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Hey guys.. How are u doing?? Sorry for not being regular.. I was little busy as I was enjoying my vacation.. So,this is my last episode of this year.. Hope it will be posted within next year..lolz..

Happy new year guys.. Hope this new year brings happiness and prosperity to all of u..

If u have not read my previous episode,here is the link..


Let’s peep into the last episode of this year..


The episode starts with Sid entering the office..

Sid : I don’t know from where these headstrong idiots come.. Idiot. He spoiled my mood..

He sees Abhi sitting lost in thoughts..

Sid : Hello.. Mr.Chatterbox.. Why don’t u comment on what I said?? U are very good at it,is it not??

Abhi : I am confused dude.. Don’t make me angry..

Sid : same pinch.. I am also angry.. Come.. Let’s have tea..

Abhi : Hmm.. Ok..

They go to the canteen..


Arnav is getting ready to go to the office.. He searches for the file..

Arnav : Shruti.. Did u see the file which I kept here??

She comes running..

Shruti : Wait.. I will see..

Arnav and Shruti search together..
They hit their foreheads with each other..

Shruti : Aah.. Are u blind or what??

Arnav : Hello.. I can also ask u the same..Can’t u see??

They stare at each other.. They laugh..

Shruti : Hahaha.. Time has changed.. But our dialogues did not..

Arnav : Yeah..

They search again..

Shruti : Don’t worry.. I will get it..

Arnav : If u get it,I will give something for u..

Shruti : (herself) I don’t know what he is gonna give me.. Hmm.. I need it.. I have to find the file..

She gets the file..

Shruti : Arnav.. Here it is..

Arnav : Hey.. Thank u darling..

Shruti : Are u Mr. Arnav? I can’t even believe it.. U are thanking me?? And this cheesy ‘ darling’ word.. Is it a dream? But I expected that u would push all the books down to get ur file..

Arnav : Oh.. Really??

Shruti : Ya..forget it.Ok.. Let me come to the point.. U told me that u will give me something if I get u the file nah?? So give me.. I am waiting..

Arnav : Hmm.. Wait darling..

Arnav comes close to her.. Shruti moves back.. He comes further close to her.. She moves two more steps and stops as she has reached the wall.. Beside her,was the table in which her books were piled.. He comes closer to her.. Shruti could feel his breath.. She had a weird feeling and she closes her eyes.. Arnav sees her and smiles.. He pulled all her books down.. Shruti opens her eyes hearing the sound..

Arnav : This is what I had to give u.. Arrange these books as before..

He says with a wink and runs.. Shruti gets angry..

Shruti : How dare u??

She runs behind him.. He goes out of the room.. Shruti chases him to the hall and catches him by holding him from behind.. It was like she has hugged him.. She punches him.. Arnav’s mom Jhanvi sees her.. She laughs on seeing them.. Shruti is embarrassed and she leaves him.. She goes back to her room.. Arnav follows her..

Arnav : What happened darling??

Shruti did not answer..

He goes and arranges all her books as before..

Arnav : Are u alright now??

Shruti : Hmm..(smiles)

Arnav : I have a doubt dear.. Did u expect that I would give u something else as a gift for finding my file??(winks)

Shruti stares at him…

Arnav : Sorry if I had not make up to ur expectations..

He teases her.. Shruti is shy but does not show it out..

Shruti : if u don’t go to ur office now,I will kill u..

Arnav : No no.. I don’t want to get killed.. I want to live..

He says and winks at her again.. He leaves the house smiling..

Shruti : (herself) Aww.. This smile.. He slays me with his smile..


Sid and Abhi are in the canteen..

Sid : So.. Tell me dude.. What happened?? Why are u upset??

Abhi : I am confused dude..

Sid : Hey.. I asked u for the reason.. Why are u confused or whatever??

Abhi : Because of Ritika..

Sid waited for a moment.. But Abhi did not say anything..

Sid : Abhi.. Can’t u tell me in detail?? What is this?? U are answering like one mark questions?? Have u got this habit from ur wife??

Abhi : Wait.. I will tell u.. Ritika is not normal since we went to my family function.. She is not talking to me properly.. She is lost in thoughts..

Sid : Did u say anything??

Abhi : No.. I was thinking since yesterday that what hurted her but I could not find.. Every morning,she comes with me in bike to the office.. Today, I was waiting for her to come.. But she asked me to go and told that she will come by cab.. But,I was adamant and said that I won’t go to office without her.. Finally,she told me that she will take leave today.. I tried to know the reason but I could not.. She is full of mystery,u know??

Sid : U too should have taken leave and asked her what her problem is..

Abhi : I was about to take leave.. But arnav bhai told me that our higher official is coming today and we have to be here..

Sid : Oh.. Don’t worry dude.. These girls often do like this.. This Swadhu,if she does not fight with me once in a week,she will not get sleep.. Ritika might be upset for  some silly reasons.. U go and ask her in the evening..

Abhi : Hmm..

Sid gets a call from Arnav asking him to be in his cabin in fifteen minutes..
They leave the canteen..


Sid comes to Arnav’s cabin..

Arnav : Sid.. Get that file which I gave u..

Sid : Ya bhai.. It’s with me..

Arnav : Good.. The new CEO has come to our company today.. We have to show these files to him.. Be ready..

Sid : Yes bhai..

Arnav takes Sid to the conference hall.. Sid enters and gets shocked on seeing the CEO.. It was the guy whom Sid collided in the morning..

Sid : (himself) Oh God.. What is this?? Is he the CEO? Whatever.. I don’t care.. He was wrong and what I did was right..

Arnav shakes hand with him.. He introduces him to Sid..

Arnav : Sid.. This is Mr. Rakesh.. Our new CEO..

Rakesh looks at him..

Rakesh : Arnav.. We have met before.. He is a very honest person.. I know very well about him..

Arnav : Oh. That’s great..

He shakes hand with Sid with an evil smile..

Arnav : Sir.. Sid has the files.. U can check it..

Sid gives him the file.. Rakesh opens it and sees.. He gets angry..

Rakesh : Arnav.. What the hell is this??(to Sid) Is this the file which I  asked u to bring?? Who the hell  hired u for this job?? Irresponsible idiot.. Get lost..

He throws the file at Sid’s face.. Arnav is shocked.. He takes Sid aside..

Arnav : What is this Sid??

Sid : Bhai.. This is the right file.. That man is trying to take revenge on me..

Arnav gets the file and checks it..

Arnav : Sid. Look here. This is the wrong file..

Sid sees it..

Sid : Bhai.. I am extremely sorry.. I did not see it.. That file must be in my house.. I will ask Swadhu to bring..

Arnav : Ok.. Do it..

Arnav goes to Rakesh ..

Arnav : Rakesh.. I am sorry.. He did it by mistake.. He is a very hardworking and smart employee.. Give him a chance.. He will come with the right file..

Rakesh nods slightly looking angrily at Sid.. Sid stares at him..

PRECAP : No precap..

Happiiee new year guys.. Take care.. Keep smiling.. I will see u guys next year.. Drop ur likes and comments..

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  1. Wowwww sisssss arshru romance…….lovely……best cpuple….check ur insta inbox …..Sid he is in trouble oh god….nd happy new yr again sis…..waiting fr nxt epi eagerly….arnav pulling shruti books?????….cant wait fr nxt….sid nd abhi chat….oh god….lovely…..update soon…

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u so very much dear.. U made my day.. This really means a lot..luv u..?????

  2. Happy new year di. .????❤..super episode..waiting fa next..ur vacation is over di..go to college..nd don’t forget to post regularly…arshu ❤❤?aww..their secenes were lovely ❤❤❤❤..waiting fa next

    1. Anokhi21

      ??????thank u dear.. Ya.. Will try to be regular Hereafter..??

  3. Just 7 more episodes to hit ur century di..?????❤

    1. Anokhi21

      Ya.. 7 more episodes to complete this story..

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