Gangaa 17th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 17th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

While going upstairs both Ganga discuss about the bridal saree and recognizes each other. Ganga tells the younger Ganga that Maharaj ji used to work at their home for so long. The younger Ganga was happy to meet Ganga, and calls her someone with great self-respect and keeping the family united. Ganga advices the younger one to have faith over herself, she is sure her new family would dearly respect her. The younger Ganga discuss she is unaware about her new family, she hasn’t even met her husband yet; its his second marriage and he has a daughter as well. Ganga was sure she will get the courage to fulfil his responsibility well. She goes to meet the groom and father in law. The younger Ganga takes a leave, Ganga leaves for her way. The young Ganga return, her father in law instructs Shiv to make Ganga wear their family necklace. There, Ganga informs the family about the young Ganga. Amma ji suggests to remarry Ganga and Sagar. Everyone including Krishna was excited. The Pandit qualifies if they take rounds with each other now, their wedding would be for lives onwards. Sagar cheerfully says they must do it, he would become tension free as well, and it won’t matter even if he dies. Ganga silently prays, when she foresee a storm coming her way; and tears fill her eyes. They all leave with food for Brahmans. Krishna watches the young Ganga and family getting on a boat for ride, and points towards Sagar. Ganga forbids at once, but Krishna insists. Everyone insists on Ganga to let her go, Sagar takes Ganga along with them. Suddenly there is a storm, the same scenes as Ganga’s nightmare; the three felling off the boat into water. Ganga screaming for Krishna, struggling in water. Sagar drowns. Ganga holds the family necklace that had been gifted to younger Ganga. Ganga’s head hit a boat side, and she faints. After the storm, people come to help Sagar out of the river. Shiv was standing on the river back when two men come to point at the girl wearing the same dress. Shiv brings Ganga out of the river, and not his wife.
In the medical camp, Shiv sat beside his father who had also faint. A lady comes with a necklace, which she found with Ganga. He was moved by this. Ganga gets conscious, two ladies go to inform Shiv. Ganga gets flashes from her childhood of a similar storm at ghaat. She wakes up calling her father, and wants to go to him. The ladies inform her that her husband and his father are here. Ganga doesn’t recognize having a husband, and denies recognizing Shiv as well. She tries to leave, but Shiv arrive by then. Shiv tells Ganga to come with him, as they need to do coronation ceremony.

PRECAP: Shiv tells Ganga they only can see each other’s face after Kul Devi’s Pooja and puts a veil over her face. Just behind them, Sagar was looking for Ganga and cried screaming her name. Ganga didn’t recognize anything.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. OMG…..DUMB SHIT…such a crap and v all got addicted to see the chaturvedis in the shooting… The outdoor is not at all good to see…. All the chaturs except sagar may not appear in tomorrow’s episode… And maybe last appearance of sagar tomorrow…. Too sad….good god…. Atleast he was alive…. And don’t say that he becomes mad….send him to London picnic once again… Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha….. By this incident hope krishna gets her voice back….

  2. Please change the pic….prabha already left the show…. And sagar leaves tomorrow…. Now only cry baby left…

  3. Wat the hell will already married woman that too how only love is husband from childhood leave her family and child and marry some I think it is a nightmare pls some one pitch otherwise I read wrongly has?? Pls clarify. I thought it’s getting good start again after they joined now again shit. Blablabla again ha. Poga paa nega Vera. Tmrw alone I will watch if it’s not worth then I am taking this serial from my list. Starting the show with good thing too just develop it they are creating hangama wasted my time watching itseem. If I understood wrongly means sorry guys

  4. total crap …
    it is better if you kill ganga here only and take a leap then show krishna story..
    what is this total crap?
    if all the cast are gone now then after ganga regains her memory then which cast will come??
    i think these writers are gone mad..

  5. Hell they have made out if serial ..

  6. I think that sagar should try to get back his gangaa soon so that everything goes well and nice. And I hope that if this happens then sagar should give his best by doing the needful for himself and ofcourse his daughter and family. And hope that gangaa gets her memory back.

  7. Its really crap, I used to watch Ganga from episode one but now no Sagar No Ganga & what the hell writers are writing….It’s not worth to watch it again. Thank You n bbyyee byyeee.

  8. IT’S not interested to see any more now everything going good nd that’s now have to finish then why again shiv drama come in picture. ☺☺☺now this serial not giving any moral msg. Not to see this show abymore heights of paitaience

  9. Wat da hell r happing .. Have u gone ah mad .. Don’t do like this .. If sagar exit da show ur TRP will be fell .. We don’t need old generation lve stry vth old aged people .. I think writer is changed ..

  10. Bye bye ganga without sagar …

  11. M sure writer is a saddist…

  12. I’ve already stopped watching this trash, keep this nonsense up, I won’t bother to read the updates either! What a diabolical storyline!!

  13. When I 1st saw the story line , I though yes it’s going to be an eye opener. Challenging the society on the believes, tradition and faith.
    It got gradually bad like all other serials with hatred, jelousy, spitefulness, greed and schemes.
    Characters brought in hoping to make the serial interesting by deviating from the plot.
    Today’s episode, is disheartening. Sagar and Gangaa once again being separated.
    Why should it end this way? Take a leap and Krishna should all be grown up , like her mum,
    challenging the society.
    Now that mummy Gangaa has lost her memory, is she going to be living with another man and his family especially we viewers now know that Sagar is still alive. Is Maharaj not going to intervene or has he been killed, so the writer would have the pleasure of continually write crabby story lines. Are we Indians to watch saddest and unhappy episodes at all times? Looks like it’s a curse.

  14. Omg…Ganga go back and start making Punjabi films as you did in engej…the writers need to be drowned!!!

  15. Sagar ke fans

    No sagar means no gangaa. …ab jab tak sagar nhi aayega. .tab tak writters ko hi dikhao gangaa…

  16. Guy’s I think the Sagar had definitely enter into show after some time thus why they making the bond so strong b/w saga and thus they didn’t kill the Vishal and all Chaturvedi family is also back to show hope so…And this newstory also good iam excited to see this new story line and all has back after getting ganga memory

  17. Hi all, today’s episode is going to be disheartening. Keep tissues ready. we couldn’t see Sagar screaming for Ganga.
    One good thing is that Ganga didn’t marry Shiv. She is replacing small Ganga by mistake. I think this is only for prolonging the serial for some more days. ultimately the one and only destination of Ganga is Sagar.

  18. Watching this show without Gangaa and Sagar totally waste of time:(:(

  19. wow……………… this serial becomes so intresting


  21. Lovestruckmac

    shit…seems like m losing my interest….really without sagar, Ganga is like waste of time…olso the chaturz….. & who the hell shiv is ….matlab kuch b……now ganga is in her new home…..its like Ganga has been updated 4m old OS(operating system) to new one……lollzz

  22. Sagar and gangaa both of them are there in the serial. So no problem. And any how some day they both will be together. And the Shiv drama is there only to stretch the serial long.

    1. How do you know that….Sagar is there in Ganga serial after all these ?they all said that last day of shoot is 15th January

  23. Arre after wards its going to be more interesting than ever. I hope that gangaa ko jald hi sab kuch yaad aa jaaye. Please writers write something interesting so that u get a good TRP.

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