Gangaa 19th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 19th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Niranjan saying to Ganga that I made a very big mistake by keeping you in this house. Sad title track plays. Ganga is heartbroken. I am regretting my decision for the first time in life. I wonder why I did what I did! Sagar stands there with his head bowed down. Ganga is in tears. Niranjan leaves from there. Madhvi feels bad for Ganga. Prabha follows Amma ji inside. Madhvi sends Sagar to his room to change his clothes. She leaves after telling Maharaj ji to give the kids whatever they want to eat. Yash acts bossy on Maharaj ji. Pulkit eyes Sagar and Ganga suspiciously.

Prabha follows Amma ji to her room. I have never seen Niranjan ji this angry. The electricity is off so Prabha waves hand fan for Amma ji. Amma ji is still in disbelief that such a small girl could climb down from the terrace. I had told her not to go out of the house but she couldn’t stay at home. Prabha still feels Ganga is not as innocent as she appears to be. No one will listen to us. Maid brings tea and biscuits for Amma ji. Prabha notices only 2 biscuits in the tray. This is against your prestige. Amma ji orders the maid to bring some more snacks for her. Now you should help me in getting rid of Ganga. We got saved today luckily. My son and my DIL just say it for the sake of it that it is just a matter of few days only. The girl will leave. If I trust them then that girl will stick to our home for forever. These people are just great but I will have to find a solution for this problem. Prabha agrees with her. we have to take some action fast. Ganga overhears their convo from a distance and is tensed.

Maid talks to Maharaj ji about the thief too. you too dint get to know that he came up? What if he would have come inside and hurt / killed someone? Maharaj ji says why you worry about that what has not happened. Maid replies that when there is some insider of the thief already in our house then anything can happen anytime. Whatever happened today was good though as Niranjan Babu also said that this girl doesn’t deserve to stay here. It would have been great if he would have actually thrown her out of the house just then.

Ganga runs away from there sadly and by mistakes collides with Yash. His plate falls on the floor and the food spills. He looks at her angrily. Why did you save him? I know everything. Sagar bunked the school and went off to play. You are saving her, right? I too study in the same school. The class is different but the school is same. I dint see him in the school after recess. You got scolded for no reason. you should have told him the truth. Ganga says Sagar is my friend. I will never complain against him to anyone. Yash reasons that if Sagar was a friend then he should have defended you in front of his father. He should have accepted his mistake. He only pretends that he is the best one but that isn’t the truth. Ganga asks him why dint he say it back then if he has so much problems with Sagar. Yash replies that it wasn’t him who got scolded because of him. I will speak up when I will be in a bad situation because of him.

Sagar is playing but Pulkit drags him inside their room. Tell me where you had taken Ganga. She came home first and then you entered. Sagar lies that he came from the school only. Pulkit asks about his bag. Did you go to school without your bag? Tell me whatever it is or I will tell everything to Papa. Sagar confesses everything. Pulkit gets angry as Sagar has bunked the school. Sagar requests him not to tell it to anyone. I wont repeat this mistake ever again. Pulkit explains Ganga’s situation to him. Ganga is not at fault. You are at fault. She listens to everything that you say. She even plays with you even if she is not interested. She got scolded today because of you and actually saved you. you are not even strong enough to accept your own mistake! I wont say anything to Papa but you should learn something. Ganga got punished for your mistake. I hope you will talk to her nicely now and wont trouble her.

Ganga thinks of Niranjan’s words. She thinks of her Bappa telling her about self-respect and strength. She holds both her hands up together towards the sky when Sagar comes there. She looks away. Sagar knows that she is upset with him he dint support her in front of his Papa. She calls him a coward but he denies. Did you feel very bad? Ganga is worried about Niranjan’s anger. Sagar assures her that everyone will be fine by morning. Ganga knows that Babu is very angry with her. He has never scolded me before but he looked really angry today. He said that he made a very big mistake by bringing me to this house. Sagar too feels bad.

Next morning, everyone is eating breakfast. Niranjan and Raghav ji discuss about some papers. Maharaj ji mutters in the kitchen about work pressure. Maid too has started coming late these days.

Ganga looks at Niranjan. She asks Maharaj ji if she can take the tea. He gives it to her. be careful though. Pulkit and Sagar notice Ganga and then turn look at their father. Ganga keeps the cup on the table but Niranjan is too engrossed in his papers. Sagar tells his father that Ganga has brought tea for him. Niranjan takes a sip and then leaves with Raghav ji without saying anything to Ganga. Ganga stands there sad / hurt.

Prabha brings few books for Madhvi. I brought these magazines for you as you love embroidery a lot. Madhvi thanks her. She then goes to her room to bring a saree.

Amma ji asks Prabha when she will do her work. Prabha says magazines were just an excuse. I came here to talk to you only. They both notice Ganga playing stappu. Prabha wonders if Ganga knows some work. Amma ji has never seen Ganga doing anything. I wont say anything to her though as she is a girl after all. She will go away one day. I used to do all the household work when I was her age. I wont say anything as I haven’t brought her here. Prabha insists that a girl, especially a village girl, knows how to do everything. If this accident wouldn’t have happened then she would have been at her in-laws place right now. She would have to do some or other work, right? Niranjan ji has brought her here and DIdi keeps her like a princess, but not anymore.

Prabha goes to talk to Ganga. My Didi and BIL are really good so they have kept you here with love. Don’t you feel bad but? I heard that you speak about self-respect, wont beg or accept pity from anyone. Ganga repeats her Bappa’s words. The one who doesn’t have self-respect is poor. Prabha points out that it is against self-respect if you live in someone else’s house for free. It is worst than begging if you get food free. If you want to live in this house with self-respect and don’t want to take anyone’s favour then you will have to do something for sure. Ganga asks her for suggestion. Prabha explains that she can either help the maid / Maharaj ji. This will give you peace and make Amma ji happy too. Ganga asks about Babu. Prabha says he will be really happy. He will proudly say that Ganga is very hard working and intelligent girl. Ganga smiles.

Prabha stands aside while Ganga washes clothes. Amma ji too looks on from a distance. Maid suggests Prabha not to let Ganga increase her work. She wont be able to do it. prabha points out that she is only washing her clothes. What’s your problem with that? Amma ji asks her if she has learnt anything at her home or not. Ganga affirms. My Bappa has taught me everything. I will do it all. Prabha appreciates her. How else will you learn it if you don’t do it! we would have made the girl of our house (if there was one) learn all this too. Maid understands the whole thing. she gives another lot of clothes to Ganga. Prabha takes the maid with her so she can massage her head. Maid has no option but to do it. Ganga continues washing the clothes. Amma ji looks on from a distance.

Precap: Prabha tells Amma ji that her husband’s boss’s daughter delivered a baby a few days ago. She needs a girl who can take care of the baby and handle household work. Amma ji only wants to be relieved from this burden (Ganga). Prabha makes up her mind to do it as Amma ji has agreed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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