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Episode 71
Let’s peep into today’s episode..


It’s 12.30 a.m.. Ritika was sleeping in her room.. Her mami had headache and so she came to Ritika’s room to take tablets.. As Ritika was sleeping,she did not notice her mangalsutra which was outside.. Her mami sees her mangalsutra and gets shocked..

Mami : What is this??

She wakes her up.. Ritika gives a confused expression..

Mami : What the hell have u done??

Ritika : Mami.. I don’t understand what u are saying..

Mami : Hmm.. U are a kid.. U don’t know anything..

She stared at her blankly.. She placed her hand on the mangalsutra and asked..

Mami : What is this?? Who did this?? Is it Arjun??

Ritika did not answer.. Tears pooled in her eyes..

Mami : Answer me.. If it is Arjun,I won’t scold u.. Why are u not answering me?? Tell me.. Is it Arjun?

Ritika shook her head.. Her mami gave a tight slap.. Ritika started crying..

Mami : How dare u do this?? Tell me who did this..

Ritika was silent..

Mami : Did someone else know about this??

Ritika shook her head..

Mami : ok.. Forget it.. Just remove that and throw it away.. I won’t tell anyone.. And u can get married to Arjun as planned..

Ritika was standing like a statue..

Mami : Do what I say..

Ritika did not do anything..

Her mami came near her and tried to remove her mangalsutra.. Suddenly Ritika held her hand..

Mami : How dare u do that?? U got courage today?? Let me make u sit at home..

She tried to slap her.. But Ritika did not let her..

Ritika : I tolerated ur torture till today.. But I won’t be like this anymore.. U don’t have any right to compel me to marry a man whom I don’t like.. I am already married..

Mami : Oho.. If so,u have to go to  his,means ur husband’s house nah?? Why are u staying here?? Get out..

She threw her out without even thinking that it’s midnight.. She threw her things too..Ritika was helpless.. She tried calling Abhi.. But could not as his phone was switched off.. She went to a nearby temple and sat there crying..
It’s morning.. She woke up when sunrays fell on her face..

She tried calling Abhi again and sent a message..

In half an hour,Abhi came to the temple..

Abhi : Ritika.. U asked me to come here.. What happened?? How did u come here this early morning??

She hugged him and cried.. By then Abhi noticed her suitcase.. He understood what happened..

Abhi : Don’t worry Ritika.. I am with u..

Ritika was surprised that he understood her situation even before she said about that..
Ritika looked up and saw his face..

Abhi : When did u come here??

Ritika : I came at 1 o clock..

Abhi : What?? At midnight?? How dare ur mami to send u out at that time?? Let’s go and ask her..

Ritika : No.. I don’t want to see her again.. She asked me to throw this mangalsutra away.. I refused.. So she sent me out..

Abhi : (thinks) Means u are  also serious about our marriage.. That’s good..(to Ritika) Ritika.. I can talk to my parents about us.. But I need some time.. May be I will tell them this evening.. Wait…

He calls one of his friends and talks to him..

Abhi : One of my friends’ flat is there.. He is out of town now.. We can go there now.. U can get ready and come to the office.. I will take u home by evening hopefully..

Ritika : Thank u Abhijeet.. And sorry for troubling u..

Abhi : What is this Ritika?? No thank u and Sorry between us..

Abhi takes her to his friend’s flat and she gets ready and come to the office as usual..


Shruti is in dilemma.. Aatvik keeps on calling her and sending messages asking her to say that she does not like him to her parents.. Shruti wanted to share it with someone.. On the other side Abhi was thinking about how he is gonna tell about his marriage to his parents..

Shruti reached the office.. Abhi was already there and he was lost in thoughts..

Shruti : Oye.. Mr.Abhi.. What happened?? Why are u being so silent?

Abhi : (thinks) Shall I tell her everything?? May be I will get some help from her.. (Realizes something) No.. She would become angry.. Not for telling this to them all these days.. (To Shruti) Nothing..

Shruti : I have not seen u being so silent..

Abhi : I am thinking for a word to tease u.. I was just thinking..

Shruti : But I have not seen u thinking..Whatever.. Will Sid come today?? 

Abhi : I don’t know.. He did not say anything..

Shruti : oh..(thinks) Sid.. Please come today.. That coward Aatvik is torturing me.. I want to talk to u..

By then Sid comes.

Sid : Hi folks..

Shruti : We were talking about u only.. Thank God.. U came..

Sid : Ya.. I came.. But I will leave now..

Abhi,Shruti : What?? Why??

Sid : We are going to our village.. My grandma is old and she could not attend our engagement.. So we are going there to get her blessings.. Will be back in a week..

Abhi : Enjoy.. Swadhu is also coming??

Sid : Swadhu’s family and mine..

Shruti : u did not even tell me??

Sid : That’s a surprise for u.. I have applied for leave.. And I came to meet u and Arnav boss to tell about this.. Let me go and tell him..

Shruti : (thinks) Shall I tell him about Aatvik now?? No.. Sid is happy.. I don’t want to tell him my problems.. Let him be happy.. I will handle this myself..

After sometime,Sid comes out and he leaves..


Its evening.. Abhi goes to his house dropping Ritika in his friends flat.. Ritika had a weird feeling.. She was waiting for Abhi to come.. Abhi came after 2 hours..

Abhi : Ritika.. Are u okay?? Did u eat something??

Ritika nodded.. She was eagerly waiting for Abhi’s words..

Abhi : Ritika.. I am extremely sorry.. I could not talk to my parents.. My dad is a professor and he told that his student eloped and get married.. Their parents are giving pressures to my dad as both the girl and boy are from his class.. He is tensed over it.. And my mumma.. She was complaining that today’s young boys and girls are like this and they don’t even give importance to their parents.. I was guilty and could not do anything.. I am sorry.. I can’t talk to them immediately.. But I will for sure..
Ritika cried..

Ritika : I am extremely sorry for this.. This is all because of me.. Who asked you to marry me?? (She realizes something) Abhi.. This will not work out.. Let’s break this marriage.. It is not at all a marriage to the world.. I will go and live myself.. And I will not bother u anymore.. Thank u for giving me courage to stand for myself..

She tried to remove her wedlock chain..

Abhi : Stop Ritika.. I know that u don’t have courage to remove it.. If u had the courage,u would have thrown it on the day when I tied that to u.. And u don’t have to feel sorry.. U are my responsibility and its my duty to take care if u.. Don’t worry.. I will get a house on rent and u can be there for the time being..

Apni Aankhein Khaali Kar De
Kaash Tu Meri Aankhein Bhar De
Kaash Tu Meri Aankhein Bhar De
Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge
Ho Mere Yaara Tere Gham Agar Payenge
Humein Teri Hai Kasam, Hum Sanwar Jayenge
Do Yeh Saugaat Tum, Toh Zamaane Ki Hum
Do Yeh Saugaat Tum, Toh Zamaane Ki Hum
Har Khushi Se Mukar Jayenge
Hum Mar Jayenge..Ho…
Hum Mar Jayenge .plays..

Ritika is overwhelmed.. She did not think that he will be so responsible..

Abhi looks for a small house for rent and luckily he found one.. He did not have much money and he called Shruti and asked for money.. When she asked why he needs money,he did not say anything.. Shruti was not In mood to hear from him and so she gave him..

He made Ritika stay in that house and got some household things for her..

He left her there and went home.. Ritika had a peaceful sleep that night..


Aatvik again messaged Shruti.. Shruti replied him that she will not do as he said..
He called her at midnight..

Shruti : Why are u calling me now?? I can’t change my mind.. I won’t do what u ask me to..

Aatvik : Shruti please.. Aarti said that she will commit suicide if u say no..

Shruti : its ur love nah?? U have to stand for it..
She hung up the call..

In the morning,Aatvik called her.. Shruti did not answer but he was calling her continuous ly.. Finally she attended the call..

Shruti : Why the hell are u torturing me??

Aatvik : Shruti.. Aarti tried to commit suicide.. She cut her hand with knife.. She is in hospital.. Her sister called me and told me. Her mom does not know why she did so.. She lost her father at young age.. And she is working to take care of her family..If I say all these to my parents,they will not accept.. U are my only hope Shruti.. Please do his for me.. Her life is in ur hand..

Shruti : This is emotional blackmail aatvik.. She must be mad to die for a coward like u..

She hung up the call.. She was in dilemma..
She found her uncle and aunt( Aatvik’s parents) in her doorstep.. Her mother welcomed them..

PRECAP : Shruti cries on seeing Abhi.. “ Don’t worry.. Everything will be alright”,Abhi says..
Later Shruti hugs Arnav and cries.. Arnav consoles her..

Guys.. My next update will be on Thursday.. So what do u think?? Will this Aatvik matter bring a twist in Shruti’s life?? Will Abhi tell about His marriage with Ritika to his friends?? Stay tuned guys.. Twists and turns are waiting for u..

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