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Let’s see what happens today..


They are in the office.. Abhi goes to Ritika’s cabin..

Abhi : Can u please wait and listen to me??

Ritika’s looks on..

Abhi : Why are u always disinterested?? Don’t u look at what happens in ur life??

She just stares..

Abhi shows the picture in which Arjun is with his wife..

Abhi. : Did u see the proof??

Ritika  : May I go now??

Abhi : Hello.. I am talking about ur life.. Y are u doing like this??

Ritika’s moves..Abhi pulls her.. She is about to fall and her spectacles falls down..seeing that Abhi releases her hand..

Abhi : Sorry..

She bends and picks her specs.. She stares at him  and moves

Abhi :Ritika .. Why are u not reacting??

He pulls her again…

Ritika’s : (tells him with anger and tears) because I know it already..

Abhi was shocked..

Abhi : You know that he is married.. And still u want to marry him?? What nonsense?? U are spoiling both his wife’s life and yours..

Ritika’s : Who are u to bother about that?? I mean how does that matter to u??

Abhi .: Because I care for u..

Ritika looks surprised..

haan hansi ban gaye
haan nami ban gaye
tum mere aasmaan
meri zameen ban gaye 

haan hum badalne lage
girne sambhalne lage
jab se hai jaana tumhein
teri ore chalne lage plays…

Unna pola oruthana nan pathadhe illa…plays..

Abhi : I care for u as a friend..

Ritika’s did not say a word..

Abhi : Stop it marriage before it is too late..

Ritika’s : Can u come with me.. I want to talk something with u..

Abhi nods.. Both of them go..


Sid is at home.. He goes to his mom ,Rukmani..Sid already told about his marriage to Rukmani..she had agreed..

Sid : Amma.. Today u have to open what I said to u yesterday to dad..

Rukmani : Hmm.. It depends on his mood..

Sid’s dad Subramanian came there murmuring his favourite song..

Rukmani : (to Sid in a husky voice)He is in a good mood.. (To Sid’s dad) Sid wants to say something to u..

Subramanian : Hmm..Tell me Siddharth.. How is ur job going??

Sid. : Ya.. It’s going good pa.. I want to say something to u pa.. U know Swadeenta nah??

Subramanian : Ur classmate.. That minister’s daughter..

Sid : Yes.. U are right pa..

Subramanian : Hmm.. What happened to her??

Sid : (to himself) u can do it.. Tell him directly.. (To his dad) Actually… I .. I.. I love her pa… Her mom is arranging for her marriage..

Subramanian : So what?? Do u want me to stop that??

Sid. : No pa.. Her family agreed for our marriage..So..

Subramanian : U are asking for my decision??

Sid. : Ya.. Exactly pa..

Subramanian : But don’t u think u are so young for marriage??

Sid : But her family wants to get her married soon.. As a girl,she has reached her marriage age nah pa??

Subramanian : Have u settled in ur life??

Sid : No pa..

Subramanian : U just have a job.. If u want to get something expensive,u expect my money only.. Then how are u going to fulfil her needs if she comes with u??

Sid : I will manage pa.. My life will not go like this..I wil work hard and I get Promotion.. Then it will be easy for me..

Subramanian : Rukmani.. What is ur decision??

Rukmani : I am OK with the girl.. But I agree with u too..

Sid : what do u think pa?? Are u okay with Swadheenta?

Subramanian : I have seen her.. And she is okay for our family.. I have problem with u only..

Sid : This is enough for me pa.. I was worrying about how u will react on hearing this..

Subramanian : Even if I have been strict with u,I always want u to be happy.. U say that u love her and I think being with her only make u happy.. And I have heard through ur mom that she left her dad and bro just because she did not like what they are doing.. That shows that she is honest and kind girl.. We don’t need anything other than ur happiness.. For ur information, ur mom already talked to me about this matter yesterday night..

Sid looks at his mom who smiles and sees him..

Subramanian : But I want u to be financially stable.. Because u have to take care of u nah??

Sid : I will pa…

He hugs his dad and mom..


Ritika and Abhi come to the stairs.. As it is work time,nobody would come there..

Abhi : So tell me.. Why are u doing like this??

Ritika : I told u that I am living in my mama’s house nah??

Abhi : Ya..

Ritika : When I was 10,my mother passed away in an accident.. But I won’t say to anyone that my mother is dead.. My father married another woman to take care of him and me.. But later,he had huge loss in his business and could not take care of me.. So he sent me to live with my mama.. My mama is good that he took care of me.. But I longed for the love of my parents.. Later my dad’s business went good and he thought of taking me with him.. But my step mother did not let him to do that.. I started living with my mama’s family.. My father would send me money for studies.. He occasionally comes to meet me.. But I have no love for him now.. I don’t want to see him.. My mami hates me to the core that she scolds me every time.. Now I think,my step mother and mami have planned this.. My father has half of his property in my name and the other half in my step sister’s name.. My mami and step mother have planned to marry me to this Arjun.. So that they will get my property through Arjun.. I came to know this when I accidentally saw messages in Arjun’s phone..My step mother has to give some money to Arjun as she created loss in his business.. So if he marries me,they will give half of my property to him and the rest they will take… My father is unaware of this…

Abhi : u know all these nah?? Why don’t u stand for urself??

Ritika : I am actually fed up..I have been teased in school for my height,for being fat and all.. I don’t have anybody to share all these.. I have got inferiority complex too..And it was hell to be in my mama’s house hearing my mami’s taunts.. I thought my prince charming will come and take me out of all these.. But that too have become a mere dream now.. So I am going with the flow.. Whatever has to happen will happen.. And I am not strong enough to fight for myself all alone.. I am fed up both physically and mentally..

By then,someone came and called Ritika for doing work.. She got up and goes..
Abhi looks on..

PRECAP : Abhi,Swadhu,Sid and Shruti celebrate as Sid and swadeenta’s love is accepted..Arnav goes on a business trip.. They come to know that the flight in which Arnav went crashed..

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  1. Niyati

    Awesome episode di ….I love scenes between Ritika & Abhi ….Hasi ban Gaye is one of my favourite song … Another beautiful episode from ur side . Do update soon & love you ❤️❤️

  2. Anokhi21

    Tq so much dearie…that song is my favourite too…

  3. Lovely episode…conversation between sid nd his father were super..the same thing will happen in my house..too my mom itself tell everything to my dad before I say..nd that’s hw is got permission to go too movie also..with my frnds 😉❤👌😙

    1. Anokhi21

      Hahaha…I know it Dr…

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