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Today I have a surprise for u.. Let’s see what it is..

3 YEARS LATER(This is the surprise. Hope u like it)


Arnav is busy working in his laptop in his room.

Shruti comes from the hall into the room and she gets shocked on seeing something.. She opens her mouth wide..

Shruti : Arnav! What are u doing?? I asked u go take care of him nah??

Arnav takes his gaze off the laptop screen and looks.. He too gets shocked..

Arnav : (to himself) She is gonna start her tantrums now..(grins) Sorry Shruti.. I was working..

Shruti gives a deadly stare and goes to the place.. A little kid is sitting there messing up all the things and having a favourite book of Shruti in his cute mouth.. It is Arush,Arnav and Shruti’s 1 year old kid..

Shruti takes him on her arms.. Arnav comes and stands near her still grinning..

Shruti : (to Arush) Pappu.. Ur daddy did not take care of u??

Arnav : Sorry darling!

Shruti : I don’t need ur sorry..

Arnav : Ok.. What should I do now??

Shruti :  (to Arush) What can we do with ur daddy pappu?? Shall we punish him??

Arush smiles..

Arnav : What?? Punishment?? No.. Please..

Shruti : No.. Arush has smiled and said yes.. So we are going to punish u.. U have to clean this room.. Is it OK Arush??

He smiles again..

Arnav : (to Arush) Do u want ur daddy to work?? No nah??

Arush smiles looking at Arnav..

Arnav : See.. He smiles for what I said too.. So I will not work..

Shruti : He smiles at me first.. So u have to do it..

Arnav : this is injustice Shruti..

Shruti : Don’t talk much.. Do it fast! We have to go to the function nah??

Arnav : Ok Madam.. I will do it..

Shruti : Hmm.. We will get ready and come..

She smiles herself on seeing his cute expression..

After sometime,Shruti comes to the room.. She sees Arnav still working assembling things here and there..

Shruti : Hmm.. Have u done everything??

Arnav : I am doing.. Will complete in 10 minutes..

Shruti goes and hugs him from behind.. Arnav still has his pity expression..

Shruti : Sorry Mr. Angrybird..

Arnav : That’s ok.. It’s my mistake nah?? Our kid is my responsibility too.. I should have taken care of him..

Shruti : Hmm.. But I have given u severe punishment too nah??

Arnav : But,if I get such hugs,I can do anything..

Shruti pinches him and then hugs..


Swadhu comes out of her room.. Sid comes and blindfolds her..

Swadhu : Hey..

Sid : Its me..

Swadhu : Where are u taking me sid??

Sid : Cant u be patient Swadhu??

She keeps quiet.. He takes her to a room decorated with flowers.. He opens the blindfold.. Swadhu opened her eyes to see “Happy wedding anniversary to the love of my life and my cutiepie wife”.

Swadhu is surprised..

Swadhu : Sid.. When did u do this??

Sid : I won’t say it..

She heard baby crying and runs to her room.. Their baby girl,Suhana has waken up from sleep..

Swadhu : My darling.. Don’t cry..

She takes her in her arms.. Sid gets her and says..

Sid : Happy birthday to my angel..

(Their wedding anniversary and their kid’s birthday are on the same day,different year)

Swadhu : Haan.. Happy first birthday to my cutiepie..

Sid takes Swadhu and his daughter to that room again..

Swadhu sees a picture of Sid and her fully made with their daughter’s pictures right from her birth..

Swadhu : This is lovely sid.. I did not expect it..

Sid : I was planning for this surprise for days..Last year,we could celebrate our anniversary since our daughter was born too on the same day.. So wanted to surprise u at 12 o clock.. But u slept only then after making her sleep.. So,I did not want to wake u up and disturb u..

Swadhu : That’s so sweet of u Sid.. And I love this gift.. Sorry that I could not give any gift to u.

Sid : U are taking care of my angel nah,that’s the gift of all..

Swadhu and Sid kiss their daughter..


Ritika talks to Abhi who is watching TV..

Ritika : Abhi.. I am going to take bath.. So..

Abhi : I know what u mean.. Don’t worry.. I will take care..

Ritika : Be careful Abhi..

Abhi : Why fear when Abhi is here?? Go go.. I will handle..

Ritika : Let’s see..

Ritika goes..

Abhi goes to the room and sees.. A baby girl is sleeping..

Abhi : One is here.. Where is he??

He finds a baby boy sitting on the floor holding a pen in his hand..

Abhi : Oh.. My dear Mr.writer is here..

Abhi takes him and kisses him.. Ur sis is sleeping.. Let’s go out and play..

Abhi and Ritika has twin babies,a boy Rishab and a girl Amyra..

Abhi starts playing with his kid.. By then he hears Amyra crying.. Abhi goes and takes her in arms and feeds her with milk.. She gives her cute smile when she finishes.. By then,Rishab starts crying.. Abhi runs to him and then feeds him.. Likewise,both of them begin their attrocity.. Abhi could not manage them both.. When he takes care of her,he goes somewhere and messes up something.. When he manages the boy,the girl messes up something..(poor Abhi??) Abhi becomes tired.. He makes them sit together..

Abhi : Hey kiddos.. Behave urself.. Daddy could not handle u both at the same time.. And u know about ur mummy nah?? If she comes and sees u messing up things,then she will start her lecture.. Not for u.. But for me.. I have heard those a thousand times and I am really bored of it.. Ur daddy could not listen to it once more.. If I do,I will die.. Is it OK for both of u if I die??

He asks the kids.. The both start smiling..

Abhi : Oh God.. Even my children too mock at me..

He places his hands in his head and sits.. His son and daughter started moving in opposite directions..

Abhi : Let’s catch them..

By then Ritika comes.. She laughs on seeing Abhi whose hair is messy and dress untidy..

Abhi : Ritu.. Don’t laugh.. I can’t manage them.. And both of them are impossible..

Ritika : They are ur kids nah?? They will be like u only..

Abhi makes pout..

Abhi : I want something to eat.. I am really hungry..

Ritika : Wait.. Take care of them 15 more minutes.. I will do my make up and come.. We have to go to the function nah??

Abhi : What 20 mins?? I can’t.. Let’s make a deal.. I will take care of Amyra and u have to look after Rishab.. Is that OK??

Ritika : Ok.. But now.. U have to take care e of both..

Abhi pretends to cry..

Ritika : Pleeeeeaaaase

Abhi : No..

Ritika goes near him and kisses him on the cheek..

Ritika : Will u do that for me??

Abhi : Ok..

Ritika smiles..


Its evening.. Sid and Swadhu has arranged for a party to celebrate their wedding anniversary and their kid’s birthday.. Guests started coming and they welcome them..

Arnav and Shruti come with their son first.. Shruti sees Swadhu..

Swadhu : Hey.. Darlo..Welcome..

Shruti : Happy anniversary dear.. Where is my princess?? (Swadhu’s daughter)

Sid comes with his daughter..

Shruti : Happy birthday my princess..

Arnav comes with his son..

Arnav : Happy anniversary to u both.. And happy birthday to the little angel..

Swadhu and Sid : Thank u bhai..

Sid gets Arnav- Shruti’s son in his arms..

Swadhu : Junior Arnav bhai is looking handsome today..

Arnav : So,Sid.. U have successfully completed 9 years with Swadhu.. From college to now..

Sid : Ya bhai.. That’s a great achievement..

Swadhu pinches him..

Arnav : But Sid. Mine is very big achievement than urs.. Even one year with ur idiotic friend is an achievement..

Shruti stared at him angrily..

Shruti : Swadhu.. Do u know?? Even one day with this boring,Arrogant singh Raizada looks like a millennium..

Swadhu giggles..

Aranv : Ok leave it.. I teased u and u teased me.. Compensated..

Shruti smirks..

By then Abhi and Ritika come with their children..

Abhi has his daughter in his arms who caught hold of his hair and twisted it.. Abhi shouted.. Sid,Swadhu,arnav and Shruti look at him..
Abhi takes her hand off his hair..

Abhi : She is very dangerous.. Just like his mother..

Ritika pinches him..

Arnav : So,Ritu pulls ur hair when u fight??

Ritika is embarrassed..

Ritika : Haan bhai.. She does it often..

Sid : Arnav bhai.. We are better.. Our wives don’t do such cruel acts..

Ritika : Bhai.. U won’t do such acts.. This Abhi idiot,he boasts about himself and does nothing.. He needs such a treatment..

Arnav : Ritu.. Please show some mercy on ur hubby..

Shruti : Hello.. Guys.. Don’t act like u are innocent and we are aggressive.. We have to be given medals for tolerating ur mood swings and business tension..

Swadhu : Well said Darlo..

Ritika : I agree with u di..

Arnav : Hmm.. Now three girls have joined hands.. We can’t do anything.. We agree that u have won..

Abhi : (whispers) Thank u bhai.. U have ended it here.. If it goes on and if i say something,then I will get more from her at home..

Sid : U are so pity Abhi..

Abhi pouts and nods..

When they were talking,Sanjay comes there with his wife.. He welcomed all of them.. Arnav gets angry on seeing him and is about to move..

PRECAP : It’s the 100th episode nah?? How can I give the precap?? But its going to be a mastwala episode..

Wait for tomorrow.. I will come with the last episode as soon as possible..
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  1. Really Awesome episode….3 yr leap wow….it is really surprised for us. Trio couple’s children???….mind blowing episode….??????

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear.. Glad that u liked the surprise.. ?? I want u to comment tmrw too dear..

  2. Sufija

    Lovely and cute episode dhidhi..?❤???…all kiddos were awesome…abi’s conditions is very bad…?…his kiddos also mocking at him..??… to hit…?????…love u dhidhi…shruthi is also a bookwarm like us..❤❤

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dear.. Ya.. Only one more episode.. Ya.. Shruti is also a bookworm like us

  3. Woooooowwsww sisssss wooowwww….grtest of greatst….loved d epi totally…I just cldnt cntrl ma laughter…i jst can’t say any scene as btr…coz alll r best…cldnt judge…abhi is havng grt fun wid his devil children….shru scldng arnav hahaha….sid swadhu r lovely ….their chldrn…..i cant cntrl ma laughter….abhi….wat a pity….lovely epi…pls update soon…cant wait to read….

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u ramya.. For having read my story even in ur busy u loads..

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