The Game Of Destiny (FF on ShivIka) Episode 6

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Remember me ???? No!!! Well it’s alright (*wiping fake tears) Just kidding, I know I’m late but sorry I can’t help it since my school has started it has become hard to type my articles, I have taken out my precious time to write this ff, u see I get motivated by seeing my comments and if my comments r less I’ll stop writing I’m telling u…..and ya I’m telling openly I’m blackmailing u people

**********EPISODE 6***********

The next day passed smoothly with a pinch of romance for ShivIka, they were very happy with the new life Shivaay was in deep thoughts how his life changed
Shivaay’s POV
Life changed so fast, till now who I thought I was happy with, turned out to be wrong…..I am happy….no very happy with Anika, I never even came to know how she became my world from an ordinary girl. I still remember how Tia is conscious about her status and for Anika anything’s fine

(3 months after ShiTia’s wedding)
Shivaay : Tia, my friend has invited me to his wife’s baby shower, he wants us to come
Tia : (with disgusted look) Me??? And in that man’s low class baby shower????? Never!!!
Shivaay : But…..
Tia : No Shivaay I will not go
She said and Shivaay nodded his head helplessly

(3 months after ShivIka marriage)
Shivaay : Anika woh… friend has invited us to his house, he kept a party as he was blessed with a child….so u want to go, I’ll no, if u like..
Anika : Y??? We’ll go na he has called us with a lot of expectations, so if we don’t go he will feel bad
Shivaay : So u want to go??
Anika : With pleasure
She said and he smiled at her
Now I know that Anika will love me more than Tia has ever!!

Shivaay’s POV ends
He thought and dozed off hugging Anika with sweet thoughts not knowing the storm that’ll arise soon
Next morning was a blissful morning for our couple who woke up in each other’s embrace

Anika : Good morning Shivaay!!

She said with a bright smile on her face and Shivaay opened his eyes lazily as he heard his wife’s sweet voice which had become his wake up call

Shivaay : Good morning

He said and caressed her baby bump giving a kiss to it

Shivaay : Good morning baby!!

He said to her baby bump and got up for getting fresh, he came out soon and Anika went in next

They soon went down for breakfast and while walking to the table Shivaay noticed a movement in Tia as they were passing through her room, even Anika noticed the movement and both rushed in that room calling all the others, the others made Anika rest in the hall as too much stress won’t be good for the baby and called the doctor

Dr. : Congrats Mr. Oberoi ur wife is out of coma

This news came like a bomb blast for everyone as they never expected that

Shivaay : (fake happiness) Thanks dr. come I’ll drop u down

He said and went while others were sad

Rudra : Arey yaar this Tia also did a bad entry huh!! If Anika bhabi gets sad because of her then I’ll definitely strangle her neck
Om : Shut up!!

Shivaay told it to Anika and she was sad as she thought Shivaay will go away from her

Shivaay : Don’t worry Anika I’ll not let her touch u also

She smiled as he came to know what she thought of

Soon all were doing breakfast and Tia came little weak

All acted getting happy to see her
Pinky : Tia u came very good come eat breakfast

She said just then Tia noticed Anika and went to her happily

Tia : Anika!!! (noticed her bump)….omg ur pregnant, I’m so happy for u… the way where’s ur husband

She asked which shocked Anika as she couldn’t tell the truth

Shivaay : Woh….Tia her husband has a business all around the world and all of a sudden he had to go to Paris for some work as something went wrong in the Paris business it will take him some months, so he told Anika to stay here as we all know him very well
Tia : Oh well that’s good I can spend time with u now

She said to which Anika fake smiled, just then Ronak came to Shivaay

Ronak : Papa!

He said and Tia smiled

Tia : Shivaay…he’s our child….my baby

She said and took Ronak in her embrace

Ronak : Papa who’s she
Shivaay : Beta she’s ur mumma

Ronak looked shock towards Anika and Tia

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