Funny thoughts by aliya

Hey guys. This is aliya. Today i am here for not any ff or any serial analysis but i want to show you all some sort of scenes when we think our actors or actress will do in that situation.

For details to get you all clear today i will start with episode 1. Due to rain effect now we can see some situations in reality if our actress present will face. So lets start.

Effects for girls in rainy season

Actress 1 Jennifer winget

Scene starts in her house where outside it is raining heavily & here our jenny is busy in selecting her dress. She gets one black top but it is little wet by rain effect.

Jenny: I have to go urgently to meeting. Not even one dress is dry. What should I do now?

She holds her head in confusion. Then suddenly she gets an idea. She places her top on table & takes hair dryer on one hand & iron box in another & starts to dry her top by dryer & along with ironing. Then finally thank god she got her top perfect. Ok for now she have to manage with it.

Scene 2 with actress rubina dilaik

She is seen in her house getting ready to go out then she gets a call from her boyfriend.

Rubi: ya baby.

Bf: is it raining heavy?

Rubi: Its just a light rain.

Bf: Can you come?

Rubi: Ofcourse dnt worry. I will be there in 5 mins ok bye.

After getting ready she thinks that “if i get wet lightly in this rain i will look more s*xy right. Wow so nice. I swear he will die for sure. ” again she will apply a little lipstick.

There her bf is waiting for her in a restaurant thinking till now y she didn’t came. Then she arrives & says hi to him & by seeing her he will just be in shock. Because by getting wet in rain her kajal & eye liner gets spread on eyes & hair gets messy. Totally she is just looking like a ghost. ????

(Sorry guys if any rubina fans gets hurted by this scene very sorry for them. But it was just for fun. Please dnt mind.)

Scene 3 with actresses vrushika mehta & shakti mohan

Vrushika & shakti are in one house watching tv & eating pop corn. Then in tv zara zara song from movie rehna hai tere dil mein plays.

Vrushika: No shakti please change it.

Shakti: Fine.

She changes the channel & now gale lag ja song from movie de dana dan plays.

Vrushika : Do you think we need these type of songs in this climate? Just change it yar.

Again shakti changes the channel & now yeh haseen vadiyaan from movie roja plays

Vrushika : Where will these aravind swamy type guys resides shakti? I haven’t seen anyone like him.

Again she changes the channel now tip tip barsa pani song from movie mohra plays.

Shakti : What is this climate? What are these songs? They have just decided to kill singles like us by these songs.

Vrushika : Ya you are right. Lets off this tv & talk then we will be fine.

Shakti: May be you are right.

Scene 4 with actress aditi bhatia

Aditi is seen in office & she gets a call from her mom ” ha mom i will be there soon by cab ok dnt worry”.

Frnd: Aditi y are you going through cab? I will drop you na.

Aditi: Chi…how anyone can go in this rain & this mud. How yar? It is so tacky. I don’t like to go on bike.

She leaves & tries to book a cab. But the amount will be seen double or triple than the normal rate. She keeps on trying to book but the amount goes on increases. Now as she has no option she will go back to him & calls him.

Aditi: Hi rajesh.

Rajesh: What?

Aditi: Will you drop me at my home?

Rajesh: What happened suddenly to you? Just now you said chi…rain & it was so tacky type.

Aditi: Surge yar rajesh. Please.

Rajesh: Ok come.

Thats it guys. I want your comments yar either negative or positive no problem. If i get more comments i will try these types of thoughts many more. Please comment guys please.

  1. who is Rubina and vrushika …in which serial they act…are they lead character s……pls inform…nice fun of adithi Bhatia……go on on Ur thoughts Aliya…. well-done…..but u wrote about Jennifer..u have to w8 _ abouth her as her Character in behadh is so irritating……

    1. Aliya.sharma

      Hi semmi thanks for the comment & ya rubina is main lead of shakti serial that is sowmya & vrushika is ishaana in ishqbaaz & sharon in d3. I hope now you got idea.

  2. You made me laugh – keep going. thank you.

  3. Kriti249

    That’s nice. Carry on. A request please with drashti dhami too.

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