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It’s night.. Shruti enters into her room.. She sees Arnav sitting.. He was lost in thoughts..

Shruti : (thinks) Till this Arrogant Singh Raizada did not become normal.. Hmm.. I will make him normal.. (To Arnav) Thank God.. Jhanvi Ma asked me where I went.. I told her that I went to my house and then to Abhi’s.. Am I good at lying?

Arnav : Hmm..

Shruti : What is this?? I am talking and u are just saying Hmm.. How boring!! Come let’s fight.. I want some entertainment..

Arnav : No Shruti.. I won’t fight with u anymore..

Shruti : What?? I can’t live without fighting with u..

Arnav : Do u know how I suffered after knowing that u are lost?? I thought u might have done suicide attempt..

Shruti : Hahaha.. Me?? Suicide attempt?? Don’t worry.. I won’t do so.. If I am such a person,who takes such decisions,I would have done it on the day u insulted me when I came to propose u.. But I overcame all those and yesterday for that silly fight.. I did not even take it serious..

She did not see Arnav till she said that.. When she saw his face,his eyes were red with tears..

Shruti : What happened?? Why are u crying?

Arnav : I am extremely sorry from the bottom of my heart Shruti.. I know that a simple sorry will not heal u.. I have hurted u so much.. But,there is a reason for my behaviour.. I wanted to tell this to u.. Please don’t think that I hided this from u purposefully.. I did not feel like telling.. (His hands began shivering and his voice breaks) When I was in first year,I loved a girl named Varsha.. But.. But.. She.. Left.. Me..

He started feeling dizzy and he struggled to get words out of his mouth.. Shruti saw him and she hugged him.. She rubbed his back..

Shruti : U don’t have to say anything.. I know everything about Varsha.. Relax Arnav.. I am with u.. Its not wrong that u did not tell me all these.. I know about this even before our marriage.. But don’t think that I loved u out of sympathy.. It’s not so. I started loving u when we were in college.. U cool down Arnav.. And one more thing.. U don’t have to feel guilty for Varsha’s demise.. It’s Sanjay and Varun who have to be guilty.. Think what would u have done if u were in the place of Varsha.. Would u be calm?? U would have stood against Sanjay for Varsha nah?? Will u blame her if anything happened to u?? Its no nah?? Then why are u feeling guilty and hurting urself?? Come out of that guilt Arnav.. She has presented u this beautiful life by giving up hers.. Don’t u think it’s precious?? Do u think she would be happy if u waste this life regretting about urself?? Definitely not.. She has lost her life only to see u live happil.. Please don’t ruin it.. Be happy and live ur life.. That is the ultimate respect u could give her..

Arnav did not come out of her embrace till she finishes.. He was nodding like a kid.. He did not think that Shruti would take this matter in a mature way..

When he pulled himself back,his years were dried and he was calm.. He started talking..

Arnav : Now I can understand how stupid I was.. And what I wanted to say is,when I saw u for the first time in college,u were fighting with the waiter in canteen.. Varsha was also arguing with an auto driver when I first saw her.. So,u reminded me of her.. Whenever I saw u,u brought me memories of her.. . U resemble Varsha in every aspect.. When Sanjay sent goons to attack u, I was standing like a statue as that incident in which Varsha left me came to my mind.. I thought of avoiding u as I started falling for u every day..I thought its like betraying Varsha.. I left India just to be away from u.. But our fate brought us closer every time and we lost our control and were about to kiss that day.. I regretted that later and I thought of Varsha.. I wanted to hurt u so much that u will not come to me again. And that’s why I used such a word,which I have not used before for anyone.. I should not have done so.. I am extremely sorry.. But it was of no use,since our fate made us get married.. Later I got an audio note which Varsha left for me.. I am trying to be happy and make u happy from then on.. And I promise that,I will keep u happy forever.. I won’t hurt u anymore as I had done enough before.. I love u.. I love u to the core Shruti..

He kissed her forehead.. Shruti was spellbound and could not talk even a word.. She hugged him..


It’s morning.. Abhi and Ritika have their breakfast while Abhi’s phone ring.. It’s from Abhi’s mom.. He talks to her..

After he hangs up,Ritika talks to him..

Ritika : Abhi.. What is the matter?? She has called u after long time..

Abhi : Ya.. It’s a surprise.. My grandfather’s 75th birthday comes tomorrow.. My family has organized a grand function.. So,she asked us to join too..

Ritika : What?? So,she has accepted us??

Abhi : I think mom is convinced.. That’s why she has called us.. My mom is the only daughter of my grandpa and I am her only son.. So,they have called us specially..

Ritika : Hmm.. That’s good to know..

Abhi : So be ready tomorrow.. If we convince,lady Hitler,the real Hitler can be convinced with the help of her..

Ritika : Hitler??

Abhi : Duffer.. It’s my mom and dad..

Ritika : Oh.. My father in law and mother in law.. Ok ok..

Abhi : U have improved so much Ritu..

Ritika winks and gives him a proud smile..


It’s morning.. Arnav has gone to office.. Shruti gets a call from an unknown number..

Shruti : Hello..

The man : Hello Shruti.. How are u now??

Shruti : Who are u??

The man: Did u not save my number yet?? What Shruti?? I am important person in ur life and u have not even saved my number..

Shruti : Will u tell me who u are?? Else I will hang up..

The man : Hey.. It’s Varun.. Sorry.. I thought that u have left the godown and locked it.. I did not know that u were still there.. Now only I came to know that ur loveable husband searched for u all day everywhere in the city like a dog..

Shruti : Shut up u liar.. I very well know that it was u who locked me inside the godown.. Don’t u feel ashamed for doing cheap things like this?? But,I have to thank u.. Because of u only,I could understand my Arnav and read his heart.. Get lost..

She hung up.. She thought Varun would disturb her further.. She thought of telling this to someone.. She calls Sid and tells him everything..

Sid : Shruti.. How dare he is!! We should have filed complaint against him..

Shruti : No Sid.. I thought of telling all these to u yesterday itself.. But Arnav too was there.. If he comes to know that this Varun idiot is the reason behind all these,he would do anything.. I don’t want anything to happen.. That Varun has so much vengeance on us even when we have done nothing.. If we file a complaint,can u assure that he won’t do anything later?? We have to stop all these.. Let’s go and talk to him..

Sid : Hmm.. I too feel that what u say is right.. Let’s go..

He hangs up..Swadhu hugged him from behind..

Swadhu : Sweetheart!! What were u talking??

Sid tells her everything..

Swadhu : So.. It’s Varun who locked Shruti inside.. He should be taught a lesson.. I am also coming with u..

Both of them get ready..


Sid,Swadhu and Shruti reach NMR supermarket where Varun works.. They go to him..

Swadhu : Guys.. I will handle him.. U don’t talk anything..

Sid : Ok Madam.. I think Jhansi rani mode is on..

Shruti : Ya Sid.. I too think the same.. Varun is going to get scared and leave the city..

They tease her and laugh..

Swadhu goes to him..

Swadhu : Hey.. Congrats.. Now u have got courage to trouble people urself.. Before,u were using Sanjay for it.. Now u don’t have anyone to execute ur evil plans and so u are doing it urself.. Awesome.. Well done..

Varun : What to do Swadheenta?? We have to fight alone at times..

Sid : See,He is a freedom fighter.. He fights alone..How brave!! (Sarcastically)

Varun : Hmm.. Ya.. I am fighting alone.. U guys have insulted me a lot in college and I am paying back ur debts..

Shruti : have u ever thought why we insulted u or hurted u?? It’s all because of ur own behaviour.. U used Sanjay for ur good and implemented ur plans by him.. U made him the culprit.

Swadhu : She is right.. U are the one who dragged my brother to wrong paths.. I know that u are the reason for everything bad which my  brother did.. So,u are the culprit.. U did everything u wanted by making Sanjay do it.. And he is good only after he came away from u..

Sid : If u were a good friend,u would have  stopped Sanjay when he does something wrong and advised him.. But instead u added fuel to the fire every time.. Have u ever felt guilty of that??

Shruti : And I know that u were the mastermind for the murder of Varsha.. On hearing about her,I feel that she was a girl who had dreams about her future.. But u spoiled it overnight.. Would u do the same if she is ur sister??

Sid : I heard that u don’t have parents and siblings.. And u  were grown up in ur uncle’s house who tortures u at times.. Thats why u don’t know the real meaning of love,care and friendship.. U are no more a kid.. U are in a big position in this organization.. So,act according to that.. Always try to see good in people..

Swadhu : If u have apologized at least once for all ur acts,we would have forgiven u.. But still u have the vengeance which u had before years.. Don’t u feel like it is a burden??

Shruti : If u do not still understand that u were wrong, and if u did not regret ur act,then u are not a human.. If u still think that we insult u,u do whatever..

Three of them walk out.. Varun stands there like a statue..

PRECAP : Abhi and Ritu go to the function. Ritika gets upset on hearing two ladies talking about her..

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And sorry if this last scene looks like lecture.. I am a person who believes that words have superpowers.. So,I think we can change any bad person into good by the way of talking..

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