Gangaa 19th April 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 19th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kushal informs Shiv on call that Krishna is no more, he was worried how Shiv would tell Ganga about it. Ganga enters the room, Shiv shuts the call. Ganga removes her pally off her saree and asks if he wants to get her he might. She forbids him touch her or come close to her. She says Shiv made a false story about Sagar’s promise, he wanted her to stay here. Shiv was shocked to hear about this all and asks if she is in her senses. The family gather outside. Ganga accuses Shiv to be a liar and show off, she wanted to get her; he took Sagar’s life to keep her here. She says even he must have bought the doctor, as he can fall to any extent to get her. She shouts at him to be a down trodden man. Riya move forward, Savitri forbids her get into the fight of spouses. Ganga clutches Shiv’s collar asking if he has no desires himself, people trust him falsely as he also considers women as animals only. Shiv questions if this is what Ganga has understood about it. Ganga cries calling him a beast, women are mistreated even today only because of people like him. Shiv silently leaves the room. Outside, he passes the family silently. Savitri comes to Ganga in the room and questions what this all is, people respect Shiv being a MathaDesh. She asks how dare Ganga accused Shiv so falsely and leaves. Jhumki comes to Ganga and appreciates her. Riya stood there.
A man recognizes Shiv in the way and moves towards his house.
There, Riya asks Ganga if this is what she wanted, she only wanted to insult Shiv. She must be ashamed, Shiv bear so much only because of her. Had she been at Shiv’s place she must have slapped Ganga.
The man comes home, Savitri and family welcomes him. He says Shiv was in a hurry and didn’t see him. Savitri says he might have some important chore. The man says his parents want them to decide a date for wedding. Aashi leaves shy. Savitri was happy about it. Riya’s voice reach outside. Riya minds Ganga she won’t forgive Ganga. Ganga tells Riya there is a limit to bear something. Savitri takes the attention of guest towards tea or snack, he questions if everything is fine at home. Savitri says it’s her granddaughter who loves television. The man takes a leave. Ganga tells Riya to think whatever she wants to, she doesn’t care. Savitri comes in saying she is effected, she can’t let Ganga create a drama at her home. She won’t leave Ganga if her daughter’s proposal is ruined because of Ganga.
Shiv watches two drunk men in the way and stops by them. He was about to get down the jeep, Shiv watches his own self telling Ganga thinks the same about him, that he is a downtrodden man. After that, his family’s point of view would also change and later the whole village would think this way. Shiv was disturbed thinking about Ganga’s accusations. He gets down the jeep and goes inside the bar. People there were shocked to see Shiv there. Shiv moves towards the bar. He gulps a whole bottle of wine, turning the table upside down.
Radhika comes to Ganga and asks where is Shiv, when he would return. Ganga thinks about Riya’s concern, what if something happens to him. Ganga was worried if she said a lot to Shiv. Ganga assures he would soon be back home. Radhika insists she would stay awake until Shiv comes. Ganga insists on her to go and sleep. Radhika shows her a drawing of her, holding hands with Shiv and Ganga. Radhika shares she was really upset when her mother left her, but she is happy now as she has Ganga with her. Ganga asks Radhika to give it to her, Radhika says she would give it to her when she is with Shiv. Ganga thinks it would never happen. Ganga takes Radhika to sleep.
A man comes to inform the family that Shiv was moving towards the cliff. Savitri wonders what happened to Shiv. Kushal goes looking for Shiv. Ganga had heard this and walks downstairs when the lights are turned off. Someone ties her hands behind her and blindfolds her, taking her outside. Ganga resists wondering where is she being taken. She calls for help. The man puts her in the car, she tries to resist.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. What a rubbish

    Now they will show that something bad happen with ganga and ganga will now be fighting case against shiv

    Track is completely out of reality
    Ganga should try to find krishna and fight against Pratab n savitri

    Why they make main lead characters as always bad ?

    Ganga and kumkum bhagya are two MAIN FLOPPY SHOW on tv
    Only best is WAARIS

  2. So producers has killed off Krishna as well. But why?? The story had become meaningless now. I was hoping that Krishna would come back. Now Ganga is with this weird family. Acting dumb, hysterical and being influence by the like of Jhumki. Does she even remember that she is a lawyer? She will obviously now being madly in love with Shiv and followed by some silly track before exposing Savitri, Pratab and Jhumki. I cannot believe how such a beautiful serial has turn into a joke!

  3. I really miss amnesia Gangaa, can someone please hit her on the head so that she can return. I bet even Shiv is thinking who is this person, where is the woman I fell in love with. I’m not 100 % sure Krishna is dead, I wouldn’t be surprised if she pops up later on and we get a new story line where Rhadika is jealous of her step sister, then they’ll show them a few years later fighting over a boy. If the show continues we may even see Gangaa the Mother In Law! ….. OK that’s enough from me, I’m off to bed now.

    1. Hahaha!! What a fantasy!! Loved it! 😛 😀

    2. As for Krishna, she might actually pop up later after another 10-12 years leap and guess what 😛 She may be Aditi in double role 😛 After all, Indian serials are full of surprises and shocks! 😛

    3. Why only Krishna Deeksha, Sagar played by someone old can also pop up from London. Radhika and krishna falling in love with the same man and the conflict between gangaa and sagar fighting for their daughters would continue. This also can happen in Indian TV shows. May be that’s why Vishal quit the show.

    4. Yeah and she’ll probably be the modern sassy type, because they like the contrast! Have you seen the promo for tonight’s episode? Shiv tells the Panchayat that he and Gangaa have consummated their relationship and will be living together as husband and wife. I still don’t believe he will force himself on her but it makes you wonder why he would want to stay with her after all that’s happened and from the look on her face she doesn’t want to be with him either. On the other hand if something did happen then that will be the end for me I won’t be able to continue watching the show, there is a line and if they cross it I’m out.

    5. Hi Sandy,

      Lol, yes i know what you mean 😀

  4. Finally krishna also dead. Haaaa. They killed entire family with no reason. It deserves to get the mother of all awards in serious comedy category. haaa

    1. I second you bharat! How can the writers bring Krishna now? They are focusing on bringing shiv and gangaa physically together and make Gangaa fall for uncle ji. Gangaa needs a man in her life so she accepts shiv but Krishna will not accept Shiv as her father. The writers have made Radhika accept Gangaa in an unrealistic way. Since the viewers are demanding for Krishna, she is eliminated. Now gangaa matha will fall in love with Bhagvan Shiv and live life with zest.She does not understand the word “love”. The writers are dumb. Why the writers have to extend the show after the marriage of SaGa is beyond my comprehension. They took 495 episodes to bring sagar and gangaa together against all odds and separated them forever with no reason. Rediculous and disgusting.Even budding writers would have handled the story very well. No sensible viewer would appreciate the present line of story.

    2. Hi Revathy,

      I like your idea of how Radhika and Krishna falling for the same guy, now thats an idea…a space to watch out. Writers could resurrect Krishna if they find they need to spice up their story if they mess up Ganga/Shiv romance, by claiming they did a mistake identity?

  5. I feel sorry for Shakti Anand poor guy keeps getting referred to as uncleji when he’s only 8 years older than Aditi. Aditi is also 8 years older than Vishal but I don’t recall her being referred to as Auntyji! Btw does anyone know how old Shiv is supposed to be? He looks around 37/38 and I think Gangga is around 27/28 what with the leap after Krishna. There was that scene in the Holi episode where she tells him his moustache makes him look 10 years older, so maybe he is younger. Anyway I’ve noticed he does act ‘oldish’ in some scenes, this is something that should be picked up by the Director, but maybe they want him to behave this way. If the show does leap again then he’ll be very convincing as an old man. I can understand there are some aspects about him that make him very uncool to those in their teens and 20’s unlike Sagar he’s not foreign returned, highly educated but someone who lives in a village, maybe not too educated, speaks with a strong dialect (how come only Savatri and Shiv talk this way but none of his siblings?), he also wears some awful colourful clothes (fire the costume designer .. Although, I think he looks hot when he’s bare chested and wearing the Dhoti Woooohoo!), and lastly there is THAT moustache which make him look like a dacoit from an old movie. Anyway, a lot of our Bollywood Superstars are in their late 40s to early 50s romancing girls more than twice their age, not to mention an Iconic pair like SRK and Kajol have a 10 year difference.

    1. Hi Sandy! You have given enough explanation to justify why Shiv is referred as uncle ji. We need to understand that our genes determine our biological age. This plays a vital role in the career of actors. Aditi’s chronological age is 34 but she looks only 20 in modern cloths.When she is paired with Vishal’ they make a wonderful pair on screen like Sharuk and Kajol. Vishal had to grow beard to look like a 28 old guy. This is what is known as versatility which we enjoy on screen and appreciate the actors for their performance.

  6. Hi Everyone,

    I’m looking forward to tonights episode. The precap looks intense, Ganga looks frightened, but thanks to Revathy insight, Shiv won’t really hurt her which i am pleased learn.
    Did not enjoy the scenes when Ganga was trying all she could to provoke Shiv and antagonise him. Looking forward to seeing Ganga and Shiv work together as one strong relationship and more sweet romantic scenes. Writers please, don’t ruin this romance like you did with Sagar and Gangaa and please, serve justice! Pratap and Savitra needs to pay for their crimes. They need to be exposed!

    1. Hi Summer! I have got the books. Started with “Me before you” Read the impressive reviews ans synopsis of the book. Looks like my kind of a book.Thanks a lot for suggesting it.I will get back to you after completing it.

    2. Hi Revathy,

      Lovely to hear from you 🙂 So pleased to hear the book have arrived. You won’t be disappointed! It is a very good read, i could not put the book down. There is a film made based on this book, read the book first though 🙂 . I hope you will enjoy reading the novel 🙂 , happy reading.

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