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Shruti comes to the hotel in which Sid and Swadhu’s engagement is about to happen..She parks her scooty.. She gets Vicky’s call..

Shruti : Hi Karthi Anna.. Are u coming to the function??

Vicky : Shruti.. I called u to talk about that only.. Can u come out??

She parks her scooty and comes out.. She walks some distance and sees Arnav and Vicky standing there..

Shruti : Anna.. I saw u..

She goes to them.. She is dressed up in a dark blue saree with open hair.. Arnav is mesmerized by her looks..

Shruti : Why are u waiting here?? U could have come inside nah??

Vicky : No Shruti.. Sanjay will be there nah?? We don’t want to come there.. Actually I should have told that to Sid and Swadeenta.. But they were calling us with love and how can we say that we won’t be coming?? That’s why I did not say anything..

Shruti : Its not their house too Anna.. It’s a hotel only nah?

Vicky : We don’t feel like coming.. So here’s our gift.. Give it to them and convey our wishes..

Shruti : OK.. But I wish u would come too..See.. I don’t like Sanjay too.. But I am going there nah??

Arnav : U are the great lady don.. U will manage ur enemies well.. But we are not so.. We are simple men..

He says to tease her making pout face..

Shruti stares at him and smiles…

Shruti : U are right boss.. U need to get trained to handle people like Sanjay.. Don’t worry..I will train u..(winks)

Vicky : Hmm.. Ok.. Ur best friend is getting engaged?? When are u going to??

Shruti : Soon..

Vicky : Wow.. Who is the guy??

Shruti : That’s secret.. U will come to know soon..

She smiles at Arnav and goes..


Shruti enters into the venue.. Abhi welcomes her..

Abhi : Stupid girl.. Why are u late?? U called me before 15 minutes that u have reached.. But now only u came?? Liar..

Shruti : Idiot.. I came before itself.. Arnav and Karthi Anna came and that’s why I went see them..

Abhi : Had they come??

Shruti : No they did not came as Sanjay is here.. They have just sent gifts..

By then Abhi sees Ritika coming there wearing a pink designer saree.. She looked very pretty and Abhi was just staring at her..

Shruti went inside.. Sanjay sees Shruti and comes to her..

Sanjay : Hi.. Welcome Shruti..
Shruti just nodded.. He sees Shruti carrying the gifts in her hand..

Sanjay : Let me help u..

He tried to get it from her..

Shruti : No thanks..

Sanjay : Shruti.. U are beautiful today..

Shruti stared at him..

Sanjay : (he felt bad as Shruti did not say anything for his complement) Swadhu is there in the room..

Shruti leaves..

On the other side,Abhi is staring at Ritika.. She stared at him through her spectacles.. She came near him and she did not notice the door mat and slipped.. Abhi gave hand and made her stand..

Abhi : Careful.. Careful.. Where are u looking at?? Is it hurting??

He checks her legs.. She was staring at her.. Abhi saw her..

Abhi : Why are u staring at me?? I asked did it hurt??

Ritika shook her head with baby face..

Abhi : OK.. Take care.. Go inside..

He said it like an order.. She went inside..

Ritika : (thinks) I avoided him.. And I have insulted him too.. But today he spoke to me as if nothing happened between us.. How can he be so sweet??


Shruti goes to see Sid.. He was dressed up in a suit looking handsome..

Sid : Hey.. Don’t talk to me.. Why are u late??can’t u come earlier??

He turns that side..

Shruti : Sid.. I am extremely sorry.. 1000 times sorry.. I was stuck up in traffic and when I reached here I got some important work and had to go.. That’s why I am late.. Please forgive me..

She said making a cute face..

By then Sid’s mom and dad came.. Shruti began talking with them..

Sid : See.. My Akka(sis) had come too.. Talk to her..

Shruti greeted her and talked with her too.. After sometime Shruti’s family too came..

Shruti : U are not angry at me nah??

Sid : I am still angry..

Shruti : Don’t start from the first Sid..

Sid : if u do me a favour,I will be okay..

Shruti : What favour??

Sid : I want to meet Swadhu now..

Shruti : Is this the favour??Wait. She will come in a few minutes..

Sid : Hello.. I want to meet her before the function.. In terrace..

Shruti : Are u mad or what?? All her relatives are here.. Won’t they look for the bride?? ur family is there too.. They will say something if u meet alone.. Impossible..

Sid : Then I won’t talk to u..

Shruti : That’s OK.. I can’t do this..

Sid : I did not expect this from u Shruti..

He makes sad faces..

Shruti : Hello.. Don’t make such faces.. U are so ugly while making such faces.. I cannot see u.. Chi..

She turns that side..

Sid : Shruti.. Please help me.. U are my darling bestie nah??

Shruti : Wait.. I am thinking for an idea..(thinks) Shall I ask Abhi??

Sid : Telling Abhi and announcing in mic,both are same.. U can do it..

Shruti : OK.. U make some excuse and come to the terrace without anyone’s knowledge.. I will bring her there..

Sid : OK..


Shruti goes to the room in which Swadhu was getting ready.. She was surrounded by her relatives who were making her ready.. She was wearing a purple colour silk saree with grand jewels,looking like a goddess.. Shruti could not go inside as there were many ladies..

Shruti : Oh God.. How I am going to see her??

She was looking to find where Swadhu is amidst the ladies.. By then Sanjay came there..

Sanjay : U want to go inside??

Shruti nodded..

He asked his relatives to move.. Shruti found way and went inside..

Swadhu : Darlo!! Why are u late??

Shruti : Actually I came before itself.. I was with Sid.. (thinks) Aleesha wants to talk to u..

Swadhu : Aleesha?? Who is she??

Shruti winks..

Shruti : Duffer… U forgot her?? She studied with us in college nah??

She pinches her slightly..

Swadhu : Oh..

She gave confused expression..

Shruti : Network is not available here.. Let’s go to the terrace..

One of the ladies : Swadhu has to go now nah?? U talk to her later..

Shruti : No aunty.. Aleesha is short tempered.. She won’t talk to us then.. (Grins) Swadhu has very bad  memory.. She forgot her.. We will come in few minutes..

She takes her and comes out and sighs..

Swadhu : Dearie.. Ur romeo wants to see u.. That’s why I came to take u.

Both of them went to the terrace..
Shruti was standing  near the staircase and checks if someone comes ..

Sid comes..

Sid : Hi my wify… U are looking like a queen today..

Swadhu : Mr. King.. I am not ur wify yet..

Sid : be wify.. Hmm… How I am looking??

Swadhu : Like hotel waiter..

Sid makes pout face..

Swadhu : Sorry.. Sweetheart.. Everybody is waiting.. Why did u want to see me??

Sid : I have a surprise for u.. Close ur eyes..

She closed.. When she opened her eues, she saw a beautiful painting in which she and Sid are seen walking holding hands..

Swadhu : Wow.. This is awesome.. Who did this??

Sid : Who else?? It’s me..

Swadhu : Don’t lie..

Sid : Mother promise.. It’s me.

Swadhu : I cheater… U did not tell me that u are an artist?

Sid : Actually.. I used to draw when I was small.. But now I don’t get time to do.. Just did it for u.. Though it has so many imperfections..

Swadhu : its perfect for me.. I don’t care about the imperfections.. All I see is ur love for me.. Love u loads sweetheart..

She hugged him..

Sid : Hmm.. I feel like we can spend the night rest of our lives like this.. Holding each others hand..

Swadhu : Now everybody is waiting for us..

Sid : Let them wait.. Who cares??

Swadhu giggled..

Shruti : hey love birds.. Is it over or not?? They are calling u.. I can’t manage anymore..

Sid : This girl is born only to disturb us..

Swadhu : Remember.. She is the one who brought me here..

Sid : Hey.. Miss.Honesty.. Don’t go and tell her that I told that she is born to disturb us.. She will eat me alive..

Swadhu : Sure.. I will tell her..

Swadhu goes from there..

Sid : Get ready with some excuse Mr.Siddharth..

Same precap..

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