Gangaa 18th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Gangaa 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The ladies tell Ganga this is Shiv whom she married today. Ganga doesn’t recognize him as she didn’t even see him. The ladies say they didn’t see each other, but he is her husband. Ganga wonders how she would marry someone without watching him. The ladies inquire about her name, which Ganga doesn’t remember. The ladies gossip it feels she has lost her memory. Ganga forces herself to recall her name, Shiv calls Ganga from behind. She recalls the name, but denies marrying him. Shiv says his father is no more, they have to go for his cremation rituals. Ganga denies having marrying him and asks for a proof. Shiv was angry and asks if he must provide a proof for wedding which he never wanted to do. The ladies try to insist on Ganga to go with him, as he is really sad. Ganga wasn’t ready to go with someone stranger. Shiv recalls the promise of his father, Ganga runs away.
Sagar gets conscious at the river bank. He looks around for Ganga and Krishna. There, Ganga run through the streets looking around. Sagar also looked for her across the streets, and inquires people around for Krishna. Ganga had hidden behind, she hears Sagar but doesn’t recognize him and wonders who is he, as it seems he also wants to take her along but she won’t go with anyone.
Sagar finally cries for Krishna and Ganga’s name. Ganga stands up behind him but her head bangs badly. She tries to reach Sagar but Shiv finds her first. She fell down on street, people passing over her when Shiv reaches and bend over her to save her from the stampede. He was finally able to take her along. Near the jeep, Shiv tells Ganga if she can’t understand his father was everything for him, today he is dead and he needs to take him. If she wants him to prove about their marriage. It was his father who left her responsibility over him, he is requesting him to go with him. Ganga resists moving on. Shiv says alright, now he won’t come behind her; as nothing matters for him as his father does. People there pass with young Ganga in arms. A lady comes to request Shiv save her daughter, she was getting married but didn’t and the groom died; now Pandits won’t let her go without getting her hair off. Shiv goes with the lady. Ganga gets flashes from her childhood, of hiding behind Niru in such situation. Tears fill her eyes. When Shiv leaves, he was relieved to see Ganga got in the car silently. He comes to her saying if she has decided to come home, in their family it’s a ritual that bride and groom look at each other after Kul Devta Pooja. He covers her face with a veil. Behind there, Sagar was asking people about Ganga and Krishna. Shiv warns Ganga she can never go against any family ritual. Sagar shouted and cried for Ganga behind. Ganga looks towards him through her veil, but the car moves on. Ganga thinks Sagar might have lost his love, she prays he gets whom he is looking for.
At home, the ladies gossiped that Shiv’s mother is still in her bridal clothes. They come to say to Pratab that his mother must get rid of the jewelry. Pratab was furious, but his mother calms him and stops the ladies from moving on. She removes her jewelry by herself.

PRECAP: Pratab’s mother tells him to take his father’s body before Shiv arrives. Shiv immediately leaves for cremation while ladies inquire Ganga about her name. Shiv’s daughter was shocked to see his new bride from the window.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Wat a shitty serial.. How many times vil ganga n sagar b separated.. Acc to d initial story line i thought she being a lawyer vil face d odd things in society n help other women.. Nothg.. Day by day its bcomg some stupid family drama.. Horrible n boring to watch..

  2. Boycott this drama…oh pls Ganga just quit …save us all of this nightmare

  3. The writers should get an award for the worst, most senseless and shortsighted serial of the year!!

    They should also get another ‘gong award’ for sucessfully destroying what WAS a beautiful serial now,debris of stupidity! Or what’s left of it!

    And final award goes to Creator Inspriation… how to fast forward a serial and ‘waste the excuse’ to improve the storyline; instead destroy any credibility and prospect of the serial.

    1. I agree completely with you

    2. 🙂 Its a shame that Ganga has taken this downhill turn. I used to really enjoy this show. Look forward to it each evening, but now i just read updates. Soon that is to be stopped.

  4. The writers ignore us and do what they want because they know people will still waste there time watching like a sheep no matter what crap they throw at us! Not anymore!

  5. Getting too worst day by day. Stop all this nonsense can’t bare even

  6. Instead of this stupid revamp they would better end the show..this serial without sagar and chaturs not going to work..watta stupid ideaaa.. Really its a pain watching ganga as someone else’s wife seriously a pain

  7. please end this serial getting worse day by day………..

  8. Will Sagar come back to Ganga show??plzz tell me……

  9. how gross. gangaa is wife of another man!!! Not interested to see this serial any more.

  10. Yeah… Sagar will return to the show definitely… As they say without sagar there is no ganga and ganga destiny is sagar only…. Maybe they are dragging the story as ruhana went back to school for exams…. So guys wait for two months….

  11. M hating this show.. if updates r so bad hw would visuals b. . It’s a torture to watch d show for 30 mubs.. Pl pack up guys.. it’s enuf..

  12. Yes even I feel the same bhavani that’s y all the old cast is kept alivee,but till sagars return not gonna watch the show..

  13. Can you please tell me guys that where has vishal vashishtha gone. Is he leaving the show?? ???. Please tell me.

  14. Writers if u don’t write the script well and make the serial interesting then I am going to kill u’ll. Please Its high time that u understand. And u know what if this continues then no one is going to watch the show and then ofcourse u will loose the “TRP”.

  15. And poor aditi sharma and vishal vashishtha. I am sure they must be thinking that “kya ho raha hai yaar, maza hi nahi aa raha hai show karne meh”.

  16. Omg gangaa ko khud hi nahi pata ki vo kon hai. Toh obviously vo sagar ko kaise yaad rahegi. ??

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