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Episode 78

Let’s see what happens today..


Swadhu keeps on thinking that why Shruti and Sid are keeping distance with each other..

Swadhu : (thinks) I have been with the for the past 5 to 6 years.. I have never seen them like this.. Whatever may be the situation,they don’t fight with each other.. And even if they fight,they will talk the next second.. I have wondered how they can be so close.. But I don’t know what made them be like this.. Hmm.. I want to talk to someone about this..

She calls Abhi..

Abhi ,: Hello.. Mrs. Siddharth.. Why did u call me??

Swadhu : I am not officially Mrs. Siddharth yet.. But it sounds good.. U can call me so..

Abhi : So.. Tell me Mrs.Siddharth..

Swadhu : Hmm.. I want to talk something serious.. Did u see Sid and Shruti yesterday??

Abhi : Ya.. I saw them.. I don’t  have any problem in my eyes..

Swadhu : Idiot.. Did u notice how they behaved with each other??

Abhi : What behaviour?? As usual they would have behaved like Stupids..

Swadhu : Do u know,who is the biggest stupid? It’s me Duffer.. I thought of calling u nah?? That shows my stupidity.. Hang up..

Abhi : Hey.. Swadhu.. Wait wait.. Ok..I will be serious.. Tell me what happened between Shruti and Sid..

Swadhu : U were wandering around dining hall yesterday.. I think that’s why u did not notice..Actually.. Sid and Shruti are not like before.. They are maintaining distance.. Whenever I call Sid to Shruti’s house,he is not coming.. He tells lame excuses and avoids coming there.. And Shruti also is not talking well with Sid.. She only answers whenever he asks something.. Some cold war is happening between them.. I sense something is bothering Sid too..

Abhi : Is it so?? I did not feel so..

Swadhu : When did u notice others?? U might be busy romancing with ur wife..

Abhi : Remind me often.. That I have a wife.. Ok.. Coming to the point.. So what are u trying to say??

Swadhu : We have to find what is going on between them and unite them as before.. I need ur help..

Abhi : Hmm.. What will I get in return??

Swadhu : Won’t u do for free??

Abhi : No.. People say if u are good at something,don’t do it for free..

Swadhu : U are good for nothing.. K leave it..I will do whatever u say..

Abhi : Deal ok.. Ritika will also join us..

Swadhu : Ok.. Now,we have to make sure that there is something going on between them.. I will try to bring Sid to Shruti’s house.. Both of u too come there..

She hangs up..


Swadhu calls Sid and asks him to take her in his bike.. She tells him that the destination is a surprise and guides him to Shruti’s house..
They reach Shruti’s house..

Swadhu : That’s it.. Come let’s go and See Shruti..

Sid : U go Swadhu.. I have some work..

By then Abhi and Ritika come from inside..

Abhi : Swadhu ,Sid.. Come inside.. Shruti is waiting for u..

Sid : Abhi.. U take Swadhu inside.. I have some work.. I will come later..

Swadhu signs Abhi and Ritika to look at it..

Ritika : Bhaiya.. Come.. Shruti didi is waiting for u..

They pull them..

Sid : (to himself) No..I will not step in her house unless she comes and calls me. I have to do something..(to them) Guys.. I have to make a call..

Swadhu : Come inside and talk..

Sid : No.. There are many guests.. It is noisy.. U go inside.. I will come..

Swadhu snatches bike keys from him and goes..

Abhi,Swadhu and Ritu go inside.. Shruti welcomes them..

Abhi : Ur dear friend is waiting outside.. We compelled him to come inside.. But he is not coming..

They watch Shruti’s reaction keenly..

Abhi : (whispers in Swadhu’s ears) Confirmed..something is fishy..

Swadhu : I think he is afraid of u..

She giggles..

Shruti : (to herself) Sid is not coming inside as I told him that day not to come to my house.. Today,I have to go and call him.. Else these three will get doubt and sense that we have a fight.. Then they will start giving lectures to me..

She smiles and goes out with a smiling face..

Shruti : (smiling) Sid.. Why are u standing here?? Come inside nah??

She grabs his hand and takes him inside.. Sid feels very happy.. Swadhu and Abhi get confused..

They come inside..

Sid : Shruti.. Thank u for inviting me inside.. Thank u for understanding me dear.. I know that u will understand I did good for u one day.. I am very happy that one day is today..

Shruti smiles..

Abhi : (whispers to Swadhu) U were right.. There was some problem between them.. But now its alright I think..

Swadhu nods..

After sometime,all of them have a talk.. Shruti and Sid are sitting adjacently.. Shruti whispers in Sid’s ear..

Shruti : Don’t think that I have forgot whatever u did.. I cannot take what u did to me.. Arnav,he always tries to hurt me.. And this time,I am deeply hurt.. I wanted not to face him anymore in my life.. But because of u,I am going to marry him.. I challenged u that I will stop the marriage.. But I lost.. U won.. But I cannot take that..I am helpless now.. Remember one thing, I acted like behaving with u normally because I don’t want our friends to know about our fights.. If they come to know,they will advice me.. Already I have enough of problems.. I don’t want anything more to happen..

Swadhu overhears the last five  lines of Shruti..

Swadhu : (thinks) So.. Shruti acted.. Hmm.. I guessed it right.. I will not stop without uniting them..

Someone calls her and She goes..

Sid : Hmm..Ur acting is so good Shruti.. But I hope this will happen in real one day.. That day is not so far.. And as I said,did u think at least once,why Arnav hurted u?? There must be a reason.. I beg u to search for it.. That is the solution for all the misunderstanding.. Between u and Arnav as well as between us..

He goes out..


It’s Shruti’s mehndi function.. So many young girls are sitting and they have mehndi in their hands.. Shruti is sitting disinterestedly stretching her hands.. She is surrounded by ladies from Arnav’s side..The girls were drawing mehndi in her hands..

A girl put mehndi in Ritika’s hands.. She asks her husband’s name to write in her hnads.. Ritika recalls her marriage.. The girl shakes her and asks her husband’s name again.. She says “ Abhijeet”. The girl writes in Ritika’s hand..

On the other side Swadhu was asked by the girl what to write in her hand..

Swadhu : His name is Siddharth.. Write it as if it is very difficult to find.. He is not at all taking to me properly these days.. I have to punish him.. Write my name in big letters..

The girl does as she said..

Later Abhi and Sid come there.. Swadhu comes to them..

Abhi : Oye Swadhu.. This function is  over,isn’t it? When will they give food??

Swadhu : They will not give food to u.. Go out..

Abhi : Hmm.. Ok.. I will get Ritu’s share..

Swadhu : Whatever! I came here to talk to Mr. Busy bee.. He is not at all talking to me these days..

Sid : Hey.. Sorry Swadhu.. Tell me.. Hmm.. Women write their husband’s name in hand,isn’t it?? Show me??

Abhi : Oh God.. U will start ur Romance now..

They did not notice Abhi’s words.

Swadhu : No.. I did not write ur name.. U became very bad nowadays.. This is my punishment to u.. See.. I have written my name only..

Sid : Sorry dear.. If I do something romantic,u will say that u don’t like these filmy type Romance.. If I don’t do,u will punish me like this..

Swadhu : Ya.. I will do so only.. But u have to convince me nah??

By then someone calls Sid,he goes.. Swadhu stands there with disappointment..

Abhi : (thinks) It means,Ritika would have written my name.. I want to check it.. But she would have written if she has accepted me as her husband.. Whatif she thinks of me only as a friend?? Hmm.. This is a good chance to know that.. I will find out..

He goes to Ritika…

Abhi : Hi.. Ritu.. Have u done with ur mehandi??

Ritu : Haan yes..

Abhi : (thinks) What is this?? I expected that she would show her hands to me.. But she did not.. She does not get excited for anything I think.. If it is Shruti or swadhu, they would have shown..

Ritu : Are u hungry?? Do u wanna eat??

Abhi : Ya..

Ritu : Hmm.. Come let’s go there..

She goes.. Abhi follows her.. He tries to hold her hand.. He touches it.. She turns..

Ritu : What happened Abhi??

Abhi : Nothing.. I just wanted to know whether ur mehndi dried or not..

Ritu : oh.. Just now they completed it.. It will take time..

She gets him food..

Abhi :U can eat with me nah?? To give company..

Ritu : No.. I have to wash hands.. I will have later with Swadhu didi and Shruti didi.. Don’t worry,I will sit by ur side..

She sits with him..

Abhi : If mehndi is ur only problem,don’t worry.. I will feed u..(winks)

Ritu was surprised by his gesture.. She blushes..

Ritu : No.. I will eat later..

She smiles blushing..

But he could not see her hands till the last,inspire of his tactics..


Abhi pulls Swadhu to a corner..

Swadhu : Stupid.. I am not ur wife.. She is there.. Go and romance with her.. Why are u taking me aside??

Abhi : Hey.. I know that.. U have promised me that u will do something for me nah?? For helping u to unite Sid and Shruti..

Swadhu : Ya.. What happened now??

Abhi: U have to help me now..

Swadhu : Tell me.. Don’t ask something big..I don’t have much money now..

Abhi : Hmm.. U have to come with me..

Swadhu : Where??

Abhi : I have to get a dress for Ritu.. I have to present her.. I don’t know about girls dresses.. U have to help me..

Swadhu : That’s it??

Abhi : ya..

Swadhu : I thought u are gonna ask something big.. Ok no problem.. I will help u.. But look.. U are trying to be romantic Abhi.. How nice!! But Sid..

She sighs..

They go to a shop and Abhi tortures her until she selects a nice dress for Ritika.. They return home..

PRECAP : Sid-Swadhu,Abhi-Ritu sangeet performance..

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