Game of pacifying 2 – RiAnsh OS


Riddhima and Vansh came back to the room after having a complete silent breakfast. As time went, Vansh was getting more frustrated, Riddhima didn’t even speak a word to him.

Vansh pulled her in his lap and himself made her encircle her hands around him.

“Why are you doing this jaan? Please say something?” Vansh said making her look at him.

“I don’t think toys speak” Riddhima said and Vansh took her into a tight hug.

“Don’t repeat that ever Riddhima. Dare you consider yourself anything like that. You are my life, my every breath.” Vansh said in an admiring tone.

“Then why do you do this va..” Riddhima stopped herself from saying his name, and shrugged off from his lap.

Vansh looked at her with a deep pain and confusion.

“Jab man kiya chhod ke chale gaye, jab mann kiya seene se laga liya. Aur meri feelings? Unki koi value nhi hai?” Riddhima scolded him stopping herself from breaking down.

“Riddhima…” Vansh stood up to go near her but she walked back.

“No. Not today. You just want me when you need. And that’s what happens with a toy. Did you even try to see from my perspective?” Riddhima asked.

“What could I see?” Vansh fired back, it was a heated argument now; but needed.

“You were just, slowly giving my everything to that Vyom! You were ready to give up all the business I made up with blood and sweat in all these years!” Vansh asked and Riddhima chuckled sadly.

“Kaha na. Ho gayi galti. It was a mistake and I ACCEPT IT. I asked for apologies like a hundred times, didn’t I? (Coughs) but hadd hoti hai Vansh! I was so alone! What not happened with me. You know what? I was correct. You just need me when you want to.” Riddhima said and left the room, wiping her tears fiercely.

It was not the first time she stood for herself, but it was high time she needed someone to be for her, it’s.not easy to carry a baby all alone, stumbling and falling in between dangers.

Vansh sat on the bed with a thud, trying to relax himself by massaging his forehead by his fingers. But he knew, his all pain will wash over when he is with Riddhima.

It was evening, and both didn’t talk the whole day. Riddhima’s mood swings had taken her all over, but she suppressed all of them over her anger.

“I will surely pacify you sweetheart. Looks like I need to pacify him” Riddhima mocked Vansh yawning and moving to her room..

Riddhima opened the door with a loud voice, Vansh who was lying on the bed looked at her angry face and sat up.

“Come and sleep” Vansh said in a stern voice.

Riddhima opened her mouth to say something but suddenly covered it running to the washroom.. Vansh also got up from the bed and was continuously knocking the door.
After a while, Riddhima opened the door with an extreme pale face and Vansh helped her in sitting on the bed.

“Take need it” Vansh said setter her hair strands behind her ears.

“When you were not there even at that time I did everything alone. And ah!” Riddhima’s winced in pain making Vansh shock and she sat up straight.

“You are hurt anywhere? Show me..” Vansh asked her but she denied in no.

“Riddhima please.. let me see” Vansh said noticing her hand on her waist.

“I said no.” Riddhima said laying back.

“When you said?” Vansh asked teasing her.

“Look. I already said I am not falling in your sweet talks this time so you leave me here alone. And again.” Riddhima said and turned her back towards Vansh, closing the lights.

Vansh was guilty, his mind struck an idea and he slowly slid his hands on her belly.

“What?” Riddhima asked.

“Nothing. I am trying to talk to my baby. You sleep” Vansh said with a big smile while Riddhima confusingly closed her eyes.

Vansh woke up hearing lots of sneezes and coughs, and saw Riddhima sitting on the sofa with tears in her eyes. He immediately rushed to her..

While rubbing her back to stop her from coughing, his eyes went on her waist which had a blue black line. Vansh wiped Riddhima’s tears and gave her a glass of water.
Getting some eyes cubes, he slowly touched on her waist and she flinched in pain, but Vansh held her tightly.

“Kese lagi?” Vansh aske looking how bad she was hurt.

“Woh.. yesterday I fell down and fainted toh lag gyiiiiiRiddhima said whinning and Vansh understood it was her mood swingz and maybe the best time to make her say his name..

“Sweetheart, look at me. I am sorry. Please maaf krdooVansh said cupping her face.

“I need…no! I won’t!” Riddhima scoffed in anger.

“I will stick with you 24/7. Please…” Vansh made a cute face, which for enough for Riddhima to melt down.

“No Vansh, you will again leave me” Riddhima said crying.

“I will pakka promise I will not leave you” Vansh said taking her hands.

“Sachi?” Riddhima asked.

MuchchiVansh said and chuckled.

“Ohk. Toh sabse pehle we will go for checkup of of baby and me, and then we wll…” Riddhima was cutted off by Vansh.

“And THEN, we will come back home and have some quality time” Vansh said poking her nose with a smile.

“I very well know your quality time” Riddhima said moving but Vansh pulled her in his lap hugging her.

Riddhima too hugged him back, although what she wanted was him, and now, the game of pacifying was over.

Hii everyone!! Tha ks for your lovely comments on the previous part of the OS. And I have done a veryyy special thing in My Love Where Are You. Will be posting as soon as the guests leave. 🀭

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