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Arnav gets up in the morning.. He goes and talks with his mom,Jhanvi..

Jhanvi : Where is Shruti??

Arnav : She has gone to her house nah?? U forgot??

Jhanvi : What?? She has gone there?? She did not say to me..

Arnav : What??

Jhanvi : She was here till last night..

Arnav : (thinks) I think she has left after mom went to sleep.. She might have thought that I would go and pick her up and take her home.. That’s why she has texted and called me.. I have to go and pick her up now..(to Jhanvi) Haan Ma.. She told me that she missed her parents.. So I took her to her house in the morning itself.. I did not want to disturb u and that’s why did not tell u..

Jhanvi : Stupid.. Then why are u asking about that to me??

She hits on Arnav’s head.. He smiles..

Arnav : Ya.. I am stupid Ma.. (Thinks) let me go to her house and convince her..


Shruti slowly opens her eyes as she could feel the heat of the sun rays coming from the window pane.. She realized where she is.. She tries to switch on her phone but she could not.. She shouts.. But nobody hears it as the room is fully closed.. She tries reaching for the window pane.. She thinks of breaking it and calling someone.. But it was very high that she could not reach it.. She climbs on goods and reaches for window pane.. She tries breaking it with the rod in her hand.. But she could not reach it.. She slips and fall down.. She gets bruises in her hands..

Shruti : (herself) Oh God.. I don’t know how I am gonna escape from this place.. Nobody knows that I am here.. They might have been searching for me by now.. How do I tell them that I am caught here?? God.. Please help me.. It’s Sunday today and they won’t open this super market… I don’t know what I am gonna do?? I am thirsty..

She cries and searches for water.. But could not find it..


Arnav goes to Shruti’s house.. Shruti’s brother Karthik welcomes him..

Karthik : Welcome arnav.. U have come alone.. Where is Shruti??

Arnav : (thinks) What is he saying?? Shruti did not come here??

Then Shruti’s mom,dad,grandma and grandpa everyone welcome him and ask about Shruti..

Arnav : (thinks) Seems like she is not here.. (To them) Shruti is at home. She needed some of her certificates to apply for a job.. So she asked me to get them..

Radhika (Shruti’s mom) : She could have come with u nah??

Arnav : She is busy at home.. I will take her here in the evening..

Karthik : Shruti is busy?? Can’t believe.. She might be sleeping till now..

He laughs..

Arnav is confused about where Shruti had gone.. He comes out of her house and calls Sid and asks whether she came to his house.. But he told that she did not.. He called Abhi and asked too.. But he also told that she did not come to him..

Arnav gets worried..


He goes to Abhi’s house and calls Sid and Swadhu there.. Five of them have assembled and Arnav told them the matter..

Abhi : Don’t worry bhai.. She would be sleeping somewhere in ur house itself..

Ritika : Abhi.. Can’t u be serious??

Abhi : What I am telling may be true.. She might be hiding somewhere in the cupboard or something.. She is such a girl only..

Sid : May be.. Did u check in ur house??

Arnav : Ya.. I checked.. She is not there..

Sid : Ok.. No problem.. She might be somewhere.. We will check in our friends’ houses..

Swadhu : But Sid.. Do u think she would have gone somewhere else except ours??

Sid : Let’s check Swadhu..

They call Vicky first and ask him.. But he too says that he did not see her..

Sid : Don’t worry bhai.. We will find her..

Arnav,Sid and Abhi go and search together.. Ritika and Swadheenta search in their friends house..

Its nearly 2 p.m but they could not find any clue about Shruti’s whereabouts..

They stop at a place as they were feeling thirsty..

Abhi called Swadhu..

Abhi : Did u find anything??

Swadhu : No.. She is not in anybody’s house.. I am really scared..

She began crying slightly.

Abhi : Hey.. Don’t worry.. We will find her soon..

Sid got the mobile and convinced her.. He hanged up later..

Abhi took Sid away from Arnav and talked to him..

Abhi : we are searching since morning.. And we did not get even a single clue..Even I am scared Sid..

Sid : No.. Nothing will happen to her..

Abhi : There might be some accident or something??

Sid gets worried and thinks..

Sid : Abhi.. We have to be strong.. So that Arnav bhai will be strong.. Please act strong in front of him..

By then Arnav gets a call from his sister Vividha..

Vividha : Bhai.. Get herbal medicine for Ma when u come.. She needs it..

Arnav : Why? We did not buy it??

Vividha : I wrote in grocery list.. But I think bhabhi( Shruti -sis in law) forgot if.. She went to the shop yesterday and she forgot it..

Arnav : Ok.. I will come later only.. U go and get it in the nearby shop..

She hangs up..

Sid comes to him..

Sid : Bhai.. Do u know where Shruti went yesterday evening??

Arnav : Don’t know..(thinks) Ya. My sister told me that she went to the shop..

Sid : Did she return home??

Arnav is shocked when he asked so..

Arnav : (hesitantly) Ya.. She has returned. My sister told me that she got everything except medicines..

Sid : Oh..

Arnav : So,sid.. U think that some accident sort of thing might have happened to her??

Sid could not answer.. Arnav got tears in his eyes..

Sid and Abhi console him.. But Arnav cries..

Arnav : No Sid.. Its all my mistake.. I shouted at her yesterday morning.. I did not even ask sorry.. She texted me telling that she would go to her house. I saw it last night only.. I should have been serious about it.. I don’t deserve her..  I should not have done so.. I have always hurted her.. I am the reason for all these.. Because of me only,she went somewhere..

He cries..

Abhi : What ?? U shouted at her?? I am scared now.. What if she had taken some stupid decision??

Arnav becomes emotional.. Sid asks Abhi to stop..

Sid : Bhai.. Do u think Shruti will take stupid decision for such a thing?? She is not such a girl..She never will.. Don’t lose hope.. We will find her..

Arnav thinks of the moments with her..

On the other side,Shruti feels weak and she could not even move.. She thinks of her moments with her friends.. She thinks of the moments with Arnav.. She cherishes the moments she spent with Arnav on Sid’s wedding..

Shruti : Arnav.. I wanted to propose u.. I want u to reciprocate ur feelings.. I want to live a day happily with u.. Eventhough,I have forgiven u even when the first time u apologized to me,I played prank at u telling that I am still angry at u.. I wanted to see ur cute reaction.. But,at this moment,I regret everything.. I should have accepted ur apology.. I should have taken u out of ur guilt..I failed as ur wife.. So sorry.. I want to meet u at this moment and tell u that I have forgiven u.. I want to tell u that I love u beyond limits..

Betahasha dil ne
Tujhko hi chaaha hai
Har duaa mein maine
Tujhko hi maanga hai
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Tera jaana jaise koi baddua
Door jaaoge jo tum
Mar jaayenge hum
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam o..
Sanam teri kasam.. Plays.

Thodu Vaanam Thodugindra Neram

Tholaivinil Pogum Ada Tholainthumae Pogum
Thodu Vaanamaai Pakkamaagiraai.. Plays..

Shruti:  Arnav I love u..I think u won’t find me.. I can’t even open my eyes.. I am thirsty and now hungry too.. I am weak.. I think I will have to die here till they open the door of this godown.. Please God.. Send him..

She suffocates and faints..


Vicky comes in an auto..

Vicky : Arnav.. This auto driver has dropped Shruti in the in the NMR supermarket last night.. He told me when I showed her photo to him.

Arnav : Bhai.. When did u drop her??

Auto driver : Around 10 o clock..

They go to the super market and enquire in the nearby shops.. But nobody knows anything.. By then,that worker who was there when Shruti came passes by.. He comes on seeing them running here and there enquiring about Shruti..

Worker : Sir.. May I help u??

Arnav : Did u see this girl last night??(shows her picture)

Worker : Yes sir.. She came to get the things which she forgot before.. But she went then itself..

Sid : No bhai.. She is missing..

Worker : She went to our godown to get the things.. My manager told me that she returned..

Arnav : Godown??

Abhi :  Arnav bhai.. Why don’t we check there??

They ask the worker and he gets the keys and open it.. Arnav runs first.. He opens the door and gets shocked to see Shruti lying down unconscious..

He takes her in his lap and cries..

Arnav : Shruti.. Are u alright??Get up..

Sid goes and gets water.. Swashu splash water in her face.. She becomes half conscious.. Arnav lifts her up and takes her in his arms.. They take her to the hospital..
Later,the doctor comes and tells them that they can go and see her..

Arnav goes first.. Shruti is sitting in the bed.. He goes and hugs her..

Arnav :  Shruti.. Are u alright?? Do u know how I searched for u?? Do u know how I was scared?? Why did not u call and tell me that u are caught in the godown?? I got ur life back only when I saw u.. I am really sorry for whatever happened yesterday.. I was in work tension. I should not behaved so with u.. I can accept any punishment for that.. I am really sorry.. Infinite times..Dont go away from me.. I can’t lose u too.. I want u to be with me for the rest of my life.. I love u Shruti..

He was talking non-stop without even waiting for Shruti’s answers.. She was surprised as she has not this version of Arnav so far..
She felt goosebumps.. He has confessed his love for her..  the love of her life has finally admitted that he is fallen for her..She yearned for this moment.. She does not know what to say.. She hugged him tight and cried..
By then her friends came to her and they have a talk.. But Arnav looked sad and Shruti caught him.. She decides to light his mood up..

PRECAP : Arnav hugs Shruti and tells about Varsha.. And tells her why he behaved weirdly when she came to propose him..

Sorry guys.. For posting late.. I was not feeling well and was a lil busy too.. Hope u enjoy this episode..happy Sunday. Take care..

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  1. Wow…awesome…lovely episode dhidhi really cute…arshu moments 😘❤😘🔥🔥…arnav…feeling fa shru 😢😢😢. ….finally he confessed his love to her..❤💖💖💖…and precap 👌👌👌😢😢😘😘😘. ..waiting fa next epi. .😘😘😘😘😘😘…love u di

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u dearie..😍😍

  2. Waiting for your century di.. .😘

    1. Anokhi21

      I am also excited about it dear..

  3. Wowwwwwwww sissss….osm epi…jst loved it….finally arnav lovely….His confessions omg….this abhi got serious in his lifetime fr the frst tym….srsly abhi …finally they r together…precap omg..idk how shru will react….waiting eagerly siss….

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u so very much dear.. Ya… Feeling odd when Abhi becomes serious..😂😂😂

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