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Hi friends.I am  new here.I am a big fan of i am writing a story on them.please bear it.I hope you are like it and love it.

The story starts as………..

  • Abhi, pragya,tanu are friends.but tanu jealous on abhi& she thought that she want to separate them.she makes a plan and separated them.abhi and pragya quarrel each other and separated.later pragya parents died with an pragya suffered more.she likes dance most so she became a good dancer.Abhi is a great film actor.pragya came to teach him dance.but abhi doesn’t like name of pragya.pragya knows that he is only her childhood friend abhi but abhi doesn’t she changed her name as nikhitha.accordingly she is teaching dance.after some days they became close friends.seeing these situations aliya, the heroine of that film make jealous on them.she knows that her name was pragya not nikhitha.and knows that abhi doesn’t like that she shouted as pragya .

    abhi heared that and started to hate.but pragya wants to reduce the anger and became friends.pragya follows abhi to reduce the anger.but abhi thought that he wants to get rid of her on the part of this he was friendly with her after somedays but pragya believed him and continue her friendship.  he asks some rowdies to kidnapp her and fear her to follow him.but rowdies take her away .abhi calls that rowdies but they didn’t pick up his that abhi get feared and with the help of his police friend purab he finds the rowdies place and saved her from them.pragya was feared.and tell to the purab to hold that rowdies and gave them a big coating to know their leader.abhi was feared. The purab saw abhi what to do but abhi told that you are the one to save me out.later she finds that the leader of the kidnappers is abhi.she was so upset and decided to teach him a lesson.she prank a call on other name.abhi loved her so much.she was playing with abhi .after some days she get caughted. But he realises his mistakes he accepted her .all are happy.they are married.thier life was full of joy and enjoying a lot.a leap of one year…….

They are blessed with a baby girl named her as kiara ….

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    Good start ……

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