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The episode starts with Abhi coming out angrily from the hotel where he saw Arjun with his wife.. He tries calling Ritika but could not reach her..

Abhi. : What is this?? She is not reachable …I have to tell her about this fraud.. Let me tell her tomorrow in office..

The next day,Abhi goes to office.. He goes to see Ritika .. But she was busy with work.. So he thought of meeting her in the evening.. When he went to see her in the evening,he found her cabin empty as she had left earlier…


Sid sees Swadhu’s message of asking him to meet her.. He asks her to meet him in a park.. Swadhu was very happy to get a message from him after a long time.. She gets ready to meet him wearing the dress which Sid presented her..

Sid goes to the park straightly from the office in the evening.. He waits there..

Sid : Finally,she gave up and decided to talk with me.. But I don’t know why she did not come to office.. She has to tell me the reason today.. I have a lot of things to talk with her.. When will she be coming??

He turns to see Swadhu coming with Sanjay..

Sid : (to himself) Why is she coming with him?? I am so confused..

Swadhu and Sanjay came to him..

Sanjay started talking first..

Sanjay : Hi Sid.. How are u??

Sid. : I am good.. How are u??

Sanjay : Hmm..fine.. I came to apologize to u..

Sid. : But why??

Sanjay : U are very generous that u forgot whatever I did with u and Shruti.. I mean when we were in college I troubled u and Shruti a lot.. I am extremely sorry for it and I regret my act.. I am so sorry..

Sid. : Its OK..

Sanjay : U might be confused with my acts.. I am changed.. I am completely a new person now who is good..

Sid : That’s good to know..

Sanjay : Swadhu wants to talk something with u.. So I am leaving.. Drop her at home..

Sid is surprised..

Sid. : OK bro..

Sanjay leaves..

Sid was looking at Swadhu with confused expression.. She did not speak a word..
Suddenly his phone beeped.. It was a message from Swadhu..

“My bro Sanjay has accepted our love.. He has turned good”.

Sid looked at her.. She looked away..

Sid : Madam will talk with me through message only?? Then why did u come to meet me?? U could have told it in message itself nah??

Swadhu : Madam missed u so much.. She wanted to see u.. That’s why she asked u to come here..

Sid : then why is she looking away without looking at me??

Swadhu sees him and says “Sorry”.. She hugs him tightly..

Sid hugs her back..

Sid : I am so sorry.. I should not have shouted at u that day.. The MISTAKE is mine.. I am really sorry.. It would have hurted u so much.. Now u lost ur father too.. U might have gone through a lot.. But I was not with u in ur difficult times.. I am bad lover Swadhu..

Swadhu : don’t feel sorry Sid.. I have also played a part in it.. I took what u said seriously.. And I was adamant that I will not talk to u until u talk with me.. I should not have been so.. And u were with me when my dad passed away.. That was really convincing for me.. And I was thinking about u only.. U are the best lover Sid..

They break their hug after sometime..

Swadhu : I have some important thing to tell u.. Sanjay and amma had decided to get us married…

Sid. : Really??

Swadhu nods..

Sid. : But I want to convince my dad.. He is a very strict officer u know??

Swadhu : Take ur own time.. I will wait until then..

Sid : Hmm..let’s hope for the best..

They leave the park and go to a coffee shop,spend some time together and then Sid drops Swadhu home..


Abhi calls Ritika  and asks her to come to a coffee shop.. She comes..

Abhi. : Hi.. I want to say something to u..

Ritika’s : What??

Abhi : Ur fiance Arjun is not a good person..

Ritika’s : u called me to say this??

Abhi : What?? U did not get shocked??

Ritika’s :Why should I??

Abhi : U are going to marry him,isn’t it??

Ritika’s : Ya..

Abhi : I am saying that he has a wife.. I mean he is married already..

Ritika’s : Do u have proof??

Abhi : I saw him with his wife.. My eyes are the proof..

Ritika’s : I can’t believe it.. I have an urgent work.. I need to go..

She moves..

Abhi : Ritika’s.. Please listen to me..

Ritika’s : See u..bye..

Abhi : What type of a girl she is??


Sid returns home.. He is very happy about what Swadhu said.. At the same time,he was very worried about how he is gonna tell his dad about Swadhu.. He calls ,Swadhu ,Shruti and Abhi in conference..

Shruti : Hello..

Abhi : Hey Sid..I have an important work.. I will call u later..

Sid : What important work??

Shruti : Eating and Sleeping..

Abhi : I am serious..

Swadhu : u can be serious too Abhi??

Abhi : I am already in bad mood.. Don’t spoil it even more..

He cuts the call..

Swadhu. : What happened to him??

Shruti : He might be trying to irritate us.. Leave it.. We will talk to him later..

Sid : Do u know why did we call u Shruti??

Shruti : No..I guess both of u patched up..

Swadhu : Yes.. And one more good news is waiting for u..

Shruti : What is that??

Swadhu : Sanjay and amma agreed for our marriage..

Shruti : wow.. That’s cool.. When will u give me treat??

Sid. : Now itself?? We have crossed only half of the bridge.. I have to convince my parents nah??

Shruti : Oh.. Ya.. That’s so tedious..

Sid. : Ya.. Convincing my dad is not an easy job.. I don’t know what I am gonna do..

Shruti : Don’t worry Sid.. Uncle will agree ..if not I will come and talk to him..

Sid : Don’t do so Ma..if u do so,he will compare u with me saying that “ look …she is also of ur age.. But she is looking after her career and working on it.. U are getting ready for marriage”

He imitates his dad

Three of them laugh..

Shruti : Everything will be alright Sid.. Don’t worry..

They hang up..

Shruti : (thinks) Who told u that I am not in love Sid?? I am also in love with Arnav.. But I don’t want to let u know that now.. I will tell u after I confess my love to him.. And now u have crossed half of the bridge.. But mine is very complicated.. I am so worried about what of Arnav rejects my proposal.. Time will answer everything.. Let’s see..

She sighs..


Abhi goes to the same hotel again.. He sees Arjun and his wife having dinner.. He clicks a picture without their knowledge..

After sometime,his wife goes to their room,while Arjun is busy in his phone..Accidentally he sees Abhi..

Arjun : U again came to spy on us??

Abhi : Don’t worry.. I will show ur true colours to Ritika today..

Arjun : Hmm..

Abhi : She asked for proof.. And I have clicked a pic of u with ur wife.. I will show that to her..

Arjun : OK.. Come and tell me how she reacted after she sees the pic.. Bye..

He moves saying that..

Abhi : (to himself) What I saw is right only no?? But why both of them are not reacting the way I imagined?? What is going on between them?? I have to find out..

PRECAP : Sid talks to his dad about their marriage.. Ritika’s tells about her past to Abhi.. next episode will be on Monday.. Happiiee weekend.. Take care..

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  1. Lovely yarr..but missing arnav 😕❤😘…waiting fa the past…😙happy weekend to u …too

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq Dr…hmm…Arnav will be seen after an episode..

  2. Aryan Bhattacharya

    It’s nice episode di. And Swadhu and Siddharth patch up was so cute. Happy Weekend to you too di 😘

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq so much Aryan…😍😜

  3. Niyati

    Fabulous episode ….Loved it to the core ….Update soon & love u ❤️❤️😍😍

    1. Anokhi21

      Tq so much niyu…😘😘

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