Gangaa 14th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Gangaa 14th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amma ji cleans his feet next. Ganga thinks that his Dadi too would be of same age. Who makes his Dadi clean feet? Bal Mahant blesses Amma ji. She wants to start the bhoj but he asks them if each lady has taken his blessings. They all nod. Bal Mahant thinks otherwise. Sagar comes there just then. What’s happening here? Bal Mahant points his finger at Ganga. She has not cleaned my feet till now. Sagar realises that this young lad is Mahant ji. Ganga will refuse to touch his feet. She is very stubborn. Amma ji goes to bring Ganga.

Prabha is waiting for everyone. Barkha and Prabha make faces as they hug each other. Prabha looks at her from top to toe. Prabha says I came to take you with me. Barkha reminds her that she only keeps giving excuses. Prabha does not mind it that she did not come to her house. How would you leave this big house which is full of luxuries? Barkha replies that she can come if she calls her with love. Prabha gifts her a saree but she is actually not in a mind to let it get out of her hands. Barkha thinks of making a suit for herself out of the saree. Niru enters. He tells Madhvi about Sagar. Madhvi has cooked Barkha’s favourite food. Niru says we all ate outside. Barkha shares that they met jijz outside. We all ate outside. I will eat it tomorrow. Madhvi feels bad. Prabha enjoys it. This is so sad. You cooked it all with so much love. Barkha doesn’t even care. I will stand by your side always. Madhvi leaves without eating anything. She asks Maharaj ji to take all the food inside. Prabha begins to eat the food that Barkha brought for Madhvi. Madhvi stops her just then. Amma ji will be angry if she gets to know that you are eating outside food. It will be a problem. I will get the food packed for you. Prabha intentionally drops a piece of food on the floor to create a problem in the house.

Amma ji asks Ganga to seek Bal Mahant’s blessings but she refuses to touch his feet. He is so young. Amma ji reasons that he is elder to her. We respect elders. Ganga counters that you are elder to him. I did not like it when he spoke like that to you. Sudha asks her to do what they are saying. Don’t create any fuss. She pulls Ganga by force. Sagar is worried if Ganga makes any mistake before Mahant ji. Dadi will not forgive her ever. Ganga refuses to touch Mahant ji’’s feet as Sudha brings her in. Sagar steps in between. He praises Bal Mahant ji. He is so good looking. He has so much knowledge in this young age. Amma ji introduces him to Bal Mahant ji. Sagar asks him to bless him so he becomes a big man. Dadi says everything happens nicely if we seek blessings of good people. Ganga wonders why Sagar is buttering Bal Mahant so much. Why is he lying? Everyone’s attention gets diverted. Bal Mahant ji too moves forward for the bhoj. Amma ji asks Sagar how he came here. Sagar gives round about answers. Bal Mahant looks one more time at Ganga before exiting from there.

Madhvi asks Niru how he went today when he does not like restaurant food. He says that isn’t so. Right company matters. She was so excited. You are never free from household work. Madhvi thinks that he never even asked her about it.

Sagar comes to where Ganga is. This is your room! She nods. I had no idea you are such a great fan of Bal Mahant ji. He thinks that she did not understand him yet again or she would have understood why I did it. You wont understand. I am so hungry. No one asked me for food. He turns and finds her gone. Very bad! You don’t care about me at all. Ganga comes back with a bowl of kheer. I made it. He refuses to eat it so she keeps it on the bed before going out of the room. He picks up the bowl and begins to eat it. Ganga watches him from outside. He gobbles up on everything. It was so ymmy. Did she really make it? Ganga knocks at the door. Sagar keeps the bowl back. She says I came to take the bowl as you wont eat it. She notices the half empty ball. Maybe a cat ate it. He runs after her as he understands that she aimed that at him. She collides with Bal Mahant while running. Sagar stops at a distance.

Bal Mahant knows that she had no intention of touching his feet. Ganga says Bappa used to say that we should touch the feet of only elders and Gurus. You are neither of them. Why should I do it then? Bal Mahant says people become big not by their age, but by their karmas. Everyone calls me Gurucharan here. She outright refuses to call him so. You did not teach me anything so how can I accept you to be a Guru. How would I know how much you know? Bal Mahant’s sahyogi tries to stop her but Bal Mahant ji holds out his hand. You think you are too smart? Explain the meaning of this shloka. He says one shloka for her. Amma ji and Sagar think of the trouble that Ganga has called upon herself. Ganga has not read this one till now so she does not know about it. But I will accept it that you are worthy to be a Guru if you answer my question. She asks him the name of the first President after India gained Independence. Bal Mahant is all quiet. Sagar smirks. Ganga asks Mahant ji if he does not know the answer. He replies that that isn’t needed. Ganga smiles and her smile only irks him all the more. Sudha scolds Ganga. Stay in your limits. Sudha apologizes to Bal Mahant on Ganga’s behalf. All the ladies too say the same. What will this little girl know how knowledgeable you are? Please forgive her. Have food. Have mercy on us. The sahyogi signals Bal Mahant who goes inside. Amma ji warns Ganga to stay outside only.

Precap: Bal Mahant ji eats the food. It is not even tasty. Some of the puri’s are half cooked or black. Is this bhoj? You will all be destroyed. He pushes the plate away saying that he does not want it!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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