Gangaa 20th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 20th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Prabha makes Ganga clean Pulkit and Sagar’s room. Ganga arranges the entire room nicely. Maid gives her more utensils to clean. Little Ganga is doing everything without saying anything to anyone. Madhvi notices Ganga carrying a basket full of clean utensils to the kitchen. Why are you taking it? Ganga replies that she has washed them all. See, how clean they look now! Madhvi calls out for Maharaj ji. Maid is here, right? Why is Ganga doing all the work then? Prabha answers before Maharaj ji can say anything. It is ok. She will learn some work this way. If you had a daughter then you too would have made her learn all the household chores. Ganga has done all this as per her own wish. No one has forced her. You can ask her. Ganga agrees. I love doing all this work. No one has forced me for it. Prabha remarks that Niranjan ji is right about her. Madhvi is not so happy about it. Amma ji calls out for Madhvi. Prabha takes Madhvi with her. Madhvi goes to give instructions to Maharaj ji about what all he has to buy from the market. Prabha sends Ganga to wipe the utensils clean and then arrange them in the kitchen.

Sagar finds Ganga in the kitchen. He tells her to play with him but she denies. I have a lot of work to do. He asks her if Dadi has asked her to do all this. Ganga says no, I am doing this on my own as I like it. I have my self-respect. Why should I eat for free? Sagar is confused. I don’t do any work so I eat for free too? She reasons that it is different. You wont understand the difference. Amma ji got upset with me that day and now Babu is upset too. if I do all the work then Amma ji will get happy, seeing which Babu too will get happy. You should go from here as I want to please Babu or Amma ji will throw me out of the house. Sagar looks on from a distance while Ganga continues cleaning the house. She hurts herself as she tries to take hot water from the boiler. Sagar rushes to her in concern. They don’t realise that the tap is on. Sagar takes her with him so he can apply ointment on her fingers. He blows air as well so she feels better.

Niranjan notices them thus and asks them what’s happening. He too gets worried for Ganga. Its good that it isn’t that big a wound. I am proud of you son that you took care of her. What were you doing that your hand got burnt? Sagar replies that everyone is making Ganga do lot many works so she got hurt. Ganga denies. no one told or forced me to do it. I was doing it on my own. I enjoy doing household work. Sagar says she is lying. She was working so she could please you and Dadi. She said that you were angry with her for what happened yesterday. Niranjan asks her if she feels so. What you did yesterday was not right so we were bound to be upset whit you. you should have listened to Amma ji. Amma ji had told you not to go out yet you went out stealthily, which is wrong. Whatever happened was yesterday so we forgot all that. Kids make mistakes so we took it that way only. No one will be angry with you if you listen to what Amma ji says. Sagar points out that he dint even drink the tea brought by Ganga in the morning. Niranjan says I was busy but I had taken a sip or two. You know I won the case in court. You are very lucky Ganga. Your tea made me win the case. Ganga smiles broadly. Sagar too agrees with his dad.

Prabha tells Amma ji that her husband’s boss’s daughter delivered a baby a few days ago. She needs a girl who can take care of the baby and handle household work. I was testing Ganga for the very same reason to see if she can do all the work or not. Amma ji confirms it with Prabha if they will take care of Ganga too. they have their own baby now so will they be considerate towards Ganga too? Prabha says Ganga is getting a good house. There wont be any problem. But we will have to hide it from Niranjan ji that the couple already have a baby. He wont agree to send her there otherwise. He wont send her to widow’s Ashram too so will she stay here at our home forever? no one even adopts a widow girl. They are bound to be good if they have agreed to adopt a widow girl.

Niranjan has brought chocolates for Sagar and a pair of juti’s (sandals) for Ganga. Your feet will be hurt as you roam around bare foot. She is surprised to find out that he already knows that she doesn’t have sandals. Are you still angry with me? He shakes his head. She wears the jutis happily. Title track plays. Ganga jumps in the courtyard excitedly wearing her new jutis. Sagar too smiles to see her happy.

Prabha reasons that if Ganga doesn’t find a good house today then how she will spend her whole life all alone. What will she do? Just think that we are only hiding one truth from Niranjan ji for Ganga’s welfare. Legend says, a lie told for someone’s well being is not a lie. She is happy to think that her husband will get promotion as soon as Rashmi ji finds a girl. I will fulfil my long awaited wish of buying a chiffon saree. Amma ji prays that Ganga reaches the right place. Please free us from this responsibility.

Sagar and Ganga are eating chocolates at the Ghaat. Now papa is not upset with you, plus even Dadi wont throw you out of the house. Now happy? Ganga nods. She cannot take her eyes off her new jutis all this while.

Amma ji and Prabha discuss about Ganga. Prabha turns to leave when Madhvi stops her. Ratan (Prabha’s husband) has gone out of town. I have to do lots of work. Madhvi has already packed dinner for her and Yash. She gives a saree to Prabha and some clothes / toys for Yash on the occasion of Basant Panchami. Prabha declines (acting) but then accepts it. Amma ji is not happy to see all this. What did I think before handing over the keys of house to her!

Sagar asks Ganga if she has any siblings. She denies. But I had many friends back in my village. We used to play a lot and used to take bath in Pokhar (pond). We even used to climb over trees to pluck fruits. Have you ever tried it? it is a lot of fun. Sagar says I have never done it as Dadi has told me against it. Ganga offers to teach it to him. he also wants to know how to make rope using dupattas and get off the terrace. She shakes her head as Dadi will get angry on her again. He sadly says you don’t do anything for me. she reminds him that she plays cricket with him, had even come to his school stealthily. He recalls that he had made 100 runs that day. I wish the boys of my locality had seen it too. She suggests him to do it tomorrow as it is his holiday tomorrow. you can score as many runs as you want to. He gets excited at the idea. The kids of my locality think they are very smart and I cannot score 100 runs.

Madhvi tries to put ointment on her wound but Niranjan puts it for her. She looks at him and smiles. Amma ji is doing puja when she notices them. She cannot exactly see what they are doing and kind of misinterprets it. She coughs and Niranjan leaves after telling Madhvi to send Raghav ji to the study room when he comes. Amma ji remarks to Madhvi that not even a newlywed couple behave like this. Amma ji indirectly taunts Madhvi over what she did yesterday. Don’t give everything to everyone. Madhvi reminds her that she had asked for her permission before sending it. Amma ji reminds her of her two sister-in-laws who are in Allahabad. Madhvi has brought sarees for them too. She goes to bring them. Amma ji thinks of Prabha’s words. I just hope Niranjan creates no fuss this time and I get rid of this Ganga.

Precap: Prabha has come over with her husband’s boss and his wife. They have kept their house very nicely. They will take very good care of Ganga. Everyone waits for Niranjan and Madhvi’s opinion on the matter.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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