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Let’s peep into today’s epi..


The episode starts with Shruti standing with tears in her eyes when she saw the face off between Sanjay and Arnav.. She goes inside.. Sid notices her..

Sid : Hey why are u upset?

Shruti : Everything messed up.. Sanjay came and talked with Arnav too..

Sid : Did he fight with him??

Shruti : No.. He apologized..

Sid : I did not expect this.. What did Arnav do??

Shruti : He became emotional after hearing Varsha’s name.. He went without telling anything.. We spoiled his mood..

Sid : Don’t worry.. He will be alright..

By then Sanjay and Varun come inside..

They come near Sid and Swadhu..

Varun : Swadheenta.. How are u?? Congratulations.. (To Sid) Hi Sid.. I did not expect that u will get married to Swadheenta.. Anyways.. Congrats..

Sid stared at him angrily..

Swadhu : Thank u..( half hearted)

Sanjay takes Varun to have dinner..

Swadhu : I don’t know why this Varun idiot came back.. He is the one responsible for Sanjay’s ill bhaviour.. He kept poisoning his mind and he is the root cause for everything.. Now only,sanjay is behaving good.. Again this idiot came back..

Sid : Ya.. I have also seen him triggering Sanjay at times.. We have to be away from him..

Varun was eating and Swadhu excuses and takes Sanjay aside..

Swadhu : Sanju.. What is this?? Why did he come??

Sanjay : He was abroad for these years.. Now he had come to just see me..

Swadhu : U know nah?? I don’t like him.. And he is the one who used to trigger u to do bad.. How are u accepting him??

Sanjay: I know all that Swadhu.. Not worry.. He came to see me and how can I send him??

Swadhu : U have turned good now only.. He came again.. Oh God!!

Sanjay : Nothing will happen dear.. Go and enjoy ur party with ur friends.. I will take care..
Swadhu goes..

Sanjay comes to Varun again.. They talk for sometime..

Varun : I did not expect that u will apologize to Arnav.. How could u do that Sanju?? U.. Apologizing to that moron Arnav? Oh God.. I can’t even imagine it..

Sanjay : I have to.. I don’t even deserve to stand in front of him.. He is so good.. And all I did was always torturing him.. Insulting him.. I even killed his friend Varsha using goons.. How brutal I was!.. I am really ashamed.. I am guilty.. I had to apologize to him.. And he,not even talking a word to me is justified can he talk with a brute like me?? Better,I won’t go in front of him Hereafter.. That makes him angry..

Varun : But Sanjay.. I think u are giving up ur self esteem for him..

Sanjay : That is not self esteem.. That is my rude behavior.. I gave up that,and I m trying to be good..

Varun : (thinks) What is this?? He is not listening to what I say?? Seems like he has turned good..

He sees Shruti in a distance talking with Sid..

Varun : Sanju.. And what about Shruti??

Sanjay : I don’t understand..

Varun : What yaar?? U loved her right??

Sanjay : Ya.. But she does not..

Varun : What?? She rejected ur proposal??

Sanjay nods..

Varun : How dare she?? After all u are doing all these for her and she rejects u? What the hell is she doing?

Sanjay : Cool.. Why are u getting angry?? She does not have feelings for me.. And that’s ok.. Compelling a person to love u,is that right? I don’t think so.. She told me that she loves someone else..

Varun : Let’s find that someone and___

Before he could complete, Sanjay stopped him..

Sanjay : Cool down.. I know what I have to do..

Varun could not speak anything..

Varun : (thinks) He has turned so good I think.. Idiot.. But I won’t let Arnav and Shruti.. And even this Sid and Swadheenta too.. They have insulted me many times.. And this Sid and Shruti,they have insulted me not even thinking that I am their senior.. I will do something.


Abhi comes Ritika who is getting ready to go home.. He comes with her telling that he will get an auto and send her..

Abhi : Ritika.. Please listen to me..

She saw him with puppy eyes..

Abhi : I don’t know what I did that day,that is our marriage is right or wrong.. I did not have any other option to save u other than this.. I did not think of the consequences.. But I regard it as our real marriage only.. I am ready to accept u.. if u say yes,I am ready to talk to my parents about us.. They will shout at me at first,but will accept this eventually I think.. U don’t have to bear ur mami’s torture anymore.. U can come with me.. I don’t know u regard me as ur husband or not.. If u don’t take this marriage seriously,I will help u as a friend..

By then,the auto came.. Ritika looked at him with tears in her eyes..but did not speak a word..

Abhi : I am waiting for ur answer..

The auto moves..

Ritika’s pov :

I did not expect he would go to the extent of even marrying me.. He really cares for me and that’s why he married me even if he has to face the consequences.. And this is so new to me that I got a person who really cares for me after my mom.. This makes me happy.. But why he has to sacrifice his life for me.. What his parents might think of me?? I cannot match him in any way.. He is handsome and look at me.. A fat girl.. And he is a jovial type.. But me.. I have not laughed with my heart out in my life.. He has a very good character and me.. Nobody wants to be friend with me.. I am a weirdo.. I know it.. Why should I spoil his life by saying that I have taken this marriage seriously?? But.. In fact,I am serious about it.. He is my husband.. But I think,he deserves a better life.. I want to go with him.. But he has to face so many problems because of me.. I don’t want a good soul like him to struggle.. Let it be.. Whatever has to happen,will happen..

Teri meri,meri Teri prem kahaani hai mushkil

Do lafzon mein yeh bayaan na ho paaye..plays..

En nenjil oru poo poothathadhan per enna ena keten plays..

She looks at her mangalsutra and cries..


Shruti goes to office the next day.. She sees Arnav and wants to apologize..
She goes to his cabin…

Shruti : May I come in sir..

Arnav nods..

Arnav : Have u read all the files??

Shruti : Yes sir..

Arnav : Hmm.. Ok.. Where is Sid?

Shruti : He is in leave today sir..

Arnav : Oh..ok..

Shruti : I am sorry..

Arnav looks at her with confused expression asking why..

Shruti : For yesterday’s incident.. U told that u will not meet him and that’s why refused to come.. But he came finally.. We did not know that he would come.. We are really sorry..
Arnav : U don’t have to apologize.. And I don’t have to talk about that..

Shruti : oh Sorry sir..

Arnav : U can go now..

Shruti : I thoroughly enjoyed dancing with u sir.. U dance so well..

Arnav : Getting praised from a great dancer like u means a lot to me..

Shruti : Are u teasing me??

Arnav : No no.. How can I tease u?? Being the don,what if u plot to kill me??

Shruti smiled.. He too smiled..

Arnav : (thinks) I lost my happiness after Varsha left this world.. U brought happiness back to me.. I thought being near u may make me fall in love for u,that I went abroad for three years.. Those three years have been the sorrowful days as before.. Now again,u came like a rainbow.. I don’t know how to describe the feeling.. But I feel happy when u are around.. And I feel like Varsha is back to me..


Aatvik,Shruti’s cousin (with whom her parents say that Shruti would get married from childhood) Calls her..
Aatvik : Shruti.. How are u?

Shruti : I am good..

Aatvik : My parents have started talking about getting us married.. As I said,u tell them that u don’t like me..

Shruti : I can’t Aatvik..

Aatvik : please Shruti.. They will come to ur house to talk about this in one or two days.. Please tell them that u don’t like me..

Shruti : Why can’t u just do it?? U tell them that u love Aarti and stop them from coming here.. Why are u making me the victim?

Aatvik : I can’t Shruti.. My parents are so strict.. They will not accept..

Shruti : Then what about my parents?? Even if they are friendly,I cannot break their heart.. I am not going to do it..
She hung up the call..

PRECAP : Ritika’s mami sees her mangalsutra when she sleeps.. She throws her out of the house..
Aatvik tells Shruti that Aarti did suicide attempt.. Shruti is in dilemma..

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