he called them all here because he wants to announce his inability to be a Mathadesh anymore. He takes his turban off.

PRECAP: Ganga was able to get the door opened. Shiv was sleeping outside the room and wakes up as Ganga climbs up over him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. This is what Palash did with her.Sagar was there to rescue her. Now Gangaa maa will succumb to Lord shiv because she has taken leave of her senses and has become a dumb. Now she will be impressed by Shiv’s love for her and falls in love with him. Rubbish!I am eagerly waiting for the end of Gangaa.

  2. Latest news–Parvathi’s sister will enter in gangaa show.Now gangaa has a rival who is going to make her jealous and starts missing him and fights to win Shiv back. HAHAHAHA!

    1. Hi Revathy,

      I finally caught up with the episode. Palash held her captive too but it was because he felt insecure. He wanted to send Sagar to prision so he could have Ganga to himself. With Shiv, Gangas words hurt his pride and questioned his character. He wanted to make a point, to consider the effect and consequence of her words. Ganga was manipulated by Jhumki hence her outburst towards Shiv and accusations.
      I felt sorry for Shiv because from his point of view, he is very hurt and let down, especially that he has developed feelings for Ganga.
      As for Ganga, I feel that she is confused, all she wants to do is leave the house and be Sagars widow, however having Jhumki wispering negatively against Shiv has blinded her senses.
      I didn’t like seeing the aggressive Shiv, but when he was expressing his hurt and about genuine women being raped, how Ganga should consider her words before speaking, it showed two persons perspective.
      Thanks for the insight of updates, now they are going to introduce Parvathi’s sister, I somehow have a feeling they are going to recycle the ‘will they won’t they’ scenario with Ganga and Shiv. After Sagar’s depature, i did not expect a swift motion to the story line, but I certainly did not expect this!
      On your previous comment, how you mentioned they could have formed friendship…yes, (you will disagree) then to allow the friendship develop into love.
      I have been recording the episodes, fast forward and only watch Shiv and Ganga to see the developments. Hope the writers won’t ruin Shiv and Ganga pairing.

      1. Hi Summer

        I missed seeing your comments for the Thursday episode. What do you think of the new intro? I like it, very antsy, glad they changed it as the Gangaa who was bending to touch her husband’s feet has long gone! We’re in for a bumpy ride and it’ll be a long time before we see any sweet romantic moments, that’s if the show continues what with the low TRP. I’m kind of intrigued with how they go forward with Shiv, till date he’s been shown to be very righteous, sensible and respectable. I think any disappointment, resentment, anger he’s had has been suppressed deep within for many years. But now all these pent up emotions are coming crashing out. Yeah we’ve seen the odd outburst but this is different like its changed him. I’ve noticed in the past he’s always been very self conscious when ever he has to touch Gangga always looking around to see if anyone is watching but now he couldn’t care less. Like when he was talking to Savatri, gone is the pushover son, here was a man telling his Mum to butt out and I loved it, the look on Savatri’s face was priceless.

    2. Hi Revathy

      Interesting about Parvati’s sister being introduced, I wonder if she’ll be good or evil. By the way where do you get your spoliers/news from? I try to look up news on whats going to happen next but only come across old stuff on the internet.

      1. Hi Sandy,

        Lovely to hear from you 🙂 . I was a bit disturbed by the new angry Shiv. Up unitl now Shiv has been portrayed a man with integity and principle. You’re right in the sense he was like a dormant volcano who has now woken up and decide to erupt big time! Gangaa’s accusation must have hurt him very deep. Yes, Savitri will certainly be on her guard and cautious as Shiv has become unpredictable, Savitri will feel like walking on egg shells, until she can suss him out and try and manipulate him again. I so want her exposed for her manipulative evil deeds that she has done. Maybe Ganga will over hear her conversation with Pratap conspiring against Shiv and Ganga senses will return and starts using her lawyer skills put into pratice? I wonder if Parvati’s sister will work with Ganga and seek the truth to her sister’s death? Yes, with the Low TRP, Ganga can come to an abrupt end if the writers don’t handle the storyline with care. There will be certainly many obstacles to move aside before we will see any romantic scenes. I just hope they don’t create a love triangle and drag it out like they did with Sagar and Ganga and then ruin it with a 7 year leap.

  3. Hi Summer! A strong bondage can exist between them but not love. Love is divine. A feeling of surrender. Once we unite with a soul of another, we don’t exist . The body exists without a soul. Gangaa has been in love with Sagar for years and consider herself his wife from her childhood.Many places she declares that she is not able to separate herself from Sagar because her soul is already united with his soul. This is why the show has won the hearts of the viewers. Shiv is bound by the promise he made to Sagar. His actions should not be mistaken for love. Shiv also claims that he loves his wife and he is not ready to give that status to anyone. Let him stand on his principles. There is no need to change. Bondage is sufficient for existence. Let them understand themselves and their relationship. It sounds very cheap if their relationship is named love. The divine love can be experienced only by blessed people. In real life falling in love soon after the death of a husband is not possible. Many widows remarry only to carry on with their lives or for financial support. I am only requesting the writers not to spoil the love story of SaGa just because Sagar is dead.

    1. Hi Revathy, I like your concept of ‘love’. It is very spiritual described. I understand where you are coming from. Although Shiv is bound by promise to Sagar, before he learnt that Ganga was Sagar’s wife, you could see from previous episodes that he had started falling for Ganga. He was unaware of his affections towards Ganga: such as buying her the bangles and the conversation that Shiv had with Sagar at the market. The eyelocks, when Ganga was waiting for Shiv to arrive, to complete the puja, affections and closeness were developing. How Ganga cared for Shiv when the incomplete brick wall fell on Shiv. In real life this may not be possible especially in such a short time, but as a viewer, it would be nice to see Shiv holds his promise and sucessfully bring colours of happiness and joy to Ganga’s life. 🙂

  4. kaythwe (Myanmar)

    May i request to show writer, please be twists Sargar to be alive as you twisted Niru.
    I love Gangaa – Sargar !!
    I am not interesting Gangaa – Shiv !!

  5. Rightly said Revathy. Love always have only one meaning. it is inseparable and not related to physical presence. the best example is love between mother and child. I strongly feel this love between Saga made us to watch gangaa from two years and nothing else.
    I dont understand the concept of love between shiv and gangaa. its only respect they have on each other but not love. how can gangaa love anyone else. if that happens whatever they showed until now is just a hoax. A woman need not always depend on a man for colorful life. Gangaa had this life with sagar from her childhood and due to sagars death they are separated physically but not soulfully. Whatever they are showing now is just awful and no one accepts it. gangaa is matured enough to know the difference btw respect and love.
    Shiv such a matured person have to respect gangaa views and must not force her for the so called last wish of sagar.

    1. Hi Bharat,

      I hear what you are saying. Love between a ‘mother and child’ is different to the love you have for a ‘husband’. I am not sure if i express myself well in words, but i will try. With regards to the love you have for children ‘ it is unconditional’, no matter what, your heart will become big in size and forgiveness comes naturally and easily. Whilst, with a husband, although there is love, it is ‘not’ the same kind of love. Should there be misunderstanding, the forgiveness will not be as ready as it would be for your children. As we have seen Sagar’s anger, hurt and misconception of betrayal from Ganga which led him to leave Banaras for London.
      Please don’t take it the wrong way, if their were so in love and deeply connected, then surely Sagar would feel what Ganga is feeling and understand her ? Due to the circumstances, no matter what Saga’s doubt was, you would have ‘trust’ and when they both learnt that Gangaa was with his child, despite being intoxicated, there was no trust.
      When Gangaa made a promise to Niru to return Sagar, Sagar, overheard her promise to Niru and in a fit of rage he married Jhanvi.
      When you love someone, you don’t do things to hurt the other person no matter how angry you are. You would have time out, until both are calm enough to talk through matters and ready to listen to one another and reach an understanding. In most cases neither one party is at total fault, both are just at fault. As we age and change, so does our relationships. Respect and love comes hand in hand in a relationship. When you respect your partner and a disagreement arise, you don’t continue arguing for the sake of wining the battle just to make a point. A compromise is reached respecting each other views without hurting each others feelings.


    1. Hi Summer,

      Its good to hear from you. You make a valid point that there is a trust deficit between Saga when they are grown up and even i agree to that. But that is because of their inherent aggressive nature of both and not that they are hating each other from the bottom of their hearts. the minute gangaa hears sagars voice or when she see him her heart wanted only him and nothing else. The same is for sagar also. After their marriage gangaa indeed confessed herself that she fell into the trap of self respect. So finally at any point in their life since from childhood they got problems because of their aggressive nature and not because of hate.
      I respect your views that they dont have trust on each other but they indeed love each other. the bond between them is very special. The ratings of the serial reveals this. during mid 2016 it was in top 20 but now zero rating. I agree to your point that as people age their relationships also change. but it wont happen in all the cases especially not for gangaa because saga is inseparable.

      1. Hi Bharat,
        Likewise 🙂 That’s right, Sagar and Ganga does not hate each other, but both are stubborn in their own ways and they did not recognise when one needs to back down and give. Perhaps this was their lack of maturity in the relationship which led to many misunderstandings and making it easier for others to drive a wedge between them?
        Thank- you for being understanding and considerate, although we both share different views it is important to respect other fans perspective and I appreciate your kind thought and respect in this manner. Thank-you. 🙂
        Its a shame that the rating has taken a nose dive, but then again, what do you expect? For me, they could have made a beautiful story with a happy ending but it got ruined when Ganga was due to marry Sagar and they discovered she was with child. They could have rectified the situation had they not taken a 7 year leap. With the new revamp it took some adjustment, but i am liking the developments of Shiv and Ganga, up until she got her memory back and was hell bent on provoking Shiv. Now, I am going to wait and see what happens and see how the story unfolds. Take care and hope to see you on this forum again soon. 🙂

    2. I wish the same iram. do something and bring back sagar. but unfortunately that wont happen. Gangaa is done according to me.

  7. What i noticed is summer u have answer of all questions if not asked by u but u answer that is it not so funny haha never mind…… the story is becoming rubbish bullshit nd nonsense bt utter nonsense im waiting for this show to enddd …..

    1. Hi Adu,

      I do not intend to be ‘funny’ when I am answering questions or sharing my thoughts. Besides, I am expressing my views and i take into consideration and respect other viewers point of view too. Like other fans, we are engaging with one another to share our perspective whether we agree or disagree but sometimes it’s just nice to share. Would you care to elaborate on the remark you made because I sure not follow your meaning?

  8. Hi Summer
    Take no notice of haters. You made a value point and I enjoy reading your comments. I am not a big fan of the revamp but I am curious to see what happens next. No doubt Ganga will fall for Shiv at some point but I hope they don’t drag the story too much and would love to see Ganga fighting back and put Savitri and Pratab behind bars and Jhumki fake pregnancy expose. I wonder if Shiv would ever tell Ganga about Krishna’s death. What to do you think? A smart part of me still believe thstcKrushna is still alive.

  9. Hi Pooja,
    Thank you for your kind words and support :-). I know not many fans are in favour of the Shiv and Ganga couple but i do think they make a nice pair. Yes, likewise, it would be good to see Gangaa fighting for justice, put Pratap and Savirta behind bars. Pratap wristlet fell at the scene of crime when he was hiding in the derelict hut…a vital piece of evidence that leaves a trail. Yes, I forgot about Jhumki fake pregnancy, i am looking forward to her being exposed. Now that Shiv has declared his resignation from head of Math, I do wonder what will happen next. I think the writers will leave the Krishna card up their sleeve, depending on Ruhana Khanna personal life, whether her studies will permit. If they do bring her back, it could be a case of mistaken identity and grown up Krishan looking for mother? That could throw another twist in the storyline. Who knows what the writers have in store, but i’m hoping now that Ganga will quit her stubbornness and we get to see some building relation scenes.
    Thank you again Pooja for reaching out and your kind support. 🙂

  10. How many husband does Gangaa get???

    1. Hi Lady,

      Ganga lost her first husband when she was a child bride on the day of her wedding. Sagar is her second husband who she lost as Pratap shot and killed him. Now Shiv, who was by first accidental marriage. Due to tragic events took place, Ganga, Sagar and Krishna was seperated during the storm whilst enjoying boating on the river. Ganga bashed her head and lost her memory.
      Shiv had not seen the face of his bride yet, coincidental Ganga wore the same red sari as young Gangaa so mistaken Ganga for his bride. She too was holding to his family heirloom jewellery which led Shiv to believe he was his bride.
      When confronted with the truth, Shiv was willing to return Gangaa to Sagar as he kept his promise to help Sagar find his bride.
      Now Shiv is keeping Sagar’s dying promise to not let Ganga live a life as his widow and this is the story so far ( in brief) 🙂

  11. Hi I’m Tania pls stop this nounce pls … Hum sab ganga serial se badi ummed rakhe hai….ganga independent hai usko koi ni ROK saktha ESS ganga serial se hum KO ek ummed thi Ye Ganga serial ek vidwa ladki ki ni Him sab ki hai pls stop Karo ye sab ur ganga ek lawyer hi ur independent ha….usko deke hum kuch naya sikne ur Aurath ki shakthi hai ganga pls usko indipente rehke apni raha banane wali banawo warna ye serial stop Karo …him aditi KO es rup ni deksakthy

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