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The episode starts with Abhi going to Ritika and Arjun..

Abhi : Ritika… Why are u doing like this?? I told u about this cheater nah?? U are still being with him??

Arjun : Hey.. Whom are u calling as cheater??

Abhi : Who else it can be?? U are the cheater..

Arjun : mind ur words..

Abhi : Hello.. Mr.fraud… U cheat a girl and if I say that to her,u will ask me to mind my words?? Ridiculous..

Arjun : Ritu.. He is lying.. Don’t believe him..

Abhi : She knows about u..

Ritika : Arjun.. I don’t believe him.. Don’t worry..

Abhi : Ritika.. Are u out of ur mind?? U told me everything about him.. Now u are acting like u don’t know anything..

Ritika : Just get lost Abhi..

Abhi : Ritika.. Don’t get scared.. I am with u..fight for urself.. I will support u..

Ritika : Well.. Who are u to support me??

Arjun : Answer her.. Who are u to support her??

Abhi was at the peak of anger.. Suddenly he grabbed Ritika’s hand and took her before the God’s statue.. He got a mangalsutra and tied it to her..

Ritika could not figure out what had happened.. She was standing like a statue with tears in her eyes..

Arjun came following them..

Abhi : Now.. I am ur husband.. And I will support u..

Ritika did not come out of the shock till now..

Arjun : What the hell have u done??

He shook Ritika.. She came to senses..

Arjun : What the hell is this Ritu??

She stared angrily at Abhi.. Suddenly SHE GAVE A TIGHT SLAP TO ABHI.. she left the temple..

Abhi was standing there..

Arjun : U deserve this..

Abhi : May be.. But remember.. She is my wife.. Don’t u dare to reach her again..

Abhi went from there..

Arjun : What is this? This idiot has spoiled everything.. But Arjun.. U still have chance.. I think Ritika won’t accept this marriage.. She will marry me only.. This small boy Abhi,hmm..I know how to handle him..

He goes from there.. He has to leave for US the next day.. So,he thought of solving this problem later..

Abhi went outside the temple and sees whether Ritika is there.. But she has gone from there..

Abhi : I think she is very angry at me.. I did not have any other option.. I have to convince her.. I don’t know where she has gone too..

He tries calling her.. But she has switched off her phone.. He was sad..


Ritika was sitting in a park..

Ritika’s pov:
I don’t know why this Abhi had done so.. I don’t know what is gonna happen next.. He should not have done so.. Now his life is too spoiled.. What if my mami comes to know about this?? She will burn me alive.. I was going with the flow.. But I don’t know how Abhi got such an idea.. Oh God.. Why are u testing me like this?? Now how I am gonna face this?? U should have killed me instead of doing so..

She sees her mangalsutra.. She has taken a decision..She wiped her tears..

Her thoughts…

Ritika.. Nobody knows this except Abhi,u and Arjun.. Arjun won’t care about all these.. He just needs my money.. And Abhi.. He deserves a better girl and future.. And I don’t take this matter serious.. So.. Let’s untie this mangalsutra and throw it away..

She thought..

She tried to untie it.. But something made her to stop.. She burst out crying..

After sometime,she was tired of crying and was sitting like a statue..

The night fell and the security asked her to go home.. She hide her mangalsutra in her dress and goes home..


Abhi was searching for wherever he thought she may be.. But he could not find her..

After 7 o clock he too reached his house.. He tried calling her.. But she did not answer..
He tried sending text message, whatsapp message and everything.. But she had blocked her in everything..

Abhi’s pov:
I don’t know whats wrong with this girl?? I don’t know what I did was right or wrong.. But I did  not have any other option to save her.. She deserves a better life.. She had suffered since her childhood.. Now too she did not stand for her.. She has to fight.. I am so worried for her.. Her mami would be shouting at her for this.. I don’t know how to reach her.. And I don’t know her house too.. Shall I say this to Sid,Shruti or Swadhu?? No .. I will tell then later.. They will kill me for doing such a non sense thing..

He thought and slept..


Abhi came to the office the next day.. He is relieved after seeing Ritika there.. He went to talk to her..

Abhi : Ritika .. Are u alright? I was trying to call u since yesterday.. I am extremely sorry..

She did not listen to him and she tried avoiding him..He searched for mangalsutra in her neck.. But he could not see that as she has hid it..

Abhi : (to himself) I did not see mangalsutra.. Did she remove it?? Did she not take this marriage seriously??

By then Arnav came inside and so he went back to his cabin..

Swadhu came to the office and Swadhu and Sid invited all the colleagues to their engagement.. Abhi tried talking to Ritika all the way.. But she did not let him to..
Like this,a month passed..

PRECAP : Sid and Swadhu’s engagement.. Abhi and Ritika scene.. Shruti tells Sanjay that she loves someone.. Sid overhears that..

Guys.. My next episode will be on Thursday..I have exams on tomorrow and Wednesday..take care guys.. Like and comment..

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  1. Sprb epi sis…but no arshru scenes missing them….precap is lovely…abhi took a bold step…abhi is sooo good…but ritu shd understand him..waiting fr nxt…pls update soon

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq so much ramya dearie…will updat on Thursday..

  2. Super..😘👌..rithu and abi secenes were awesome…missing arnav 😯. .any way all the best fa your exams..❤

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq Dr… Arnav will be seen in the next episode…

  3. Niyati

    Another beautiful episode di….loved it …..very excited for Sid & Swadhu’s engagement ….Update soon & love you 😘😘😘

    1. Anokhi21

      Thank u niyu…love u loadz..

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